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  03 March 2014
Originally Posted by captain brainiac: Kelly.. what about the plugins ? Will the old ones work?

Generally every other year developers need to recompile so yes, 3ds Max 2015 will require a recompile.

We work closely with a lot of developers though to assist them in being ready by release.
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Autodesk, Inc
  03 March 2014
every body knows what is in mental ray / iray new

we need...

- object mesh light ( standard more as 4 Years )
- diffuse Area light that works correct, and with MIS.
- more as 10 portallight work and don“t decrease the 3dsmax Speed, after a rendering. Very VERY OLD BUG !!! ( standard more as 4 Years )
- MILA ?
- MIS ? ( standard more as 1 Years )
- new Render Element Options
- Deep Data ( standard more as 2 Years )
- BSDF ( standard more as 3 Years )
- PTexture ( standard more as 2 Years )
- normal Mapping that works correct
- New FrameBuffer alį Vray ( standard more as 10 Years? )
- MR Global Material alį VrayMat for all platforms: Maya, 3dsmax, Cinema4D, Houdini. Revit

oh man, i hope master zap have work on some standard options. my fear is, it was not implemented.

hot chip

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  03 March 2014
Originally Posted by PiXeL_MoNKeY: Remember that most of this was set in place long before Eddie took on his new role.


Eric, you're definitely a valuable member if the community - but we all know you are on the beta team and collaborate with the development teams and always come to their defence.

My point was not to make Eddie responsible for this mess, but to at least have the balls - as I think you should if you're going to say anything on the subject - to admit that this release is looking like the worst shambles so far for any 3ds Max release.

It does almost feel like Autodesk are trying to secretly communicate with us by circumventing their discussion policy rules and saying "we have invested so much time in Maya and that reflects the energies of this company".

You cannot seriously believe that this release is anything other than a couple of the more basic scripts incorporated into Max.
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  03 March 2014

sorry kelly or masterzap is this true:

3dsmax new: areadownloads.autodesk.com/oc/2015releases/Whats_New_in_Autodesk_3ds_Max_2015.pdf

maya new: areadownloads.autodesk.com/oc/2015releases/whats_new_in_autodesk_maya_2015.pdf

For what take you or masterzap money from Autodesk. picking your nose.

this version we should all skip, so you will not get a single penny more of us until you understand it. I will say to my client: " Don“t Buy 3dsmax2015, it“s a fake!"

i am very disapoint.
  03 March 2014
Neither Zap or Kelly are in control of what gets developed as new features.
The Z-Axis
  03 March 2014
Considering the high cost of MAX subscriptions and the absolutely extortionate cost of upgrades, and considering the utterly piss poor level of this "update", it might seem appropriate if Autodesk let us take a year off from subscriptions without a cost penalty, after all they have obviously taken a year off from development
Kernow bys vykken!!!
  03 March 2014

rofl . rofl..
In the "whats new in Maya pdf".... an electronic paper... ha i can't believe it.
A paper what isn't available printed.... at first you think.... oooooo ...24 pages what's new in Maya.
Until you find out..... 12 (twelve) blank pages. ha

... and in the max papers.... you think ... ooo there's more... 34 pages... but there are
13 empty pages.... are you f....... kidding me?

The killer new features of max 2015 are on page 2, 4 , 6, 8, 10 a.s.o
Mad,Sad and Bad to the Bone!!!
  03 March 2014
Here's where your money has gone

1 - Undo and Redo on the Main Toolbar - cant see it on the user voice voting. There are already at least three ways to access the undo and redo buttons.

2 - Combined Scene Explorer / Layer Explorer - these things already exist as free scripts for Max - but maybe this is a bit better. We've been asking for nested layers for years, so OK, maybe this will be nice - although it looks like shit.

3 - State Sets Improvements - if state sets had worked properly they wouldn't need improvements. these are bug fixes to what is a poorly implemented ugly pig of a tool.

4 - 3ds Max Python API - I don't use it, but I recognise it's important. 2 points so far.

5 - IGES Export - did anyone request this? bring IGES in to Max, not out. Meh.

6 - Placement Tool - this will be nice. Like an enhanced version of the 'align to normals' tool that exists. So no new functionality and you can bet your ass you access it through the graphite menu that you never use.

7 - Quad Chamfer - a script already exists to do this, but good.

8 - Point Cloud - was anyone actually asking for this? Would be nice if it worked with a Kinect or something - but this just feels like a dumping ground for some tech Autodesk have. How many of us use pount cloud data on a day to day basis?
Not nearly as much as I get asked to use fluids.

9 - Populate - never used it personally. I suppose this is great if you're trying to do arc viz for people who only view the world as if they were playing Elder Scrolls Oblivion on the XBOX 360.

10 - Particle Flow User Interface - we've made the boxes a bit more like the slate material editor which no one asked for.

11 - Material XML Export - less features!

12 - ShaderFX Editor - I wont use it, but I suppose it's good for game artists. Nothing snarky to say.

13 - Discontinued Shader Format - now with more less features!

14 - Stereo Camera - 47 points on the user voice - no one needs it, no one requests it. 3D is dying in Hollywood - not that we're making films for Hollywood in Max after this. Where the fuck else in the world is this such an important feature that it needs to be built it?

15 - ActiveShade Improvements - yay! I guess.

16 - NVIDIA®iray®Renderer - support for blend materials. Great, why not just fix support for ALL map types now, so we can switch seamlessly between MR and IRAY without huge swathes of black? why not introduce some kind of mechanism to do that? Oh - cheers for the elements - they are the ONE thing from this release I was looking forward to.

17 - Accelerated Viewport Performance - don't really consider this a new feature, but part of progression that should always be happening.

So 6 things no one asked for, 2 actual removals of features, 2 fixes of bugs or systems that were broken, 2 things which we already have from scripts and the rest are 'meh' at best - although I concede that a couple of things are more important to others than myself.

Is that really worth our money? 2 bug fixes for systems they implement already that were broken? crap that maybe only a handful of people requested - some of which could have been achieved with scripts?
www.jd3d.co.uk - I'm available for freelance work.
  03 March 2014
Originally Posted by mynewcat:

14 - Stereo Camera - 47 points on the user voice - no one needs it, no one requests it. 3D is dying in Hollywood - not that we're making films for Hollywood in Max after this. Where the fuck else in the world is this such an important feature that it needs to be built it?

I've been asking for this for the past 10 years, or since whenever it was first introduced in Maya... And now you're right, by the time we actually get it, 3D is on it's way out. Oh, and it doesn't even work with Nvidia 3D vision, you have to have some specific ATI card. Thanks AD!

I don't know what AD is officially saying, but it is very clear what their intentions are with each product. They're pushing Max for games/arch viz. Maya is for everything else you can do with a 3D program. It's that simple.
  03 March 2014
And that feature was already available in the subscription extension. It's also weird it's supported by AMD hardware when other features of 3ds Max are only supported on Nvidia (like PhysX and I believe iRay GPU)
The Z-Axis
  03 March 2014
i dont see any video showing how they fixed the UV's with the turbosmooth modifier. so i guess its still broken? dont you dare tell me to buy Turbosmooth Pro because i already have.

how about making it easier to UV for mari and Mudbox? UV tiles.

how about any news for xref and container?

its 2014. its 2014.
  03 March 2014
Originally Posted by CGPablo: I don't know what AD is officially saying, but it is very clear what their intentions are with each product. They're pushing Max for games/arch viz. Maya is for everything else you can do with a 3D program. It's that simple.

Actually Maya is being pushed for games.
Just look at maya lite and at what they teach at gamedev schools.

Afaik archviz guys arent happy at all either with the updates. I dont understand why ppl keep saying max is getting great updates for archviz... it isnt.

Wouldnt be surprised if max is heading the same way as XSI.
  03 March 2014
Populate is a feature only useful in Archviz, iRay is kind of something only really useful there too. The lack of updates in things like animation and simulation indicate that as well.
The Z-Axis
  03 March 2014
Maya LT is being pushed for Games not Max.

Max will be for viz market and minor VFX. I can only see that way.
  03 March 2014
It's just a nuisance.

In my honest own and very own opinion...

All the drive and energy the old 3dsmax product team brought to the software is just vaporized.
Sure the new guys tell us that they are happy and proud...what should the write? That it is a shame how poorly 3D Studio max 2015 has evolved.
By the numbers 3dsmax is the most selling product of the old big 3.
Having killed softimage now the next one has to be Maya... But this is not going to happen.

Pure head counting killed the ongoing development of 3dsmax in a better tool for the future.
That wasn't wanted by the management. The future is Maya, Maya, Maya and Maya.
At least for the AD management. In the future it will always have the goodies, we Max users never will get or at least long time later. And that won't change whatever we will write or complain here.

And the point of no return we have passed a long time ago. The sooner we accept this the better we will cope with the situation.

Even there were Maya fluids they get the new bifrost. It may be thrilling what will happen to softimages "ice".. but i think part of the functionality will be, or is allready in Maya.

If you read all the tiny little improvements the implemented through the whole UI in Maya, it shows they give a s#### on 3dsmax.

Just looking through scriptspot and the sheer number of existing plugins one can easly see, where Max needs improvements. Simple tools like "visibility assistant" or "rappa tools" could be easily build under the hood.
The stereo cam, the point cloud tool, and the python script have been part of the 2014 extension. The most max users are on subscription. So don't sell them to us as new.
Ify ou take them away, the new features in Max 2015 are poor.... very poor.

In december my subscription runs out... and i think i allready know now what my decision will be then. I might change the app... no... i have to change.

Were i live today there are more maya jobs than max jobs.. wether i like it or not.. these are the numbers and facts.
Mad,Sad and Bad to the Bone!!!

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