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Old 12 December 2012   #1
Max App Store

Autodesk needs something like this....would be so cool.
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John A. Martini

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Old 12 December 2012   #2
That would be excellent, nice mockup! I think in the same vein, they will also build in some cloud rendering stuff. No reason I shouldn't be able to just select "Render in Cloud" and it goes right to their server, then the frames come back to me somehow. I know some farms already give you this ability, but I can't imagine AD wouldn't want a piece of that, especially with all this GPU stuff happening.

These ideas are where I imagine AD taking the "Cloud" in the future, not streaming the app to you every time you open it. Apps local, features on the cloud to enhance.
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Old 12 December 2012   #3
Go on John, make it then
Maxscript Made Easy...
Old 12 December 2012   #4
Nice one John!
Old 12 December 2012   #5
No way. I wouldn't want them to run selling/licensing of plugins. Imagine the mess!

On the other hand, something like this for free plugins, scripts and even UI settings would be awesome, from an independent company of course - you're freelancing at a studio and set up max to work exactly like your max version at home with a few clicks. That would be actually exciting.
Old 12 December 2012   #6
For plugins if it could tap directing into it would fantastic!

And Scriptspot.... but scripts are so messy with where they install to, how they are packed etc....
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Old 12 December 2012   #7
Autodesk already has something like this

But as usual - the M&E side of Autodesk's business gets totally neglected
I think it would be a cool concept to have for maxscripts, 3d & texture assets, pflows ...
Of course if the succeed to manage this without the usual selfimplied chaos ...

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Old 12 December 2012   #8
Hey guys. Love the feedback.

I have good news.
Consider this now in production and expect to see something early next year.

I know autodesk may have something similar or something of the same nature, but just like every other AD product, they take very littler consumer feedback into actual account.

Be on the look out as I expect to get much feedback and drive from you guys.
I've got a team of people on this along my side.

Thanks guys.
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John A. Martini
Old 12 December 2012   #9
Sounds good

I actually have requested something like the following on both scriptspot and maxplugins (I admit it's a lot of work and they have enough work on their shoulders already), here's the idea:

- you create a profile on such a site (scriptspot has this already...)
- one you have a profile, you create 'sets' with an arbitrary name (an option exists on scripspot to have a list of favorites, but you can only have a limited number of scripts on your list, I think it's limited to 25, unfortunately)
- you include plugins or scripts to each 'set' - for example a set that contains scripts for rendering, another one with scripts for dynamic simulation, or a set where you have some stuff that you need for a certain job or freelance location. The system should not include the script files, instead it should 'link' to the latest version of the script you specify.
- the system now allows you to either download a set with all the scripts/plugins or directly install (how? I don't know...) to a max path chosen by the user.
- for plugins: before the download you specify the version of max and the bit flavor and you only download the files that you really need, again with an option to automatically installing of plugins.

I know it is a lot of work and would need some serious development, not only on the website and database side but also on the automatic installation stuff. Not to mention admin privileges, user failure etc.
I don't know if it's even something people would need, but having the possibility to define a set and download it in one go would already save a lot of time for the end user, for example when migrating to a new max version or a new PC.

There were some script install tools that would automatically install in the right location and create menus in max, and I think it's a great idea.

Sorry if the description is chaotic but I hope you get the idea.
Old 12 December 2012   #10
It would also be nice for something like that if it were to allow you to load up your plugins/scripts/settings on other computers, so like if you got a new system you could log in and it would allow you do an easy install of all the stuff you use, and it could tell you things like license information.
The Z-Axis
Old 12 December 2012   #11
Originally Posted by JokerMartini: I know autodesk may have something similar or something of the same nature, but just like every other AD product, they take very littler consumer feedback into actual account.
You mean like doing a survey of what 3rd party content users use/need? Not sure if it is related to the App Store stuff, but Ken in his new role did post a survey link on that topic here.

I can tell you right now from a Corporate America side of things you will see more support coming from a trusted and verified software vendor, rather than an unknown source. Even if all you are doing is providing links to free content if it requires logging in and tracking it won't fly here.

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Old 12 December 2012   #12
I do agree with you to a certain extent Eric, but look at it this way.

Foftware vendors start as unknown source vendors which build credibility over time by developing and releasing products. Everyone starts at the bottom of the totem pole.

Just look at the guys from Exocortex, they started with no one knowing who they were, and now they are changing the game entirely.
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John A. Martini
Old 12 December 2012   #13
I am not saying it is a bad thing. You just need to think who you really want to use it and how it needs to operate. Depending on the communication with the outside world it may be blocked by IT firewalls, etc. It shouldn't be an issue for the small-mid size shops where they typically roll their own IT, but for larger organizations it may hit some road blocks.

"The Evil Monkey hiding in your closet."
Old 12 December 2012   #14
I see what you are saying. That is very true. The upside to it, is that it will be able to run in any explorer as well as an app inside of the 3ds max. That should get around firewall stuff.
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John A. Martini
Old 12 December 2012   #15
I love the idea. go for it. I love app stores. Especially with user comments, ratings, and "people who bought this plugin also bought...".
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