Breast bounce and collision

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  08 August 2012
Breast bounce and collision

How to take this effect?

  08 August 2013
read in this thred:
this is not for 3dsmax, but can be helpfull

I have tried to do similar in Max, but it did not worked, maybe you'll be luckier. For now, searching a good method for animating breast preferably in real-time
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  08 August 2013
You could try Jiggle:

It is like the flex modifier but multithreaded.
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  08 August 2013
The Jiggle deformer is cool but I don't think you'll get good preservation of volume with it. Plus I don't know how it'll handle collisions.
What about Reactor soft bodies? They behave kind of like the picture you posted. I'm sure someone out there knows a good way to do this.
  08 August 2013
As I searched, most of people using different combinations of spring with other methods, but no one share those methods :(
I have tried to use default and script spring systems, but they all have a strange lag and jiggle/noise effect independently from settings and this is annoying. Seconf thing - if you turn on gravity in spring controller, breast will fall a little bit down and it is enrage me.
Every other methods with gravity using or without it, where real physics is calculated, are deforming breast mesh, because it doesn't have an uniform topology.
Sorry for my english... -_-'''
  08 August 2013
I've been messing around with this because I thought it would be a good challenge and I'm sharing your frustration. I can't seem to find anything that works as nice as that setup pictured in Maya. Everything is buggy and unreliable.

I was getting ok results with cloth by pressurizing the cloth mesh, but then suddenly Max just stops respecting the pressure settings and there's no way to get them back except by deleting the cloth and starting over. I don't know if it's a bug or what. I posted about it in the forum but got no responses yet, so who knows.

Springs are slow and are hard to limit.

Flex is also slow and I couldn't figure out how to get it to collide with other soft bodies, only deflectors. It also doesn't preserve volume/squash-and-stretch as nice as the Maya example.

Reactor soft bodies were by far the easiest to work with and gave nice collisions but you can only attach them to other objects by vertex instead of by object center (unless I'm missing something), plus I don't know if Reactor is even available past 2011.

All in all a very aggravating experiment for what they're saying is a 5 minute setup in Maya.

I've read that people do cool soft body stuff with Particle Flow that might work but I don't have it and wouldn't even know where to start...

Also, it's important to note that I have no idea what I'm doing so that probably has something to do with it.
  08 August 2013
This might not be as useful, but there is a CATmuscle method that you could use.
It more or less seems to preserve volume and you can set up collisions for it as well.
This is from an Eat3D tutorial from a while ago.
If its for bouncing and colliding breast, might be just the thing you need.
I could be completely wrong, but I still thing that a measure of good rigging might be the answer.
Place bones in the breasts and give them deformations or maybe even morph targets.
Just spinning here, but I must say that one of the main reasons I love Max is that there is always several ways to get to a solution.
Maybe the solution turns out to be an extremely simple one.
See if you can find a CAT muscle tutorial and rig a volume inside the breasts, I don't believe it's necessary for you mesh to do all the work
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  08 August 2013
Wow, I had no idea how good Maya users have it. Look at this video of the Collision Deformer:

Apply some kind of jiggle on top and rigging breasts, bellies, fat cheeks, and all kinds of other stuff where you want nice real-time volume preserving collisions and deformations looks like a piece of cake. Does Max have anything like this? I'm guessing the answer is 'no', as usual. I hope I'm wrong.
  08 August 2013
Object deform

Go here

and do search for "object deform" by Peter Watje.

Not perfectly suited to what you want, and a bit flakey, but worth a play.

  08 August 2013
Originally Posted by timothyc: Go here

and do search for "object deform" by Peter Watje.

Not perfectly suited to what you want, and a bit flakey, but worth a play.


First of all, I love your profile picture. Those are my all-time favorite movies

Second, thanks for the link. I tried out the plugin and it's kind of the right idea with a couple of exceptions:

The biggest difference is that Watje's plugin as far as I can tell is only a one-way deformation where the Maya muscle objects deform each other. That's huge. It makes all kinds of soft body collision illusions possible.

The other big difference is volume preservation. To get a good skin "squish" effect the skin around the collision should bulge out rather than just dent or flatten. In that video I posted you can see all the different values in Maya Muscle you can set to fine tune volume preservation. It looks easy to do and the results are awesome.

You could probably fake the effect with a Volume Select and then a Push modifier in Max but it's kind of a hokey workaround and you still wouldn't have the control that Maya Muscle gives you. Plus I don't think the objects would deform each other without causing a circular dependency.

Anyway, Watje's plugin is pretty rad considering it was written 12 years ago. However, It's getting very frustrating how far behind Max is lagging on the rigging/animation front. Max is perfectly capable of the functionality if Autodesk would just bother paying any attention to it.
  08 August 2013
Yes, all too true. Back in the day (about as old as that Peter Watje plugin) there was a commercial plugin that did soft bodies just the way you're wanting, called Hypermatter (but let's not re-litigate the business fiasco that turned into...)

  08 August 2013
I'd never heard of HyperMatter so I looked it up. Man... it looks awesome, even by today's standards. Seemed so promising, I wonder what killed it?

I wish it could be recompiled for modern versions of Max, haha. A plugin from 1998 and it looks easier to use and more powerful for dynamics animation than anything shipping with Max almost 16 years later. What gives?
  08 August 2013
I vaguely remember they wanted too much money for it and it got killed off/dropped - I may be wrong though.

Have you had a look at Bonespro?

There is a bone jiggle deformer which might work for you - think there's a trial on there.
  08 August 2013
Dear god, Max could do this 15 years ago???... All these years we could've had such a powerful softbody system and still we don't??... these are the kind of things that the recent revolt is all about, this should've been integrated into Max right there and right then...

Anyways, you can get good results with the current state of mCloth, as far as collision deformation and jiggling goes(through using the Balloon behavior effect), the problem is that currently the soft body only collides with rigid bodies, so you can't get that effect in the OP, but I've heard they've implemented collision between soft bodies in the latest implementation of Physx(correct me if I'm wrong).
  08 August 2013

I'm also looking for boobs collision. For boob's simple dynamics I'm using Flex modifier it gives pretty good result (IMO) but Flex doesn't have collision.
I created request for soft body dynamics, please vote if you want in too.
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