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  08 August 2004
Okey, I have the best one

Get ready for this ultra-mega-great 3dsmax secret

Open 3dsmax or reset if you have it open (save everything befor), creat a cuple of objects, activate a viewport, press H and a secret list comes up ...oooouuU00o00oooouu... in the list are the names of all the objects, so select one or more (you can select all of them if you want, there's no limit ) and then click OK with your magic left botton on the mouse, the secret list disappeares... the object or the objects you selected from the list are selected

I can share more secrets if you want, just ask and I will blow you away with 3dsmax magic

Stay tuned...
  08 August 2004
I sacrifice a virgin to please goddess Kali so max doesnt crash.I t s not proven to work cuz my Max still crashes...(may be i am not sacrificing "Virgins" hehehehe!!!!!
but seriously...

I have about 20 tool bars customized to do everything from rigging /skinning/moddeling/shading and rendering.My keyboards are cutomised to use no shifts and cntrl buttons...cuz i dont like em.but its super easy to get those tool bars up when u r doing a specific function.
  08 August 2004
Press CTRL+N while in a numeric type-in field.
This brings the Numerical Expression Evaluator.

Type "r" in front of numbers to make them relative to previous value.

  08 August 2004
When Animating characters or wathever

• Press Alt + Right mouse button for useful tools

•Press Ctrl + Right mouse button on an object for some object properties

•Press Shift + Right mouse button for some snap options
Life is Short...RENDER more!
My Short Film VIRUS

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  08 August 2004
Originally Posted by kole: [great thread!]
-create a maxstart.max file in your /scene folder that loads with max. you can save settings, and even start objects that are ready to go for you to model [like a box with edit poly on it, ready to extrude]


The Maxstart.max can become a life saver for a group of people working on the same project :

- Create a max start for the preference in the project (mainly : scene scale, unit system and fps, and any other important thing you don't want to have in 10 different versions ). Put in it a text object with the project name. save as MaxStart.

Now everyone in the team will see the text when opening Max every mornings. If they don't, it means the default file hasn't been loaded, and something went wrong. A great reminder, and a life saver if you've ever experimentated the result of having one artist working a full week with metric system and another with US system then, trying to merge those carefully rigged characters...

  08 August 2004
Here is a nice one I got from a friend:

when you jave loads of objects in the scene and u want them all to have the same prefix or suffix.. (or a combination of this)

go to : Tools\rename objects

Works like a charm

saves the hassle of selecting all the objects one by one ^^
  08 August 2004
having an object(s) selected or components ie verts, edges etc and pressing 'z' will centre your selection in your current viewport. nothing selected and pressing 'z' will centre anything in your entire scene.

numbers 1-5 will select components 6 will exit sub-object mode (poly)

j- will remove that ugly bounding box
  08 August 2004
Arrow When exporting objects to game engines,etc..

When you export your objects to be used in game engines or other aplications that make use of 3dsmax meshes remember to apply an Reset Xform modifier to you objects or go to utility panel,select you objects apply resetxform and then use the collapse(to multiple objects) to have your objects only with a editable mesh modifier only.

If you plan to have animated objects in your scene you have o apply the reset x form before you start rigging the objects.

This ResetX form has to be done in order to reset the position,rotation,scale, of objects so that they are no longer relative to 3dsmax world...or else you objects will look offseted(position/rotation/scale) in your 3d application
  08 August 2004

My setup is:
ctrl + w = weld selected (poly)
ctrl + d = detach selected (poly)
shift + d = detach spline
z = zoom selected (default for max4)
ctrl + c = connect vertex (poly)
ctrl + r = remove edge (poly)
shift + c = collapse (poly)
s = screen coordinate system
v = view coordinate system
b = back viewport (instead of default bottom)

Most commonly used default hotkeys:
Q, W, E, R (select/move/rotate/scale)
1, 2, 3, 4 (sub-object 1, 2, 3, 4)
p = perspective viewport
L = left viewport
f = front viewport
+ = grow manipulator
- = shrink manipulator

Save yourself a headache and disable the default hotkey "x" (hide manipulator).
Use and cutomize the quad menus!!

If you're using an nVidia Quadro graphics card, download nVidia's custom viewport driver from their website. Version 4.x for max5 and below, version 6.x for max6 and above.

I recommend using OpenGL in Max 4, OpenGL or Maxtreme in Max5, and dx9 or Maxtreme in Max6.

Cdilla is incompatable with WINE.
-The Kahzmeister
  08 August 2004
by setting force 2 sided you can see both side of an object...

to enebled it
in perspectiv viewport right click and in menu select Config in viewport comfig dialog
select chech Force 2 sided.

you can also make sure that under Render dialog make check force 2 sided too when you render your scean...

Last edited by stdriver : 08 August 2004 at 12:25 PM.
  08 August 2004
using the shortcut ; (semicolon) - for repeat last operation. Especially when working with editable poly's. Great for welding, collapsing extruding etc.......
  08 August 2004
NURBS curve for camera path

I use NURBS curves for camera paths rather than editable splines - you get smoother motion and it looks more realistic!

  08 August 2004
This one is easy to miss,

Ever noticed that when using the quad menu the last command you used is marked in blue? If you click the title of that quad menu, it will repeat the blue command.
  08 August 2004
Right click activated move, rotate or scale tools.

Script that lets you to toggle on and off a time slider:

Try FreeFireGL driver for Radeon card to improve OpenGL performance. (Russian language. See links at the bottom of page)

Try f-edge plug-in that lets you to smooth edges.
Sorry for my English.
  08 August 2004
About the 2-sided stuff. I've been posting this like a madman, but I think it could also be of use in this thread:

Originally Posted by Rens Heeren: Ok, I wrote something on this in Dutch some time ago, because the max reference doesn't seem to cover all these options at the same time. I've translated it to English (guess I had to do it some day ):

These are all the 2-sided/backface options I know of. Written for Max 6, but should be applicable to other versions.


Backfacing Cull:
Shows/Hides faces which have a normal pointing away from view.
The back sides of these faces will receive the same shading as the fromt sides. So these faces will be dark with a single light between the object and the camera.
This option is for viewport renders only.
Backfacing Cull = On means the back sides of the faces won't be visible.

Gives faces two sides instead of just showing the front side like Backfacing Cull.
These faces will be lit with a single light between the object and the camera.
This option is for viewport and regular renders.
2-Sided = On means the back sides of the faces will be visible.

Note: 2-sided options override backfacing options. The 'force' option overrides regular 2-sided options.


Object specific, viewport:

-Object Properties -> General -> Backface Cull toggle.
Backfacing Cull On/Off with selected objects.
Very practical to have this as a shortcut key.

-Customize menu -> Preferences -> Viewports tab -> Backface Cull on Object Creation toggle.
Same as above, but all newly created objects will have the setting you specify.

-Material Editor -> Material Base/Basic Parameters -> 2-sided toggle.
All objects with this material will be affected.
Note: somehow this option doesn't seem to affect faces you have currently selected. These can only be affected by the options above and the one below.

All objects, viewport:

-Customize menu -> Viewport Configuration -> Rendering Method tab -> Force 2-sided toggle
-Right-click on the viewport name -> Configure -> Rendering Method tab -> Force 2-sided toggle.
All objects in the viewport are affected, disregarding the options described above.


-Render Dialog (F10) -> Common/Common Parameters -> Force 2-sided toggle.
All objects are affected when rendered.

-Material Editor -> Material Base/Basic Parameters -> 2-sided toggle.
Same as the ME option described above. All objects with this material are affected when rendered.

- R

Last edited by Rens : 08 August 2004 at 11:55 PM.
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