Clarisse ifx available for trying

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  12 December 2012
Clarisse ifx available for trying

For those who were interested by clarisse Ifx , it is now available for download on their website !

more info on clarisse Ifx here

from FXGUIDE :

Quote: The renderer is their own global illumination Monte Carlo renderer – soon to be working with an irradiance cache (as the program is still in private beta). It is not a physically-based shader system, it is not approaching rendering from say the complete realism simulation of a Maxwell renderer, but it works hard to produce photorealism and most importantly it boasts speed via layer and image caches. If it does not need to fully re-render something it doesn’t, and the end target quality is an easily accessible variable.

It looks pretty cool ...

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  12 December 2012
I don't have time to play with this right now, but the demo video makes it look like a pretty powerful tool. Could be great in a VFX pipeline...

Good luck to IsoTropix with this!
  12 December 2012
What IsoTropix needs to do is make an indie/ freelancer license. Id love to buy it but since its just a glue app, and not as much of a creation app, I cant see the justification of purchasing it at the price its listed at.

But that said.. its super fast, and I love what I am seeing at version 1.0. its fast and stable ( so far ). Both properties I love to see in an application.
  12 December 2012
It looks like a smart scatter/render/comp engine.
Fresh air for sure. Waiting for the mac trial.
"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex & more violent..." Einstein
  12 December 2012
Clarisse looks like a great tool for certain types of work.

But man is the license price high...

I thought this would be a 500 - 1,500 Dollar software.

But Isotropix seem hellbent on selling this as a "High End" tool...

Reminds me of the old days when 3D apps were really expensive.
  12 December 2012
I'm impressed by the speed at which it renders, which is really amazing for a cpu renderer.
I also like the flexibility of the UI, although it would be great to be able to save custom desktops (I think it's already in the plans). The alembic support is very nice, I didn't have any issue loading some personal files. It still crashed a lot, just by opening the tutorial and example files I had two crashes.

Like the others, I'm quite interested, but a freelancer version would be welcome, as the price tag is still high...

edit :
They should really get their forum up and running quickly as right now it's quite impossible to share experiences with other users ...
  12 December 2012
This looks fantastic! but that price, holy smokes... $3000. Ouch! I wish they would do a version like houdini... a non-commercial 1080p resolution limited app!

I'll give it a try now that I got some family projects out of the way. 2013 is going to be a cool year for 3d, but not at that price point. Not with my skinny wallet!
  12 December 2012
Yes it's a fantastic software, I'm trying it now, but the price is too high for a hobbist like me.
  12 December 2012
Originally Posted by Polou: but the price is too high for a hobbist like me.

Clarisse looks like a typical case to me of smart people inventing something very promising, then becoming greedy too early, hoping to make big bucks just after launch, and overpricing the product badly as a result.

Many good products/inventions have failed because of this mistake over the decades.

Like 3D TVs for example. They priced the first models so high that few could afford them.

Now the market/demand for 3D capable TVs is seriously f+++ed up.

People don't care for 3D TVs much anymore and ignore SONY/LG/Panasonic/Samsung's best marketing attempts.

Good luck to Isotropix nevertheless... I may look into Clarisse if they drop the high-end pricing.

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  12 December 2012
I think it is more than just that (the price), there desperately needs to be some videos that showcase Clarisse's strong points and how it works (and not ones you have to buy from cmivfx). In these times where people are seriously down on Autodesk, there "may" be and opportunity for other companies but they have to do a great job of promoting it, this thread is like 6 replies, when modo came out it went on for pages and pages. Vimeo, youtube videos, they should be pushing it now, this announcement is barely a whisper on a handful of boards. To be frank, I would have a hard time investing in Clarisse, unless I had some confidence 1) its abilities 2) the strength of the company, are they capable of promoting and selling enough copies to maintain the product FAR into the future. I hope to see more.
  12 December 2012
I'd like to see that price come down too, but even more I'd like to see them integrate other renderers that allow users to use complex shaders they already have for renderers they already know like Vray RT, SprayTrace, Bunkspeed Pro. NUKE is finally on a really good track with this by directly supporting VRay rendering. I've been waiting for this kind of movement since before the intro of Avid DS.
  12 December 2012
Can't say the software clicked with me. It runs like crap on my computer too for some reason with noticeable lag when you move stuff on the viewport, even something simple as a cube. Good luck selling this at the price they are asking for it.
  12 December 2012
I imagine they got a lot of an excited flurry of interest from the first revelations, thought they were onto a winner and priced it thus.
The thing is that most artists probably assumed it was going to be about 800 max and were interested because of that. I was quite interested in taking a look but not at that price.

I feel it's a misjudgement on their part, and I wouldn't be surprised if a price drop will follow in a few months.
Over one hundred polygons
  12 December 2012
The engine looks to be very modern and optimized, my problem with new engine like clarisse is that , at this time they want to sell you a new workflow. Everybody has his own idea about the best way to work in CG, but if you compare many big to small facilities the workflow is always different. So i guess it means that flexibility and robustness must be the number one priority !

Thats why i guess tool like Renderman and Maya are so popular in movie bizz. Yes sure they are getting old, but the way they was devise make them extremely strong to evolve in a reliable way ( i would include maya ).

What i miss with clarisse is something like pixar has done with ProServer from one side and MTOR on the other side.

The technology behind clarisse looks very promissing, so why they don't write a clean scene description language + shading language + API. with all this accessible only in command line ? If you want to create your own integration you can ! And thus you look sexy to the big boys

Then on top of that they offer their own integration as an option for those who like it ...

They have been able to sell their core techno to the big guys at a high price like 2000$ and then to sell the all in one solution to individual artist at 1300$. And thus stay competitive with a new product .

But for the moment i agree with you guy even if the techno looks great, the marketting choice are not very clever at this time !



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  12 December 2012
It's a bit early to say if its overpriced or not as very few people really tested it so far.

Sure, cheaper is always better, especially for freelancers, and "early birds" adopters, but it's really unique in its kind.

Nuke (and even moreso NukeX) is more expensive and nobody seems to complain about it.

If you think this is a scene management / lookdev / renderer / compositor combo that can produce the final image bypassing the need for a compositor and multiple passes to begin with, you just saved a lot of setup and render time, asset management, a licence of AFX, Fusion or Nuke etc...

The main caveats is that being a full "workflow in a box" product, it's a bit all or nothing for you. If it fits your need, it's the silver bullet, but if you need an extra effect that isn't supported (yet), it's back to square one...

That's the danger of this integrated model. It's like an ipad : it's so easy to do so many things, but try and do something that apple didn't plan or wanted you to do, and you enter a world of nightmarish workarounds...

Seeing the list of currently supported nodes/effects, it's really a question of building your project around what's currently possible, and not the other way around.

Supporting Vray, renderman or mentalray would probably defeat the very purpose of the software as its mentality is to eliminate all the memory and translation bottlenecks at a global level.
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