Cloth Modifier: Making a rope function like a rope...?

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  11 November 2017
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  11 November 2017
Here's the problem; it won't stop stretching:

You can see the difference between each segment of the rope...nothing I can do seems to make the distance between the faces stay consistent.
But that seems--to me, at least--to be why it keeps bunching up underneath the fist.
  11 November 2017
So, I got to wondering whether the problem was the distance being fallen.
Compare the file given to me by vusta, versus my own:

The green figure is six feet tall, just a generic measuring device to get the height correct on certain bits of scenery, like doors. (Also, the green Dummy represent the top of where the camera can see; again, just for measurement sake.)
As you can see, vusta's example is just about six feet tall, while my character starts at about 36 feet up.

Problem is, when I moved my character lower, something becomes over-stretched, and it won't even simulate the first frame.
GAH! I'm really beginning to hate Cloth sim!
  11 November 2017
looks to me like the rope is getting caught and simply cannot slide free...this is exactly why I said not to use a very complicated, unwieldy mesh as a collider. Therefore I used a cylinder as a hand proxy rather than actual fiddly 'fingers' it's nothing to do with height (as can be seen in your file, it happens right away..doesn't matter how high or low up you are)

But I can't confirm from the pic, are you using the actual (high res) character mesh as a collider grabbing onto the rope or are you using some sort of simplified proxy ?

anyway, to prevent (with fingers crossed) stretching, you may need to crank up the U/V Stretch to the thousands....yeah try 5000.

Last edited by vusta : 11 November 2017 at 09:20 PM.
  11 November 2017
I tried the cylinder-as-hand, and got the same results. Tried those two-flat-bricks in the demo above with the same results.

And I've tried cranking everythinginto the thousands, together and separately.

I just don't know what the problem can possibly be.
  11 November 2017
here try this approach...should 'streamline' things a bit and snags!AvgNse7E8aaygxA8wXmyehfd9HgG

of course, one obvious difference is I'm running 2016, even tho I saved for you as 2013....there's no guarantee Cloth in 2016 and 2013 are the same...
  11 November 2017
The one you sent me works fine, and I tried copying all of the settings...and yet...

Still, I'll trying this new one. Thanks.
  11 November 2017
Okay, now I'm thoroughly boggled.

I tried three things:
1 - Setting the character to Inactive; same results.

2 - Removing the mod from the character and everything related to it, leaving only the rope (a plane; the rope's actual geometry is a Skin Wrap mod following the plane), the building, the sidewalk, and the two cylinders in the sim. It failed.
And I mean failed; you can see in the image below how it is still bunching up. And then, on frame 127, the entire simulation crashed because of over-stretching.

2 - I tried deleting absolutely everything about the character from the scene, 100%, leaving only the building, sidewalk, rope, and cylinders in the scene...and it worked.

What the actual crap is this??? It makes the exact opposite of sense.
I hate to say this, cuz I reallydon't wanna do it, but I've been at this for days...I might have to give in and fake it.
Maybe give the rope a skeleton, use one skin-modifier or another to deform it. Hmph. I REALLYdon't want to do that. :(

Last edited by BionicDance : 11 November 2017 at 11:51 PM.
  11 November 2017
is it possible you send me the stripped down to the absolute barebones file ? or are you breaking some NDA ?
  11 November 2017
Naw, it's totally cool; this is a personal project, and the only people working on it who aren't me are my voice actors.

Here ya go:
  11 November 2017
hmm...don't think you can start your sim with the 2 blocks clamped to the rope THAT tight !!! I don't think ANY software can solve that..hence
you have to start with 2 blocks coming in on either side and leaving room (the hole) for the rope to slide. Right now you're introducing geo penetration right at the start giving it an impossible task to solve...
  11 November 2017 MAX units, how far apart do you think they have to start?
  11 November 2017
Okay, there...I faked it:

Probably should have done this days ago, but what can I say...I'm stubborn.
It's not what I wanted, it doesn't look quite right, but it's worlds better than it was.

EDIT: So, naturally, the link doesn't work. Can't catch a break, can I? Let's see if just the link instead of an embed will work.
  11 November 2017
i posted a thread just for this a few days ago...

(back on topic, don't say you faked it...who's gonna know...looks fine to me)<br /> <br />

Last edited by vusta : 11 November 2017 at 03:47 AM.
  11 November 2017
That...was not a problem with the other vids I posted. Oh, well.

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