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Old 10 October 2003   #16
if your gizmo wont change over objects (locked) , then SPACEBAR is your friend.
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Think unsexy thoughts.....
Old 10 October 2003   #17
Importing Maya models into 3dsmax

use fbx format, free from kaydara:
Old 10 October 2003   #18
Quote: Originally posted by Phoric
I've been having a similar related problem lately where I loose the ability to type in my XYZ offset numbers at the bottom of the screen when doing a move command. I have to either open the transform type-in window (f12), or I actually have to click-drag-move in the viewport, then undo, and only then it allows me to type a value in. Kind of a pain when all I want is to offset something accurately.

This only started recently so I know somethings not right. I'm using 5.1. Any ideas?

sometimes I have that problem after cloning an object in max 4.2 ... I would have thought they fixed that by max5 ... oh well... anyway, after cloning an object, the transforms show whatever was the position of the last object before cloning or something... just act like you're moving the object, and press the right mouse button to cancel, which will get the transform spinners back to normal... it's probably similar to what you've been doing, but at least you know a possible cause, and the right-click-to-cancel trick
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Old 11 November 2003   #19
ok so what if my right-click doesn't work?? I've loaded several different UIs, and still nothing. I can right-click on spinners to reset to default values, but when right-clicking in the viewports to bring up the quads....nothing. :annoyed:

edit: ok I rebooted the machine. all is well now....

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Old 11 November 2003   #20
Wired Objects??

how to check which objects is wired to another object.
mean to say exploring objects in scence which are wired.???
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Old 11 November 2003   #21
Thought I would contribut with something I found very anoying with the new gizmo in max 5.
To be able to scale two axises the same amount at the same time. Like one did in max 4.2 with the help of the gizmos litle handle in the top right.
Go into:
Customize->preferences->gizmos->check the Unifrom 2-axis scaling box.

This took me about a week to find. so thought I would help those who missed it.

My materials in max5 are a bit weird.. when I have made an opasity animation they still reflect light... if I don't go into the track view add a visulisation track and make the objekt completie inviseble with the help of that.. I thought that when one makes an objekt with 0 in opasity it shouldn't reflect light, or anything else for that mather... any one that can tell me why it still reflects light? In the F1 help there is a ref to this matter but it doesn't tell me how to make it "not light reflective"

Bye bye
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Old 12 December 2003   #22
The_Row... not sure if this will work (not that well aquainted with texturing as of yet) but if you make something not opaque it would be similar to making a piece of glass in that form, so if you have a reflection map, it will still reflect the whole shape, you just wouldnt be able to see the non opaque part. i would think that you could make a reflection map to rectify this problem (though i could be completely wrong and anyone can feel free to discredit me )
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Old 12 December 2003   #23
may work.. but as of now the problem here is not that it reflect the whole object... but that it reflect the light in some frames only... it reflects light in some frames and not in others... wish makes the highlights go on and off like a disco light... and it won't stop. A anti reflection map might fix this.. going run off to try but it shouldn't be like this any way....
The opasity is in the scene changde from 0-100 wich make me think that the reflection of the light should be either 0-100,100 or 0 for the whole animation and not like frame 1:on 2:off 3:off 4:on 5:off and random so on...

tnx for the tip... well get back if it works... and report...
Nice image, but.. there is always a but...
Old 12 December 2003   #24
can i have a little help i can't see my vertices. is there a button or somethng so i can see them. i have cheacked in prefrences and they say that they are turned on.
Old 12 December 2003   #25
Quote: Originally posted by wal_russ
can i have a little help i can't see my vertices. is there a button or somethng so i can see them. i have cheacked in prefrences and they say that they are turned on.

Can't you change the color of the verteces? Seems like I remember somewhere that you can. Maybe yours are set to black? That's about all I have to offer...
Old 12 December 2003   #26
I find that when I make a spline and then copy it and then go into the vertex level of the copied spline, I can't see the vertices. I know they're there, I can select them, but the damned buggers just won't show themselves. note that this doesn't happen regularly, only when I think life is fair and just, then those damned vertices screw me over like a cheap drunk prom date.

it sometimes happen to mesh objects, but not as much as spline objects. btw, I use max 5.1
Old 12 December 2003   #27

Think i just had the same problem, i kknow they're there but i cant slect them and even worse, if i for instance select an edge and chamfer it then go back to vertice level i can select the vertices I just created but not the other ones!!!
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Old 12 December 2003   #28
the way i fixed the problem of not seeing my verticis is i change my graphics options i had it on open gl so i changed it to something else.
Old 12 December 2003   #29
or just click show all in the edit geometry rollout of the editable poly
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Old 01 January 2004   #30
Or perhaps you've got 'show end result' toggle on but nothing else in the modifier stack - only an editable poly/mesh? I always make this mistake when modelling and I delete the meshsmooth modifier (for whatever reason) but leave 'show end result' active...

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