Autodesk Maya 2015 and Max 2015 previews

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  03 March 2014
sums my thoughts up for the future...

bye bye 3ds max...
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"zero stones - zero crates"
  03 March 2014
LOL, "I know now why you cry."
  03 March 2014
does the left hand really not know what the right hand is doing?

You know what else really grinds my gears - the timing of this. An incomplete PDF that has a shoddy collection of about 30 worth of scripts, compared to Maya's apparent abundance of tools.

This is off the back of a shitty Soft Image announcement that has destroyed Autodesk's reputation amongst us artists.

But consider this - say this is like the XBOX One announcement - in that this release is universally hated, then a couple of months down the line it just turns out to be OK, but still not as good as Maya.

And say next near, with the new gang, things really are going to get better - and it is an amazing release for Max - that is still a year away, and in that year we are all going to be anxious about the future.

I personally think, given the last month that it would be foolish not to seriously make headway into another package like Maya - just like all SI users will be looking to move anywhere to Autodesk.

So assuming I spend my free time next this year learning Maya and then Max turns out to be golden again, I've invested a lot of time out of justifiable fear.

Even if Max is somehow steered back into safe waters - this release has been a shambles.

Blank pages, removals counted as features, the features we have are poorly described.

I feel it has damaged the Max team's reputation, and Autodesk's reputation, and is one more reason why new users should decide to consider going elsewhere.

I feel there will be a shallow bit of response from Adesk, with some complacency about "moving the ball forward" or whatever. But nah, when a sneak preview is this much of an own goal - even THAT says enough about what is going on behind the scenes.

A PDF with 90% blank space? yet the Maya team have dozens of videos already prepared? and the Max team doesn't even have fullscreen pictures - or videos of the new After Effects stuff?

Hire a f*cking intern or something to record some videos so your core usderbase doesn't shit themselves - especially after the Soft Image thing. Or does the left hand really not know what the right hand is doing?
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  03 March 2014
I think at the very least someone from Autodesk should post here to explain what's going on with this Max release. They took our subscription money, it's the least they can do.
  03 March 2014
Originally Posted by mynewcat: ... and the Max team doesn't even have fullscreen pictures - or videos of the new After Effects stuff?

It's in the tools for ninja section .
Or on youtube here:

If you want to see all 10 videos about max new features there are there on one single page (they are worth seeing):
  03 March 2014
I'm a 3ds Max fan and use the software daily. Sure, I am disappointed with the new feature set of Max 2015 when compared to Maya. What's more disappointing though is the completely terrible 'marketing' of 3ds max when compared to Maya. The .pdf was just horrible. It is very easy to read into a 'hidden message' here that Maya is the future of Media and Entertainment with Autodesk.

After the (terrible) way they have handled the Softimage EOL, Max/Maya early beta leaks and now these new 2015 software announcements, it really seems that they want people to see that 'hidden' message!
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  03 March 2014
Hello everyone,

First post here,but i couldn't contain myself. I'm a C4D user myself,and while I like Maya and in the past i have used 3DS i can't understand why,those of you who are dissapointed at Autodesk,don't part ways with them.I wanted to learn and use Maya for explosions and simulations(because C4D lacks in that department,even though we have TFD) but seeing how Autodesk behaves towards its customers i think i might go the Houdini way,even though it is much harded for a person like me with no technical knowledge.

Kind regards,
  03 March 2014
One of the big plus for small shops is that now you can work with Maya on a per month license schedule. When you never know if you gonna catch some project in the coming month or how many freelancer you will need it gives you great flexibility.

200$ to use a tool as complete as Maya is a very fair price IMO. To give some perspective, if you want to rent houdini for a month the price is 2195$. That's a clever move from AD, cause in those rough time when your visibility is often at 3 month Max, i find it match a needs of flexibility, especially when budget get lower and lower every year ...
  03 March 2014
Quote from the 'quad chamfer video':

"the addition of quad chamfer is a visible sign of Adesk's commitment to the future of 3ds Max"

Are these people having a laugh? What a load of utter horseshite! Yes, it was top of the user voice list, but it should have been a core feature years ago, and probably never would have if it hadn't been created as yet another 3rd party plugin out of necessity.

The layer manager has been modernised slightly after 10 years...Yay!!

Something or other has occurred with the undo/redo buttons. Who gives a shit. 99% of users have developed expert Ctrl+Z fingers....

There are now several different hues of colour in comment....

Populate still dosn't allow the use of custom characters.....surprise, surprise!

Activeshade plays with MR....well break out the champagne! Modo has had an amazing IR for years.

Extra stereo tools.....maybe I'll render something to watch on my beetamax player.

Shader FX & Point clouds....I'm sure will be useful to certain artists.

State Set improvements......not much of a stretch considering it's current 'state'

Viewport Performance enhancements....obviously welcomed, but par for the course, and expected.

What an awful disappointment, again. People are paying hand over fist, the majority are clearly unhappy with the direction of the software or Adesk's underhanded policies, yet nobody making decisions seems to give a shit about the 'user voice'. But let's not have another pointless bashing of a faceless, uncaring, greedy, capitalist machine, with about as much passion for advancing the frontiers of DCC software as a Sloth full of whiskey and valium has for entering a decathlon.
  03 March 2014
Originally Posted by ptkid: I think at the very least someone from Autodesk should post here to explain what's going on with this Max release. They took our subscription money, it's the least they can do.

Don't hold your breath.....there's more chance of the president of the world bank coming on to explain who's mattress the Earth's money is hidden under.
  03 March 2014
Don't think it's been mentioned, the max PDF has been updated, no empty pages anymore, more images, more text.

Did anyone save the initial version? Wanted to show it around but it's gone.
  03 March 2014
So glad I didn't keep my subscription going for Max this year especialy after seeing these release notes
  03 March 2014
OMG Release for Maya....

  03 March 2014
Well the relase for Maya despite what most are saying doesn't seem great to me. Maybe it just seems great in context of current usual lackluster releases.

They stopped standalone Naiad for 2 years to put a Bifrost, a crippled product. With no foam,no spray.
Even less if someone thought if it would be some sort of Softimage ICE, not even a fluid simulator is complete.

Voxel Skinning is the only thing that seems a good advancement for industry. The rest many other apps already had.
  03 March 2014
Holy hell that was an impressive demo. Just watched all the Maya 2015 vids. Wow.
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