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  01 January 2012
Originally Posted by Kel Solaar: Hi Steve,

Do you have any errors in the Script Editor? You can check that in the "Edit" layout.


Thanks for the reply, I get these errors:

ERROR : !> Exception in 'foundations.library | Library.__init__()'. ERROR : !> Exception class: 'WindowsError'. ERROR : !> Exception description: 'MS-Windows OS system call failed.'. ERROR : !> Exception message line nº '1' : '[Error 126] The specified module could not be found'. ERROR : !>

ERROR : !> Exception in 'sibl_gui.ui.common | loadGraphicsItem()'. ERROR : !> Exception class: 'AttributeError'. ERROR : !> Exception description: 'Attribute not found.'. ERROR : !> Exception message line nº '1' : ''NoneType' object has no attribute 'FreeImage_SetOutputMessage''. ERROR : !>

Just tried adding my collection to a new library & it says it's adding it but nothing happens.

It also might be worth mentioning my collection isn't in the default location, it's on a separate drive from the operating system (windows 7 64bit)
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  01 January 2012

Mmmh apparently the FreeImage library is not loading properly on your system. Can you try installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64):

And let me know if it's better? I sadly cannot include it in the installer but I contacted the Actual Installer team for that.


  01 January 2012
Thanks for that, now the sets load with images, but not in the default collection even though it says I have 49 sets, it only shows 9 and those are the ones I've not made myself. I have to "add content" and they appear but then when I close the app and reopen it, they're gone.
Can't see any error messages this time.
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  01 January 2012

Sorry for the trouble We are getting there slowly, is it possible to send me one of your Ibl Sets if possible ( One not showing )? ( And if not at least the .ibl file )


  01 January 2012
Originally Posted by Kel Solaar: Hi,

Sorry for the trouble

Hey, it's no trouble, thanks for the software, it's awesome.

I'll upload a set tomorrow for you.
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  01 January 2012
Ok, I've zipped up one of my sets for you.
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  01 January 2012
Uninstalled 4 and put 3 back on, i don't have the time to test the software unfortunately.
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  01 January 2012
Right, no problems However deactivate the Online Updater because the Templates are not compatible!

  02 February 2012

sIBL_GUI 4.0.2 just came out of the oven!

This release is considered as stable, bringing new features and fixing some issues. I'm putting the development in maintenance and will only release for blocking issues for a few months since I have some others personal projects to run!

The main feature of that build is the new notifications manager that will lead to a reduced number of clicks, and less clicks is better

sIBL_GUI - Notifications Manager

and a development video:

It's now possible to search in various locations in the Script Editor Component, that should be handy while editing a lot of .ibl files at once.

sIBL_GUI - Search In Files

Here is the complete Change Log:

sIBL_GUI 4.0.2 - Stable - Milestone:

Umbra 1.0.1 - Stable - Milestone:

  • Implemented notifications manager code.
  • Implemented Search In Files in Script Editor Component.
  • Implemented matching symbols pairs highlighting in Script Editor Component.
  • Implemented occurences highlighting in Script Editor Component.
  • Implemented Duplicate Line(s) methods in Script Editor Component.
  • Implemented Delete Line(s) methods in Script Editor Component.
  • Implemented Move Up / Down methods in Script Editor Component.
  • Implemented Font Size Increase / Decrease methods in Script Editor Component.
  • The FAQ have been moved into the documentation:
  • Added support for command line files arguments.
  • Refactored the layouts management code.
  • Optimized Search Database Component speed.
  • Online Updater Component now correctly reports networks errors.
  • Rolled back to Qt 4.7.x thanks to Jens Lindgren.
  • Fixed an exception in Inspector Component when an Ibl Set is modified and reloaded on Windows Os.
  • Fixed an exception related to drag'n'drop in Collections Outliner Component.
  • Ensured workers threads are properly closed on application exit.
  • Handled exception when "FreeImage" library cannot be loaded.


  07 July 2012
Bumping sIBL_GUI threads to avoid archiving.

  07 July 2012
reminds me that i have to install it again ... with max 2013
  11 November 2012

sIBL_GUI 4.0.3 is out!

While the minor version has only been bumped by a digit ( 4.0.2 to 4.0.3 ) this is actually an important major build code wise.
A lot of stuff have been reworked under the hood, sIBL_GUI is faster, cleaner and better.

Improvements have been introduced here and there making it more user friendly:
  • New slick Ui theme.
  • Yes / No To All for various dialogs.
  • Ability to purge the Database from invalid entries.
  • Views default message.
  • Wizard when no Templates are found.
  • Support for multiple concurrent instances ( Although it's not recommended for Database integrity ).
  • Exceptions reporter.

sIBL_GUI can now act as a TCP server and / or client and be remote controlled or remote control other TCP servers through the new TCP Client Ui and TCP Server Ui Components, for instance I use it at work to communicate with Katana and Maya.

An exceptions reporter that will keep us informed whenever the application encounters an unhandled exception using has been implemented.

sIBL_GUI is now also a proper Python Package available from here:

If you have Python, PyQt and pip, you can install it issuing:

pip install sIBL_GUI

Now for the fun stats, this release represents:
  • Around 580 commits over 5 repositories ( Not accounting the various tests not version controlled or discarded ).
  • Around 275000 lines changed.
  • Took around 6 months to complete ( Although I had a quieter rhythm compared to the 4.0.0 release ).

Here is the complete Change Log:

sIBL_GUI - 4.0.3 - Stable:

sIBL_GUI 4.0.3 - Stable - Milestone:
Umbra 1.0.4 - Stable - Milestone:

  • Implemented an unhandled exceptions reporter connected to
  • Ensure that sIBL_GUI frozen version doesn't require administrator rights on Windows.
  • Overall Ui style update ( ScrollBars, Icons, etc... ).
  • Add wizard for case when no Templates were found.
  • Loader Script Component now uses TCP Client Ui Component interface.
  • Implemented mechanism to flush invalid / missing Database entries in Database Operations Component.
  • Implemented Yes to All / No to All buttons in relevant dialogs.
  • Implemented Trace Ui Component.
  • Reloading a Component will reload its dependencies in Components Manager Ui Component.
  • Implemented command line support for modules execution tracing through -t, --traceModules parameter.
  • Implemented support for per instance logging file.
  • Views display user friendly default message.
  • Rename Db Component to Database.
  • Rename Database Browser Component to Ibl Sets Outliner.
  • Add support for Python 2.6.
  • sIBL_GUI is now a distributable Python package:
  • Dropped support for XSI_Arnold_Dome_Light, XSI_Arnold_Standard and XSI_MR_Standard Templates.
  • Dropped support for 3dsmax versions prior to 3dsmax 2010.
  • Dropped support for Maya versions prior to Maya 2011.
  • Disable mentalrayGlobals.passAlphaThrough attribute in Maya_MR_Standard and Maya_MR_Lightsmith Templates.
  • Fixed various widgets classes, implemented small ui test cases.
  • Fixed inconsistent Ui startup verbose level.
  • Components are properly displayed in Components Manager Ui Component.
  • User Templates are properly imported into the user Collection.



Last edited by Kel Solaar : 12 December 2012 at 01:36 PM.
  11 November 2012

There is currently an encoding related issue that may prevent the software to work, the root cause is known and a hotfix release will be deployed tonight.

  11 November 2012

I just released sIBL_GUI 4.0.4!

This is hotfix that should address the 3 exceptions I got reported in the 4.0.3 build, especially the encoding related one that made the 4.0.3 pretty much unusable for some users.

Here is the complete Change Log:

sIBL_GUI - 4.0.4 - Stable

sIBL_GUI 4.0.4 - Stable - Milestone:
Umbra 1.0.5 - Stable - Milestone:
Foundations 2.0.5 - Stable - Milestone:

  • Fixed the encoding related issues preventing the application to work properly.
  • Fixed ui related exception in Online Updater component.
  • Prevented exception in TCP Server Ui Component when requested address is not available.

Don't hesitate to let me know if any issues or whatever!



Last edited by Kel Solaar : 12 December 2012 at 01:36 PM.
  12 December 2012

The Crittercism reports are working quite well and allowed me to iron out another batch of issues for sIBL_GUI 4.0.5! Hopefully you should see the reporter popping less and less.

Here is the complete Change Log:

sIBL_GUI - 4.0.5 - Stable:

sIBL_GUI 4.0.5 - Stable - Milestone:
Umbra 1.0.6 - Stable - Milestone:
Foundations 2.0.6 - Stable - Milestone:

  • Implemented a better version rank calculation definition allowing to properly compare various version formats.
  • Ensured Reporter is not initialising the Crittercism Client API 2 times.
  • Handle Templates with no attributes sections.
  • Fixed Online Updater Component exception when trying to install the Templates in an user defined directory.
  • Fixed Templates Outliner Component exception when selected Template has no help file.
  • Fixed Search And Replace dialog patterns related exception.
  • Fixed Softimage_MR_Standard Template issue related to mia_physicalsun shader intensity being affected by sIbl_Feedback rotation.



Last edited by Kel Solaar : 12 December 2012 at 01:33 PM.
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