autodesk to start new business model in october

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  08 August 2013
Originally Posted by DuttyFoot: Houdini rental is 995 a month
Houdini fx rental is 2195 a month

This is completely different business model - not directly comparable with Adobe or potential Adsk move. SESI's rental was available for decade as an option for facilities in rapid need. Interestingly, it used to be that 75% of this money could accumulate for permanent license, if at the end of the year you have decided to buy Houdini. So you were practically buying software with installment plan.

Still have to wait for SESI's move in respect to Adsk plans.
  08 August 2013,24010.html

$50 p/m.

No scripting?

25k limit on export?

  08 August 2013
They do remember they did similar with GMax don't they?
  08 August 2013
Originally Posted by Steve Green: They do remember they did similar with GMax don't they?

XSi Mod Tool too, right? Although I never used that so I don't know what the limitations were. I remember it being significantly cheaper than $50 a month though. Like, $50 cheaper.
  08 August 2013
Interesting to see the pricing they're thinking of though - means you're probably looking at $200-$300/month for a full app of Maya or Max.

They don't have a great record of cut-down versions, certainly on the Max side, there's been Viz, GMax, Plasma - all failed, or bodged into an artificial split with Max/Design that aren't substantially different.
  08 August 2013
I remember years ago when 3DS was being pushed as the primary application for game asset creation. Now they're favouring Maya? Their direction seems a bit confusing.
  08 August 2013
Question is..

Is it a true rental where you can just rent Maya or something for 1 month for $200 or do you have to sign some 6-12month term...
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  08 August 2013
if im not mistaken gmax was free and we saw what eventually happened to it. softimage had mod tool which i think eventually got canned after ad took over softimage. lets not forget maya complete while we are at it. maya complete cost $2000 at the time and then was discontinued. life is really one huge cycle
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  08 August 2013
Yep, GMax was free, Plasma was a cut-down commercial version of Max.

Neither seemed to last that long. I seem to remember that the problem with GMax and Viz (not sure about Plasma) is that they never kept step with the main Max release.

It will be interesting to see if they can make a success of it or not, although it's more ammo for the Max and SI users claiming that Autodesk is playing favourites with Maya.
  08 August 2013
It does make you wonder if maybe Autodesk is just going to coast on the popularity of Max for as long as they can and push everyone to Maya. I guess once enough people have stopped using it they might drop it and have Maya as their main 3D program so that they don't have to develop 3 programs or work on making something new. Considering that the best things that Max is good at (FX, games development) are now being pushed to Maya.
The Z-Axis
  08 August 2013
One industry seemingly reluctant to shift, though (and for good reason in some respects) is the architecture/viz industry. Max is by far the most popular package in architectural viz, largely because of the array of plugins and model libraries compatible. Of course, all of that could be ported to Maya, but not until there's adequate demand.

There's also the issue of working to scale and real world units, along with CAD handling, which, out of the box, Max is much better at.

I personally favour a shift towards a Maya consolidation, but I can't really see it happening for a long while.
  08 August 2013
Originally Posted by DuttyFoot: if im not mistaken gmax was free and we saw what eventually happened to it. softimage had mod tool which i think eventually got canned after ad took over softimage. lets not forget maya complete while we are at it. maya complete cost $2000 at the time and then was discontinued. life is really one huge cycle

I don't understand this "Maya Complete" comment. It was a license configuration that was available for 10 years, not a separate scaled down product. Other products have or gave had multiple license price points, like houdini (Standard, FX), softimage (Essential, Advanced), etc. Maya Complete was 7,500$ in 2000. The other products in your list were all separate products that were crippled in the core functionality some way, for example polygon count, not the full product running on a different license to turn off some modules in the app.
  08 August 2013
My completely unqualified prediction:

Max will not get canned. It's too big and has too many users. It also serves a market that has no strong alternatives (CAD visualization). It will also not receive much further development investment. The CAD market will continue to use it as they always have and all future development will cater mostly to that.

Softimage is on life support. If any one of them is to be canned it will be Softimage. Which is a shame. It's user base remains small, and, perhaps BECAUSE of Autodesk's handling of it, hasn't really been able to significantly grow it's user base.

Maya is the new Autodesk M&E darling. It has strong momentum in film and games. It also has a solid architecture for future expansion and runs on all platforms. Autodesk is investing heavily into Maya, likely at the expense of the other apps, as is evidenced by the exodus of the Softimage ICE team over to Maya. If you are in games or film and are using Max or Softimage, you will continue to be frustrated until you move to Maya... which may not help with your frustration.

You could drop Autodesk altogether, but that's a whole nuther thread.

Total anecdotal evidence here. I have no numbers to back these baseless claims up. Just spewing thoughts because, you know, message boards.
Chad Gleason
Creative Director
Outpost 12 Studios
  08 August 2013
I pretty much agree with that.

It also makes the argument for subscription on apps that are just being given lip-service pretty weak.

I asked at the recent user meeting in London about whether subscription revenue went into a big pot, or went to their respective apps (broadly).

I didn't get an answer.

It would make no sense to keep giving Autodesk money for an app, when that money is diverted to another app that you have no interest in.
  08 August 2013
Maya is quite well positioned to be the only big player in the games space. Autodesk have been actively catering to the game devs big and small and I applaud them for it. It is the biggest entertainment industry yet it is a industry others pretend don't exist. One exception is Side FX who also actively catering to the games space with Houdini and Houdini engine support for Unity and other engines and the things you can do with those look simply amazing.

I wish instead of restricting the software to the point of being useless, they limited the license instead. They could have made it so you can only buy the new Maya LT license if you are a indie dev with less then 3-4 workers in your company and if you have < x revenue.
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