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  08 August 2013
Originally Posted by Mic_Ma: I was under the impression Pixomondo only uses unpaid interns.

With unpaid professionals you can achieve better quality without loosing money.
  08 August 2013
Originally Posted by pokoy: My comment was referring to why those artists wanted to remain anonymous.

Which makes no sense for me... why should i hide my ass if they don´t pay me? No company at all would judge an artist which hasn´t been paid and went to puplic with that fact.
  08 August 2013
the sadest thing about this whole pixomondo story is:

this is running now for months (or better years) and there are still people who work there or starting to work
  08 August 2013

I am not freelancer of Pixomondo, but a freelancer for my Projects was by Pixmondo and he wait over 3 Month of the money. Two judgments of inputs are already at Pixomondo, but who can not pay. The Problem is, if Pixomondo go insolvency is the chance of your money very small. First will the goverment the tax, than the Dealer of Pximondo the money, than the workers, than ... and at last the freelancer. Pixomondo is a big Ballon that burst.

I hope Pixomondo have a real chance in the future, they was a Figurehead for germany and the Jobs was great.

hot chip
  08 August 2013
Originally Posted by AJ: They requested that they remain anonymous out of fear that coming forward would damage opportunities in the visual-effects industry."

Well I certainly understand that, be it for avoiding the possible damage of not getting paid by Pixomondo at all if they reveal their ID.
  08 August 2013
Sadly, Students will get all the jobs they can, so they will fall into the pixo trap again.
I consider myself a pro in the industry (scanline, weta, blizzard) and never had any issues with them but stupid enough i also got trapped but i don't care about being anonymus as i wanted to get the word out for others to be really carefull if you work for them.
I have contracted a money collection agency now which will also rate down their creditworthiness in case they still don't pay.
  08 August 2013
The mentioned number of 20 is the understatement of the century, so is the "3 months".

  08 August 2013
I am one of the many unpaid people who are waiting for their money. I have been waiting for almost 5 months now, and according to one of the many assistants I have talked to, they have people who they owe money to for an even longer period of time than me.

Whenever your calling them for an update, all they tell you is that the money will come next week or in this month. Then when you call them the next week or month, they say the same thing again, and so it repeats.

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  08 August 2013
Sorry... uff deutsch....

Nimmt euch alle den selben Anwalt und macht eine Sammelklage. Die Summe ist nun viel höher und Pixomondo erhält ganz anderen druck. Wenn das nicht hilft, kann man immer noch "Geldeintreiber" besorgen oder die Schulden von Pixomondo an ein Inkasso Unternehmen übertragen, dann können die sich damit rumärgern.

Takes you all the same lawyer and makes a class action. The sum is now much higher and Pixomondo receives very different pressure. If that does not help, you can still get "debt collector" or transfer the debt to a debt collection company of Pixomondo, which can then be annoyed around with it.

hot chip
  08 August 2013
That is what they keep telling me as well... "Next month they expect the money". But that goes on and on and nothing happens. Funny enough i was also waiting for money while still working for them and at that point i said "I stop working now if you don't pay me money"... the next week the money was there, but i don't have that opportunity anymore.

I do respect them as a company and like the people there but i also have to feed to young kids and a wife. They shouldn't have hired me in first place if they can't pay me.

"Inkasso" office is hired now (which will cost me money) . ;(
But i recommend everyone going this way as i fear Pixomondo might be running out of business soon if they keep delaying their payments.
  09 September 2013
really don't know why you guys wait for the money... it is so simple!
Give it to laywer which you instruct to give it straight to a "gerichtsvollzieher". Done!
From then on it is just a matter of time. This will cost you max 250 EUR.
  09 September 2013
It is not that simple. The way the company is structured internationally means that each Pixomondo location is of limited liability and only has the Name and the Director in common. That means in case the company goes insolvent (London) you can't sue anybody. Insolvency is dealt with by the taxpayers money in most countries - employees get bailed out up to a certain limit. Of course that limit will not match most people's salaries. And of course if the facility that owes you money is still in operation it is a different story.

I am also one of the people still waiting for payment for Oblivion, Star Trek and GOT3. So far only the UK taxpayer has covered some of our expenses. Thilo assured us that the money will be paid in the next month over 3 separate voluntary payments. We will see if this is true. So far he always expressed the intention to pay but had apparently cash flow issues. Of course this is all speculation and I don't really know the internal financials of Pixomondo.

Regardless of the above, legally the situation is pretty hopeless if your company is insolvent - the point of limited liability is that you don't expose yourself to great personal risk as a businessman.

I will not work for them ever again, but good luck to those that are or will do so in the future. I don't think trying to bring them down is helpful for people currently waiting for their money, but warning colleagues about their repeated payment issues is good advise.
"It was just a dream, Bender. There's no such thing as two!"
  09 September 2013
It's really shocking to read all these stories. I have one or two former colleagues who went on to work for them at some point in the last few years, and had no idea that things had gotten so bad.

I wish all of you the best of luck.
  09 September 2013
I'm also waiting for money. Evertime i call they tell me a new story. Next week i have a meeting with my lawyer.

Quote: "really don't know why you guys wait for the money... it is so simple!
Give it to laywer which you instruct to give it straight to a "gerichtsvollzieher". Done!
From then on it is just a matter of time. This will cost you max 250 EUR."

It's not that easy as mentioned above. But it's the only solution left right now. I also quit the gig because there was no payment. Sadly directly after i left, they called new artists who had no idea what's going on there...
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