Tea and Cookies with Houdini training

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Old 05 May 2014   #1
Tea and Cookies with Houdini training

Hello Everyone,

This is my first solo 2 part commercial training in Houdini.


The training is mainly targeted towards beginners.

The aim of this commercial training is to take you through the process of creating the "Tea and Cookies" image, all the way from modeling to render and even the final color grading entirely in Houdini from scratch. This should help you gain a better perspective towards using Houdini as your primary tool for creating 3d content.

The training will take you through various aspects of Houdini including, Polygonal Modeling, Procedural modeling, Dynamics, Shader Building, Lighting, Rendering and Color Grading.

Part 1 deals with modeling of the content
Part 2 deals with lights, materials , rendering and color correction in Houdini COPS

Given below in the link to the training. Head on over to the website go through the descriptions of the lessons and see if it is something that will be helpful to you.

Duration - 6 hours total
No. of videos - 19
Houdini files are included.


link for my free training

Rohan Dalvi
Old 05 May 2014   #2
Cool stuff buddy!!!...Keep it up..
Old 05 May 2014   #3
thanks for sharing
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Old 05 May 2014   #4
I'm not actively using Houdini, but your website presentation and teaser video is very well done. I may have to grab myself a copy, just because.
The Pirate
Duplicator Series
Old 05 May 2014   #5
Wow, this looks great. On a side note I am hungry right now, and the cookies look good enough to make my stomach grumble, no joke.
Old 05 May 2014   #6
I got it yesterday. Very nice and so far. My insanely tightwad budget loosened for this tutorial to get a better handle on lighting, materials and compositing in Houdini, especially from the point of view of another Max user.
Old 05 May 2014   #7
This looks great... I want it, but there is no payment by Paypal, and Norton Internet Security advises me not to enter credit card details on that site.....Doh!
Old 05 May 2014   #8
Oo, that's a good point.

I'm inspired to provide tutorials in a similar fashion to how you do it, Rohan, so I'd be interested in hearing about your thoughts on solving payment issues like these. Is PayPal an option to you? What else have you considered?
The Pirate
Duplicator Series
Old 05 May 2014   #9

Firstly thanks for the compliments. I wanted to teach from a 3dsmax point of view since that was my primary software and it's easier for people coming from another software to relate. 3dsmax is fairly common, I guess most people have used it at some point or the other in their career.

Secondly, I couldn't use paypal, because the Indian govt has put certain restrictions on paypal in India, which is why I only used the credit card option. I am still trying to figure a way around it. But for now it's only credit cards.

As far as security is concerned, I am selling through gumroad.com. They are a fully secure site. On my site you get a Popup window which is actually connecting to gumroad. However you can also buy it directly from gumroad.


Also gumroad doesn't support paypal only credit card.

Thirdly, to marcuso, I Use Gumroad for selling, they are very easy and nice. You can upload multiple videos into a single product. You can also keep them for streaming only, which will stream from gumroad. So you dont have to worry about storing your videos. Also you can upload upto 5gb in every product.

But as I said they only take credit cards.

If you want the paypal option you can try SELLFY. The support paypal , but you can only upload one file into a product. So put all your videos into a zip. Also no streaming option.

So in my opinion Gumroad is the best option.

I hope that helps.

Also as a slightly shameless bit of publicity, I had created a video for CMIVFX last year for Houdini , you can take a look at that too. But that's an intermediate level video.


Rohan Dalvi
Old 05 May 2014   #10
I had considered Gumroad, thanks for letting me know it actually works. Will head in for a closer look.

Unfortunate about PayPal, I can imagine payment being one of the major obstacles in transferring money from customer to salesmen via a website that isn't generally well known. Good thing Gumroad provides this functionality too.

Have you considered http://www.cgcircuit.com/ ?
The Pirate
Duplicator Series
Old 05 May 2014   #11
Hi Marcuso,

I had never heard of gumroad before this. A friend of mine suggested it and I decided to give it a try. One of the thing I liked is that they only take 5% on every transaction. Which is very reasonable.

Some of the other take a lot more.

Also you can change a product or add to a product even after it goes live. Which is nice.

On another note, do you work at Meindbender Animation Studio. I have seen their/your work , it's fantastic. Especially the animation and the clay look that you achieve, is amazing. What software do use for animation. I believe you use Maxwell for rendering, am I correct?

Old 05 May 2014   #12
Thanks, Rohan, that's really good to know.

About Meindbender, we're probably heading off topic. I'll PM you my contact details if you're interested in talking more about it.
The Pirate
Duplicator Series
Old 05 May 2014   #13
What a great way to make a technical instruction friendly: tea and cookies, master stroke
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Old 05 May 2014   #14
The Houdini with Mograph video also looks very useful! One point of hesitation for me with most of the Houdini tutorials that I'm finding on line is that they very rarely show what version of the software the tutorial was made with. Should I assume that Houdini hasn't made any changes to it's software in the past many years and that the videos posted on these sites are all still relevant? Or, as I suspect, are the dates withheld to sell more outdated videos?
Old 05 May 2014   #15
Thanks for all the wonderful compliments everyone.

As far as Houdini training and version numbers are concerned. Older tuts can always be adapted to newer version. As with any other softwares. The tool names don't change only newer tools get added. Like I could use a Photoshop 7 tut in Photoshop CC.

As far as development is concerned. Houdini has been developing at a very good pace. And it's also very stable because of the daily builds. and it's free for learning. Just download the Apprentice version from their site.

A bit of the Houdini development history.

Version 9 was the big interface change and they also introduced fire, smoke and fluids. and a new render engine.
Version 12 was the next major update. They changed the entire internal core. It improved speeds across the board.

My render time for file in H11 was 18 mins which came down to 7 mins in H12. Displacement calculation time dropped by 50%. It further came down to 5.30 in H12.5. Which is now renders in 4 mins in H13.

H12.5 was a shocker considering how much they put in a .5 release
link given below

Heck 3dsmax, hasn't put in those many features in 3 version combined. I was a 3dsmax user and that's why I left. Lack of development.

Sorry if I sound like a fan boy.

So coming back to the question of tuts and versions, unless specified you can adapt any tut to any version of Houdini.

In my case, I recommend H13. I have mentioned this on my website, There are some tools that I am using that only got added in H12.5.

I hope that helps.

Another free houdini tut I had done for 3dtotal. It's text not video. Rendering in 3dsmax and vray. Entire modeling in Houdini.


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