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Old 04 April 2013   #31
Wow! Very, very cool and clean! Thanks for the update
Old 04 April 2013   #32
Thanks Andy

So, has anybody tried to rig up their characters using the script? I'm curious to hear if anybody is using it, and also why you're not using it!

I have been trying to combine stretch and soft IK on the rig. And while stretch is real easy to do, combining it with soft IK turned out to be tricky for me. I'm having problems keeping it simple, and somehow I keep getting reference loop errors. If you check out the pure IK leg rig in my script, you'll see that it also errors out. Hmmm. Are soft IK rigs common out there? If no-one is interested in soft IK, I'm considering skipping it for now.

Read here for a discussion on soft IK:
Old 04 April 2013   #33
I am not a math man, but I think a solution to convine soft-IK and stretchy bones would be the same saving different poses for different angles. It could be a strechy FK bones layer. Something like does skinMorph. You can even pose and save twist bones, bends... manually without trying to get an universal solution.

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Old 04 April 2013   #34
I played around in the SoftIK file Brad Noble did, and by some occult wizardry I managed to make stretchy soft IK work. This is pure luck, so I have no idea how stable it is. Can someone out there download the file, and see if it works, crashes max, or forces the cosmos to implode?
(I take no responsibility for loss of files or lives, by the way)
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Old 04 April 2013   #35
Works well in max 2013
Old 04 April 2013   #36
Works nice on 2011 too. No loss of life was recorded though a few minutes after opening the file the refrigerator started making a weird noise. Could be coincidental.
Old 04 April 2013   #37
I'll log that and look into it, haha!
Old 05 May 2013   #38
Hey Johan! I am looking at the float-list trick, but I'm having problems making it work.

I assign a rotation-list as the rotation controller, and then I use (radToDeg 1)/100 as the weight factor for the first and active Euler_XYZ-controller. But this gives me some really weird rotation issues, as well as feedback issues in the GUI. You wouldn't happen to have a sample file lying around?

I might have misunderstood you. Should I create individual float_lists for each XYZ axis, and then instance those between the attribute holder and the object rotation controllers?

An update:
I made it work by adding float_lists for each individual axis, and then instancing the sub-controllers (beziers) to the attribute holder. The float lists weight the values with (pi/180*100) which seems to be correct. Now I can dial in 90 degrees in the attributes, and the object rotates accordingly. But there's another issue! The interactivity is messed up, you have to drag the mouse a huge amount to reach only a fraction of a value. I've attached a sample file in case you want to see.
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Old 05 May 2013   #39
100.0 / (radtodeg 1)
= 1.74533

That's the weight for the layer.
the controller is just a bezier controller, but could also be a list controller itself for animation layers, the result of the controller goes to the bone or what ever control layer you put between. So the list controller on that bone or control layer has the low weight setting on him.

Attached a sample file, hope it helps.
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Old 05 May 2013   #40
Thanks for the sample Johan! I see your sample have the same problem as I have. The spinner works fine, but if I try and rotate the object itself, the weight factor scales down the interactivity down to a useless level. I can't think up a way to avoid this..
Old 05 May 2013   #41
You want to have a 2 way connection then? Sorry that wasn't clear to me.
I think it's possible but I need some time to think about it.
I'll get back to you on this

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Old 05 May 2013   #42
Yes, a two-way connection is what I'm searching for! I'll be thinking about this as well, I would love to find a solution that doesn't involve any wiring, expressions or script-controllers.
Old 05 May 2013   #43
A callback is the only thing I can think off, otherwise script controllers but I do understand you don't want them.

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Old 06 June 2013   #44
I just wanted to pop in here and apologize for the lack of updates. I've been on parental leave since April, and haven't been able to work much on the rig since then. In Norway we have three months of paid parental leave for dads. The little time I have left I have to concentrate on my short film and my next upcoming feature film (I'm directing both).

I'm almost done with a minor update, which will include saving and loading of rig presets, an uninstaller, and some simple post-rig skinning functionality. I have also done some work on the pro version (which I haven't mentioned yet, I think), making it easer to update the rigs/anim assets while keeping the animation intact. I hope to have this release out at the start of July - before I leave for the summer holidays.
Old 06 June 2013   #45
Originally Posted by SuperRune: In Norway we have three months of paid parental leave for dads.
BRB, just moving to Norway.
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