Cloth Modifier: Making a rope function like a rope...?

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  10 October 2017
Yeah, lookit that:

It's going straight through the character's geometry. What do I do about that?
  10 October 2017
01) don't tell me you are using the actual character hand with turbosmooth and all sorts of bells and whistles on it in the cloth sim ?
(I asked you you not to tell me that !....anyway, I hope you used just a simple 'cone' instead)

02) still, just take the result as is...penetration ? ....just stick an Edit Poly on top...animate the verts to however you want
it to look like...problem solved...
  10 October 2017
01) **whistles innocently**

02) Well, let's see whether that cone thing works first.

  10 October 2017
Is it really neccassary to have this accurate collision for hand->rope? In my file i just used cloth->Group->Node constraint to attach the hand temporarily to the biped hand.
Also i think you need nore segments for the rope to look more convincing.
  10 October 2017
Quote: In my file i just used cloth->Group->Node constraint to attach the hand temporarily to the biped hand

Well, that's the's not supposed to be attached; the rope needs to slide through the character's hand, like rappelling, like sliding down a fireman's pole (only it's a rope, obviously).
This would have been a much simpler endeavor if I'd been going for the rope being held.

Quote: Also i think you need nore segments for the rope to look more convincing.

Possibly. But it's also going to be seen from a fair distance, so it might not matter hugely; I'll throw myself off that bridge when I come to it.
For now, I'm going to try vusta's suggestion; it sounds workable (I'd have done it already, except my father came to visit from clear across the country, so...)
  10 October 2017
Nope. Still can't figure this one out.

The rope STILLgets caught by the hand in such a way that what's below won't stay put. It goes flying upward from below as the character slides down it, like this:

I triedvusta's suggestion, making a cylinder for the rope to slide through, rather than the character's hand...which worked better, but it's still messed up.

Also, I can't find a way to make the cylinder turn off, for when the character's hand opens up to release the least, not a way built into Cloth.
Now, obviously, there are other options.
I could make the cylinder itself release from his hand, perhaps...might cause some weird deformations as it falls, but that's a possibility.
Or I could try just rapidly moving it; it's there one frame, the next from it's halfway to frickin' Neptune. If the Depth parameter is exceeded, that could make it no longer affect the rope, if I'm reading these help files correctly.
Still, it'd be nice if there was a way built into Cloth that says, "The object, right here...? Yeah, it doesn't collide anymore." If there is a way to do that, I haven't found it.
(And, for the record, the rope itself cannot attach to the cylinder, or vice versa; the rope is supposed to slide through the hand, not stretch.)
  11 November 2017
haven't looked at it in details but just looking at your video again...I think you're making it harder for why try to force cloth
to sim like 'ultra realistic' ?

what do I mean ? I would simplify the problem by breaking it in 2. ie. the rope doesn't have to be ONE piece of rope.

I would fake the top half of the rope as one straight inventive here...

the bottom half of the rope would just be glued to the hand...and that goes thru to the cloth sim
yes there's always problems with any solution...but that's my take on a high level....give it a try ?
  11 November 2017
I really can't picture what you're describing, here.
Or, perhaps it's that I haven't quite explained this shot fully because I've only been describing the rope problem.

See, this guy is just the first of three to come sliding down ropes; I'm trying to get the first one right before I even attempt any others.
Once they're reach the bottom and let go of the ropes,, they pull up the machine guns that are in their opposite hands and start blasting the unholy drek outta the scene.

So it doesn't just end with the rope-slide. all.
(And, no; I can't just cut to a new shot after they've hit the ground. Timing is important in this shot; it's gottabe done all in one.)

If the rope isn't behaving itself from top-to-bottom, it's gonnalook weird; the top half can'tsimply be and stay a straight cylinder.
And the truth is that the rope looks more or less just fine as it falls from the building and hits the pavement; the problem is how it behaves when it's being held. (Even using the preset of 'Heavy Leather' looks strange; I have never seen leather act like that!)

It seems like every possible solution just introduces a completely different problem in its place.
  11 November 2017
3 rappels in 1 continuous shot..

  11 November 2017
Huh. Okay, that makes a certain kind of sense.
(Actually, I was going to do three separate ropes, but the concept is the same.)
I can give that a try. Thank you.

Quick query: can you show me the settings for the rope? Like, the physics settings?
One thing I'm finding is that the Help files say one thing and mean another...or they're worded such that they manage to give me the wrong idea. They say things like, "Make this a higher value to get more of that effect; give it a lower value to get the opposite," but if I'm not getting enough of the high-value effect, I keep increasing it and increasing it and increasing it until it seems like it's reversed itself. Seriously, like if you set it past 50, it starts acting like you've gone that far below50. It's a giant pain the tuckus.
But you...your example seems to be making the rope function as it should, and I'd love to know whatinHades you've done differently.

Thank you.
  11 November 2017
This is how far I've gotten: you can see it flapping all over the place, no idea why:

  11 November 2017
screw the's the file...!AvgNse7E8aaygw-AyFKLlNOZXFCR

no fancy settings, I just used Default (Default is surprisingly good all round, I always use that first and only if I'm at my wits end, I would use some other Preset). Obviously, to help the rope not getting snagged...the friction has been a treat for the upper part but the other end resting on the floor is now 'skating' on ice...hence you see I've got a second pin group to 'drag' I think...

Anyway, from mem, I think you're on that's the saved version....that's as far back I can go anyway.
  11 November 2017
Thank you.

This has been extraordinarily helpful, far beyond what I ever expected, so...yeah, thank you.
  11 November 2017
I had a morbid project where I had to have family members get tossed off a building using some kind of pully system with cement blocks at the end.

I took a stab at it with max first, but I could never get the look I was going for. I was getting the same results. I tried to go as far as Pflow and skinning to get it done, but I was running into collision problems. Luckily I had some skill in Maya.

The best way to do ropes easily, and fast. Even down to tying 3d knots was to take your poly rope. Place a curve directly in the middle convert that curve to a hair spline. then use the Wire tool to make the rope follow the curve. Don't forget to add more segments to the curve so it is more "Bendy", and increase the collision size to fit the ropes shape. Then if you want to bring it back to Max use the Alembic workflow and bake it out.
  11 November 2017
Yes. Well. I'm on MAX 2013 because I cannot afford to upgrade; getting Maya as wellis definitely out of the question.
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