'Charlie Brown' to Become Animated 3D Movie From Fox

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Old 07 July 2013   #1
'Charlie Brown' to Become Animated 3D Movie From Fox

Charlie Brown, the beloved comic-book character, will be coming to the bigscreen in a 3D animated version in 2015, 20th Century Fox announced at the CinemaCon movie convention in Las Vegas on Thursday.

The rights to the iconic comic book character have long been unavailable. Charles Schulz, who died in 2000, had always been reluctant to grant movie rights to his characters, and his family has zealously guarded his copyright.

"This will forever change the face of animation," Fox Chairman Jim Gianopulos quipped to the crowd of a few thousand exhibitors, as he unveiled a huge 3D image of Charlie Brown's familiar face -- the first image of the film that's being created by Blue Sky Studios, Fox's animation partner. "Prepare to have your minds blown."


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Old 07 July 2013   #2
Good grief!
Old 07 July 2013   #3
man...hollywood just keeps getting lazier every year. Why make something original when we can take something that already existed give it the ole 3d treatment and hope to make money off of it with a target audience that has no clue who these characters are....then we can make a sequel. :(
Sorry this stuff just gets tiring
Old 07 July 2013   #4
I thought this was old news? I thought the family was behind the project along with being a creative partner?

It will be really interesting to see the translation, the strip had a certain style that would seem tough to articulate in 3d.
Old 07 July 2013   #5
has there ever been a more boring cartoon series?
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Old 07 July 2013   #6
Let me guess....
George Clooney as Charlie
Tina Fey as Lucy
Johnny Depp as Linus
Justin Bieber as Schroeder

Are they going to be on Facebook and sexting each other? I don't see how anyone can see the dourness and cynicism of the original Peanuts fitting into today's world. Even the cartoons made after the early classics didn't capture it, and that was 40 years ago.

Old 07 July 2013   #7
This is visually interesting in a creepy sort of way.
Otherwise it seems like a boring choice that is kinda out of touch with today.

Like boy are they gonna have to change things to appeal to the kids of today.
AND THEN justify it to the Schulz family. Sounds like a black hole of production...
Old 07 July 2013   #8
Not looking forward to it...
Old 07 July 2013   #9
In contrast, I can't wait. Peanuts was always a favorite as a kid and also as an adult. They have a timeless quality. And all this trashing on 3D hybrid films is pointless. CG is here to stay.d t There's no other technology kicking dirt in it's face.
I for one greatly enjoyed the Chipmunk films from Fox. They were some of the most enjoyable films I've seen in more than a decade. Maybe 2. And how cool could Mrs. Frizby and the Rats of NIMH be if treated with just a little respect? Pretty cool, that's how. How about Chip and Dale? Wait, I think I have a bit of a talking rodent fixation going on.
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Old 07 July 2013   #10
My 2 cent is that there is nothing wrong to bring something to 3d. It just a 'next level' of 'turning it into a movie' of yesteryear.

There is nothing wrong with that, as a lot of stuff we have seen.

What wrong is when its not true to the spirit.

I love Tin Tin and I think the animation was done right, to the spirit of the comic. For example the tank scene, but it has the 'funny hectic' of the comic.

So I think it can be done (the 3d), it just that depending on the source material, it could be very easy or very hard to do. And also the result might not be what the majority expected.

I loved the book Where The Wild Things Are and I think the movie was awesome in an experience kind of way, philosophical kind of way.

But a lot of movie goer don't quite get it, and a lot of parents complained that it scared their kids and what not. Good things that critic agrees with it.

So what will happen with Peanut? Wait and see I guess....

On the other hand, I personally can't wait for Calvin and Hobbes '3D', or something like live action. With talking tiger, aliens, space flight and much much more, if done right it can be on the same level as Hugo.
Old 07 July 2013   #11
Originally Posted by doghat: And all this trashing on 3D hybrid films is pointless. CG is here to stay.d t There's no other technology kicking dirt in it's face.

Interesting how you use the word technology instead of style, which indeed sums up why I hate projects like this - all they care about is pushing the latest technology instead of actually considering the artistic merits of the decision.

I won't be watching this. The original Peanuts strip had charm that the 3D characters will never have.
Old 07 July 2013   #12
Ill probably sit this one out to. I really liked the cartoons when I was young, but I think Peanuts might be a little too down temp and bland for 3D. Plus, I don't think the shape of the characters will translate very well into 3D.

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Old 07 July 2013   #13
Peanuts live through their simple lines.
Old 07 July 2013   #14
And can we please have a Donald Duck feature! DFD is the fith most popular comic book character in the world, after Wolverine. It's his turn!
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Old 07 July 2013   #15
>Peanuts live through their simple lines.

More than that, I think they live through the heart and introspection of the person who wrote it. I think the people who makiing it are aware of what it's all about. I'm happy to give them a chance to make their movie.

As much as I appreciate cartoon animation (I am a 2-D guy), I don't thinik it's coming back anytime soon. I think Iron Giant was one of the last 2-D film that really worked, and there are probably more that didn't (treature plannet, Brother bear) Those films looked good, but I think they showed that the 2-D feature format isn't financially viable in a big budget movie anymore. Maybe an occasional film will be able to break out. I can't imagine the Winnie the Pooh movies being done any other way. CG certainly doesnt help if the storytelling goes the way of fart jokes and etc. But you can't blame the smurfs for looking bad.
Project Dogwaffle is the (Un) natural Paint Program! http://www.squirreldome.com/
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