"Stalingrad" VFX breakdowns

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Old 12 December 2013   #1
"Stalingrad" VFX breakdowns

Nice breakdown here, not to mention the fx being quite impressive...

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Old 12 December 2013   #2
Some truly fantastic stuff in there.
Old 12 December 2013   #3
Very extensive use of Houdini for everything but modeling and texturing. Great reel for SideFX!
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Really amazing!
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Wow, truly stunning work! But I have to point out that there's no way that Heinkle (or whatever it is) would remain so intact after an impact like that. But that's nit-picking. ;-) Excellent job!

Old 12 December 2013   #6
Very impressive work, dramatic license and all.
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Old 12 December 2013   #7
I love it! Very nice shots in there.
Old 12 December 2013   #8
That is so incredible and realistic.
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Old 12 December 2013   #9
Beautiful shots. Great aesthetics in the simulations and camera moves.
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Amazing work!

Old 12 December 2013   #11
speechless.... that is just amazing. I got a little jealous :P
Old 12 December 2013   #12
simply stunning vfx work and an absolutely great way to showcase the amount of effort that goes into creating such effects.

One one issue with so many blue screen comping though is that there's always a fuzzy edge to every single edge, will there ever be a point where we're going to get edges that appear as sharp as they should in focus, or is that something that can only be achieved by shooting in 8k and downsizing after roto?
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Old 12 December 2013   #13
Originally Posted by JoshBowman: One one issue with so many blue screen comping though is that there's always a fuzzy edge to every single edge, will there ever be a point where we're going to get edges that appear as sharp as they should in focus, or is that something that can only be achieved by shooting in 8k and downsizing after roto?

Shooting 8k? That would be fun...

You can get good edges out of most cameras it just usually requires a lot of light. Green is often a little better for digital shoots (more green photo-sites in most cameras) but even with blue you can get them. And resolution can help but then I think pulling chroma keys on an Alexa is often easier than Red - really depends on a lot of circumstances.

Looking at the breakdowns in this (take the tank shell through the window shot as an example) the screens are often under lit and lose hanging with folds. Many reasons why this could be the case, for this shot they might have been worried about spill and also space limitations - throw a lot of light on that screen and your actors would begin to look unnaturally lit. Or it could have just been time and equipment problems. Hell maybe they just didn't have the right lights that day.

But yes, you can get great edges from chroma keying but doing so is part of the general on-set vs. post compromise.
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Old 12 December 2013   #14
Good FX but that Heinkel scene would have almost killed the film for me.
Old 12 December 2013   #15
I seen the film on DVD last night. I had high expectations this would be a Russian "Private Ryan" or "Schindlers List", but it isn't in my opinion. I'm no expert on reviewing movies, but here is my two cents worth:

What I liked was the VFX was superb and probably the best part of the film. The fighting scenes were very well done too. The German uniforms were nice and dirty, ie they looked realistic for the scenario unlike the usual shiny brand new ones we usually see in movies. The destruction of the buildings was very good, the wear and tear on the weapons to me looked realistic. Basically, all the props including CG assets are exceptionally good with proper attention to details. One scene shows a tank officer in a SS uniform being briefed by the German Captain, and the tank man looked like a giant! I think the humanizing of the enemy (the Germans) is an unusual touch and probably helps show the issues faced by both sides.

What I didn't like was that after the initial opening scenes, what promised to be a movie set on a city wide scale of epic proportions turned into one localized in a square. Actually it was set in two buildings. The six Russian main characters are all fixated by a 15 year old girl who doesn't want to leave her home. Likewise the German main character is obsessed by a Russian woman who looks like his wife who was killed by bombings back in Germany. If the movie is supposed to be a love story, I wasn't too impressed.
There is an occasional brief view of the city from the air, teasing me into thinking I would be seeing a wide-scale battle, but it never happens. All the action is local to the square.

Another annoyance not related to the movie itself is the English subtitles (the movie is in German and Russian language) are bad quality, I mean really gibberish at times. Think of cheap product assembly instructions badly translated from Chinese into English and you get the idea).

The bottom line for me is this is a mediocre movie, made to look better by some exceptionally good VFX. Without the VFX, the rest is barely passable.
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