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  11 November 2013
All New CGPortfolio

You may have already stumbled upon something very exciting that we’ve been working on… our completely redesigned and rejuvenated CGPortfolio!

After much thought and many development hours, CGPortfolio now offers greatly improved tools for artists, easy browsing, easier upload (drag and drop), simplified portfolio management options, fully responsive format, and more. The new system also uses Verold's 3D tools, adding a whole new dimension to browsing and collaborating with 3D models and scenes.

The next stage is coming soon and will see a new front page and a gallery page that will show art in specific collections that can be manually or automatically updated. There will be seamless integration of CGSociety's Forums (the largest CG forum on the web). The new gallery pages will run in tandem with the existing galleries on the forums with comments and critique being dynamically mirrored across the respective pages. There will also be a fully functioning “Follow Me” feature, which will build up your fanbase.

Have an existing CGPortfolio? You need do nothing, as all existing CGPortfolios will automatically change to the new system. Best of all, it is still completely FREE!

This is the best time to update your portfolio, because there will be a lot of traffic coming your way, and we will be having some very cool competitions!

This is much more than just a fresh coat of paint, or just a cosmetic nip and tuck. CGSociety have gone right back to basics and rebuilt our portfolio system from the foundation up. The giant has awakened, and it is one good looking beast. With the new CGPortfolio, CGSociety is once again the place to be seen!

Check it out here.

Once you have taken a look we would really appreciate your private feedback in a short survey form you will find here.
Andrew Plumer
Supportive bystander

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  11 November 2013

I really like what you've started to do with this. I have a few problems that I have submitted via the private survey but the main one is that there is no (obvious) way to just browse the work, be it via categories or by date. I think that would be a big help.


  11 November 2013
Congrats on redesigned portfolio, it looks much better than the old one, very modern. Is there any chance we can update existing images with something of higher resolution, I know there was a limit before of 1600px, it would be cool to have at least 2560 horizontal res?

Another thing, even if I am subscriber/member to CGSociety I am getting these annoying adds on the portfolio and they are very intrusive, it's hard to focus on portfolio with these adds there. Any chance of removing these or using them somewhere else?
  11 November 2013
I like it. A couple of things. My hits went from about 60,000 to over 100,000 in one day? Also I pay you guys an annual fee. Why is there an ad right next to my art? Is it going to be a free website now?
  11 November 2013
@rownd @InTerceptoV Thanks for your feedback, we will fix the ads so cgconnect members continue to get ad-free portfolios, sorry about that. the ads will disappear shortly.

also @rownd, on the old portfolio we only showed views to your main portfolio page, we have combined that number with the views to individual projects.
  11 November 2013
Great update, thanks for the hard work! I'm very impressed by loading and display speed, makes it fun again to visit portfolio pages.

A couple of things I've already mentioned in the support section here or requested in the last years every time there was a discussion about a redesign:

- screen real estate is important and the upper 40% of the screen is just wasted imho. Since cgportfolio is about browsing art, you could certainly make the avatar and the info stats a lot smaller, they are less important than the artwork that people want to see in the end.

- info stats, especially the '0 cg badges' bit > this is the case for 99,9% of people here. Why not just get rid of this info for those who actually have no badges and only make it visible for those who do have any? In the end, displaying this info is really secondary for most artists. You could also add an option to hide them all together.

- Ads: I have stopped paying for my account here once I found out that portfolio always came with ads. I'd certainly consider getting into a membership again if you get viewing portfolios ad-free. BUT: not only for me as a a member but for all viewers visiting my portfolio. Because that's what I want, to keep MY portfolio ad-free as well. This is my POV but I think it's the way most people here think about it.

- Please give us a way to organize our artwork. This has been requested ever since and we had a way to at least define the sorting order with the old system. Now, we're only able to sort by name or date, while most of us do care in which order the images are shown.

- Please give us customizable categories, it's so useful to be able to sort projects into 'commercial', 'personal', 'tests', '2D', '3D' or anything else that we think suits.

- I'd love to see a way to browse through an artist's portfolio without going forth and back between his main page and his projects. Right now it takes a lot of clicks and scrolling, it's not really intuitive or straight forward.

- I'd like to be able to click on an image and having it open up in a new tab/window, centered and on a dark grey (or black) background. This has been missing in the old portfolio already.

- Finally a way to search and browse through portfolios by keywords. Currently a search returns a text page with links from portfolios and forum threads. It would be a lot better to display the actual artworks so searching allows to find what you're after. Searching in cgportfolio has been totally unusable with the old system and should really be improved with the new one. Why having a search field at all if it's not displaying artwork?

Sorry to be a pain... I just think the current design is lacking some fundamental functionalities artists need. I have been requesting those features for a long long time already and with the relaunch it seems like the best time to ask for them again.

Thanks for listening and keep up the good work!!
  11 November 2013
There's a bug for the website link.
When clicking the website link next to your name it takes you to http// instead of http://, effectively going nowhere.

Great improvement btw, not only in interface but in overall speed.
Great job!
  11 November 2013
Thumbs up

Impressive improvements, thank you.
  11 November 2013
great update !, the good job button is a very nice addition, it gives an option for people like me who don't speak english as they first language but want to express our admiration .
  11 November 2013
Definitely a step in the right direction, especially with the uploading process being alot more streamlined, image size being increased and video/verold linking is wonderful. But as with most new things there are definitely bugs and room for improvement.

A huge one was my friend being able to edit my About section without actually being logged in as me. That was nice.

Also, having the ads in line with my artwork is simply unprofessional (and ugly), regardless of whether I am a paying CGS member or not. Especially considering the content of some of the ads. I don't mind ads in my portfolio, but place them away from my artwork, even up in my banner area is fine.

Finally, shouldn't the focus of a portfolio be the actual artwork, and not how many views I have, etc? Considering that you only allow avatars up to 100x100 px, why would you have the avatar in the portfolio way bigger? It just turns into a blurry pixelated mess.

Will be filling out a survey form shortly.

Kudos for all the hard work.
Art Station - Tumblr
  11 November 2013
Alright, so currently, when I click on the New Project button, I am taken to my public profile as seen by someone else (ie, not being able to see my private projects), though I am still logged in. However, navigating to my about page then shows me my personal page again (ie with the option to see private projects).

Also, I had no clue that each image created a thread in the Latest Work forum. I like it, but I had no clue. Is this mentioned somewhere during the upload process?

Edit: Also the 'Share this portfolio' string disappears when changing the width of the browser. I mention this because I had actually made a point of not knowing what those buttons did while I was writing up my survey.
Art Station - Tumblr
  11 November 2013
we are looking into the issue with other users being able to edit your portfolio. my best guess is that the hyphen in you username is causing some unexpected problems . I'll let you know when it is completely fixed.

Thanks for your feedback
  11 November 2013
Awesome! Thanks for the feedback.
Art Station - Tumblr
  11 November 2013
Loving the new interface and the project methodology. This is exactly how I work.

1. Whether logged in or logged out, the About page displays our usernames. I checked on more than one portfolio. MAJOR security problem, fix this first!

2. Relates to the above, our landing page is ""... that's not going to be a simple fix as it will take some redesign but it really should be something different. I know it's been like that all along but for some reason I only just thought about it being that way.

3. When I click on the Portfolio section from the forum the top banner resets to "Register/Login". I thought it was not logged in but testing showed I still was it was just displaying the wrong interface. Now when I entered the Portfolio section from any other section besides the forums it did not do that.

4. The "Update Your Portfolio" button shows a link to "".

Edit: Thanks for the PM response castles.
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  11 November 2013
Thank Pokoy

Hi Pokoy (and everyone).

Thanks for all your feedback and questions.

Let me see if I can address some of your thoughts and questions:

- screen real estate: we'll have a think about this. It would be quite a change from the current design, but I agree in principle that the site is all about the art.

-info stats: We'll work on a patch to hide the cg badges if the count is zero. That makes complete sense.

-Ads: We're pushing a commit (hopefully today) that will hide the ads on a CGConnect members pages for ALL visitors.

-Organizing artwork: We'll get this feature once we've bedded down the bugs. You do need to be able to organize your art easily!

-Customizable Categories: Are you talking about having other tabs along the top beside the 'Projects' and 'About' page links? We've got a tagging system in place already, and the plan is to turn the tags into links to show all similarly tagged projects.

-browsing an artist's portfolio: Usually right click and open in a new tab the the projects I'm interested in looking at further. Do you have any suggestions?

-clicking on an image to have it open in a new tab/window: Does right clicking satisfy this? We will also be working on a feature that opens an image full screen.

-Searching and browsing by keywords: this is coming.

Thanks so much for your feedback. Please keep it coming.

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