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Old 11 November 2013   #1
Challenge me...

I've been asked by 3d Artist to write a 3dsmax piece, it's one of these generic 'How do I do [insert common problem here]' but I'm not really much of a fan of the simpler suggestions they always seem to cover, so I'm looking for someone to give me a problem/challenge to solve that I can write about in detail and to a high level.

I'm a 3dsmax, VRay, Scripting Guru so give me your best shot!

Other suggestions will probably make it on to my blog.
Maxscript Made Easy...
Old 11 November 2013   #2
Try to solve that problem with IK, when it gets in ALMOST straight line, bones just snap that half of degree, so you are forced to keep legs slightly bended all the time, or else expect ugly snaps. Like these (foot platform moves at a constant speed):
Old 11 November 2013   #3
Cool, riddle me this then(or lemme know if I've completely got it wrong, up to you):

I have an editable mesh with vertex animation on it, how can I convert it to an editable poly and keep the vertex animation, in other words how can I transfer the vertex animation from the edit mesh to edit poly.

And good luck with this whole thing.
Old 11 November 2013   #4
How about some sort of advanced production-applicable effect with pflow box #3? Maybe some sort of mograph effect or abstract art like what we see coming from ICE (or TP). It would be relevant considering everyone has box 3 now, but not many people how to use it effectively.
Chris L. Harkins
Old 11 November 2013   #5
Yep, some pflow stuff to create otherworldly art would be very cool.
I'd love to have a particle nebula/galaxy generator and an accompanying force node with the ability to add different noises and control their influence based on distance from particle source.
I'm asking because I've been up tonight looking up images of nebulae and it just freaks me out how beautiful the are

A geometry based FFD solution with the ability to use an arbitrary mesh as control cage.

Sorry for the silly suggestions
Old 11 November 2013   #6
Originally Posted by pokoy: 2:
A geometry based FFD solution with the ability to use an arbitrary mesh as control cage.

You can use SkinWrap to do a similar thing?
Maxscript Made Easy...
Old 11 November 2013   #7
I'll just treat this a list for scripts/plugins I'd like to have.

A modifier that can convert a selection, lighting, texture to vertex colors.
A bit like Assign Vertex Colors, but working on a per frame base or a pimped up Volume Select.

There is a very handy script by Blur, called "Do" which lets you manipulate parameters of several objects at once, even if they aren't instances or references. The interface is a bit clunky however.
Now it's probably not possible, but it would be awesome if a script could recreate the interface/rollouts of all shared parameters of a selection of objects, so the user feels at home at once.
Parameters that are shared but have different values are slightly grayed out, but can still be manipulated relatively or be replaced by an absolute value.
Old 11 November 2013   #8
Ok! You asked for it!
1 - a flippingless spine ik solution.
2 - how to create a custom max controller with interface? Or even simpler - how keyframe the values of the waveform controller?
3 - how would you rig/solve a Jack-in-box animation? Making it jump out of the box with non-linear springy motion?
4 - how to: model a character, rig it, skin it, make further geo adjustments in the base mesh (add remove some details, insert/remove edge loops, change vertex count) without losing the rig/skin and without resorting to skinwrap?

Old 11 November 2013   #9
I'd like to see snapping and inference like in SketchUp inside 3dsmax.
Old 11 November 2013   #10
@Pixero - I find Max's snapping system pretty robust and powerful, you just need to get the hang of it and make your head around 2D, 2.5D and 3D referencing system.
Old 11 November 2013   #11
Actually on the topic of snapping(and this may be better off discussed on it's own thread), there's a new method of snapping in maya as of the latest release called 'Projected Center Snapping' which allows snapping of bones(and other types of objects) to the volumetric center of models, imagine being able to snap the bones to the center of your characters' joints precisely. I have made a request for it here ...

So maybe just take a look at it and have it at the back of your mind for this project, though I doubt it's a simple thing to accomplish...
Old 11 November 2013   #12
If you can make a Dockable Toolbar with 32X32 icon support,
You'll be my hero forever and ever more!

My eyes will love you also!

Larry King

I just survived an 8.8 earthquake, that experience I'll take it to my grave.
Old 11 November 2013   #13
All cool ideas but very R&D heavy, I'm thinking more project/task specific. Like "I want to create this effect", "How would I parametrically model.."

Will look at some of the other suggestions in my blog in the future.
Maxscript Made Easy...
Old 11 November 2013   #14
How to recreate all of C4D's mograph effectors in Max.
Old 11 November 2013   #15
Some things I've had to scratch my head on recently

How to cheat the motion of fluid moving in a vessel.
Replicating convincing/appealing food with V-ray.
Rigging tentacles with smooth bends & stretches.
Animate a ribbon/lace tying in a bow.
Parametric, animated bottle condensation.
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