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  06 June 2013
SuperRune,thanks for your update,i wish you can fixed also the global scale that we can scale the whole rig.and one thing i notice that if you reset all the attribute in global scale control all the rig will collapse...we that we fixed in the new coming updates.more power to you anf may God bless you.
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  07 July 2013
Great Rig. thanks so much. but can you update version with squash and stretch now?
jam animation studio
  07 July 2013
I've been delayed due to parental leave and the summer holidays, but squash and stretch will be in the rig later this fall.

Rig scaling is a bit of a headache. I have to do some thinking to figure out how that can work. I might just disable rig scaling in the next version.
  10 October 2013
A short update

I thought I'd write a little update on the progress.

So, I'm in production on my new short film at the moment. I'm directing it, and it's written and designed by Dave Cooper. I have a great team of aninators on board, and the production is 3D supervised by Johan Leuf.

At the moment, the features are driven by the need of the short film. So there are some more functionality in terms of asset replacements and saving and loading of animation. The system can now update an animated character by saving out the animation, deleting and loading in a new version of the character and then re-applying the animation. Pretty cool for a simple rig system, I think

I'm also experimenting with some skinning functionality. The script is able to cut up a character for proxy use. But the result is pretty crappy. I want to the final version of the system to have tools for saving and re-applying skin data, since that's something I do all the time. The scripts are ready, I just need a more or less elegant way of putting them into the system.

This month we need to finalize the character rigs, so I'm actually working on the stretchy IK this week. Progress has been slow, since I realized I had to re-write all of the IK setup in the rig, making it more modular than it is at the moment. That could cause problems for the selector window (and other things I can't foresee), but I will have to wait and see what happens once its implemented.

So, progress is steady but slow. I'll keep you updated

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  10 October 2013
thanks. great work. I'm waiting your update version.
jam animation studio
  10 October 2013
Super Simple Rig

thanks. great work .question how to Storing whole body Poses
  10 October 2013
thanks. great work, how can i storing whole body pose?
  12 December 2013
Pose storing is something I want to look at as well. It's not in the system now, only the saving of animation clips.

I put up a .max file demonstrating the squash and stretch working on the legs and arms. I made some simpler functions for the spine, but I'm not to happy about it. Also, the head has nothing stretchy, we use some FFD's instead on the short I'm directing. Also, I have to find a way of making all this work with rig scaling...
  12 December 2013
Hello Rune,

Overall I think this is an excellent edition to the 3ds Max community and we're all very thankful to you for releasing it free of charge and non-encrypted, it will be an excellent learning tool for character TDs for years to come.

I have a few suggestions though which are more about usability rather than features I think you should include:

1. Place "Create Locators" below "Height" which should help prevent user from trying to adjust the height of the rig after the locators have been created.

2. Place "Build Rig" at the bottom of the UI to make it more obvious that user can define things like the Spine type and Twist Bones before the rig is built.

3. If fetch is used to set the height of the rig then store the fetched node in a local variable and after the rig has been built apply a skin modifier to it and add the relevant bones to the modifier - saves the user having to set it up manually.

4. Delete Locators and Lines after the rig has been built

5. This is something that you've discussed with another user: Make the spinner parameters types #angle and not #float so that you can work with degrees and not radians (you don't need to do any list controller tricks) and instance the controllers.

6. Remove individual finger controls - the Command panel can resized to show all the finger attributes when the hand control is selected.

7. Include IK-FK blending controls and the elbow, knee and balls of the feet (prevents you from having to select another control to get to that attribute).

8. For the eyes following the head, when the spinner value is changed and the position constraint values are adjusted, also adjust the layer weight of the Position_XYZ controller in the Position_List, this will make the eyes control object return to its original position even if it's been moved.

9. I couldn't see any functionality to snap the FK chain to IK or vice versa, I think you should try to include this even if it is name-dependant. Charles Looker (eek) wrote a detailed description about the topic:

10. I like that you've added controls for, say, the foot to follow the world or hip, but I don't really like how if you pose the leg it shifts when you adjust the slider. I'm not sure how to get around this, but I'd probably suggest a script controller hack which unfortunately would slow things down.

Those are my suggestions, I haven't looked through the code or done any test animation so there may be reasons why you've set things up like you have and I just haven't noticed.

A few things that I particularly like:

1. The inclusion of Soft IK

2. I like how the Dialog window resizes when you open and close rollouts, makes everything much cleaner.

3. I REALLY like the choice of spines, they're my favourite part of the body to rig

(If you're looking for another spine rig to include, I recently created a copy of the Biped spine rig which is pretty neat:

4. The Selector is a very nice, professional addition which I found to be clean, intuitive and simple to use.

Again, I think this is a very welcome addition to the community, congratulations of your progress so far.

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  12 December 2013
Hi Harry! This is great feedback, thanks a million!

I'm saving these to my To-Do list, but I'll also go through the points quickly here:

1. Good idea, I will try that. I am also planning on making the height slider interactive.
2. I had it at the bottom earlier, and found it quicker for my purposes to have at the top. Will have to think about this
3. Yes, I need to store the height in the rig, but I might have it stored at the root of the locators, together with the other rig options. I have been working on a separate save/load skin setup that I will include into the rig very soon.
4. Don't want to do this as a default, but it could be an option. I frequently re-build my rigs, and need the locators for long rigging sessions.
5. I have been looking for a solution for that for years!! If that simple fix works, I'm super grateful!! I will include that in the first build I do after the short film (I can't break backwards compatability while doing the short, I'm afraid).
6. Very true. Perhaps that should be optional as well? Some animators have requested controllers on each finger joint.
7. Ah, yes. Been thinking about that and haven't actually made it a to-do item.
8. So when the eyes are set to follow the head, the lookat object should be in its "null" position? Did I understand that correctly? Won't it be confusing when you dial them back to world - and the eyes return to a position that you can't see unless its dialed back? I think I might be misunderstanding you though
9. There should be FK/IK-snapping on the bottom of the Selector window, just press the "open" button to see the more advanced stuff. I have just started learning more advanced scripted attributes, so I am thinking of moving that functionality into the rigs!
10. I agree. That could probably be solved with something similar to a FK/IK snap button. I will make a to-do item of making a world/local snap button for these controllers.

Thanks again!! And thanks for the biped rig tip, will check it out!
  12 December 2013
8. It might not be something you want to include, but I was suggesting that when the "Eyes follows World <> Head" spinner/slider value is changed and you change the value of the Position Targets on $Jack_Lookat_CTL then you also change the value of $Jack_Lookat_CTL.position.controller.weight[2] so that if value = 0 then weight = 100, if value = 100 then weight = 0, it would mean the eyes would be looking straight forward... But you couldn't move the control, so you might not want to include it :P.

I've just graduated from University, but I know quite a bit about rigging in 3ds Max, so if you are ever unsure about how to implement a certain feature then I'd be happy to help you if I could!

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  12 December 2013
Originally Posted by SuperRune: 5. I have been looking for a solution for that for years!! If that simple fix works, I'm super grateful!! I will include that in the first build I do after the short film (I can't break backwards compatability while doing the short, I'm afraid).

Rune, I just refactored your v1.0.1 code with this simple fix and it works as Harry said. I can't believe I hadn't find it myself as I use almost all types in my CA's.
Very good suggestion, thanks Harry!

Any ETA on the new release, we'll probably be using 1.0.1 for an small upcoming serie of animations.

Thanks for sharing and again if you'd be able to use a repository or anything, I'd be more then willing to help out setting it up and show you how it works, would love to help develop this!

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  12 December 2013
Haha, I'm glad I could help. I really like the open nature of the development of this tool, I'm keeping a close eye on it .

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  12 December 2013
first, im just curious, dont mean to take up anyones time,

I don't mean to be "that noob,"


i got this to just play around on it, but was pretty much lost. i dont do alot of rigging,

but i was wondering if there was some documentation on it. the kind that tells you what all the buttons do. I looked at your site, maybe im blind. or is it that obvious to use? lol

the other question i have, is these look like splines with helpers, how is this different from the max bones, or is there a difference? Also, what's the advantage to making it this way, i've actually seen a game have a skeleton just like this and was wondering if there's some magic in here.

  12 December 2013
Johan, Harry: Can't wait to have that implemented! I can probably do an installer build next week, if you can live with some bugs. Yes, I should find a way to have more people contribute to the rig, the only problem with that is that I'd like to have people buy the more advanced functionality. One part of me wants to share it all, but at the same time I would like some money to be able to continue develop this thing further. Any thoughts?

Johan: I'd like you to have the advanced version of the rig system, that also does loading and saving of animation - making it possible to upgrade the rigs after animation has started. I would love some feedback on that system.

Legato: An introduction video is very high on my todo-list, I just need to build a non-copyrighted character that I can use in the video... But yeah, a breakdown of what all the buttons do is something I need to do pretty soon. As a quick-start guide, check the steps on my site:

There's an install video on a difficult to find page on my site:
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