Reusing rigging information for other characters?

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Old 11 November 2002   #31

Wow, that's very helpful of you Jason, thanks. Hm, I seem to have lost your email when I changed computers so drop me a line and I'll send something.
edit: sorry forgot to give you mine in case you lost it too:

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Old 11 November 2002   #32
Hi everyone, I just discovered this forum.

A coworker and I did a completely mel script based rig, The Joint Factory, for a feature film thats available for download at The current release is kinda old and needs to be updated for Maya 4.5; we got the latest version, which has been used inhouse for quite a while, coming out in a week or two.

Scripted setups is definitively the way to go if youre gonna deal with more than one or two characters. The way we wrote our rig, we also allow the animator to add setup functions locally in the animation file on a shot by shot basis, but we've found that this gets a bit too complicated when other studios we work with are using the rig, so for the next generation we're planning a totally different approach, where the whole rig will be built on the original model, but the animator then has tools to completely turn off or on certain functions (using a LOT of connectAttr/disconnectAttr stuff).

Another thing, if youre not really familiar with mel scripting, you may find it helpful to study some of the Joint Factory scripts, mainly the ones for arms, legs and spine, as theyre very simple with hardly any fancy programming tricks. I really didnt have a clue about scripting when I started on The Joint Factory, so the scripts only use the most basic commands possible (not even strings for node names, that just confused me too much at that time)
Old 11 November 2002   #33
That's the one I was talking about. JF is one of the few free plugins I've tried that worked better than I expected; usually it's the other way around. The documentation is also unusually good.
Old 11 November 2002   #34
Quote: Originally posted by jschleifer
Unfortunately, I don't have anything I can post right now.. if ya got a model you want me to rig up, tho, I'd be happy to show you on that!


Wow, very cool! Will the rest of us get to see some results from this collab?
Old 11 November 2002   #35
And if you gents want someone to animate it... *cough*cough*
Old 11 November 2002   #36
Hehe. This is turning into a heap of fun. I like.
Old 11 November 2002   #37
Wow, this thread is amazing, and on top of that it just came at the right time for me. I'm working on a project right now that has some relatively detailed characters to be built, rigged and skinned by yours truly... It's not my first character job in Maya, but this time I'm on my own - that is, I've been until I've found this thread.

Now I'm already helped a lot by the script listings and such, but I'm lame and will ask for more if it's possible. Since we are going to use mocap, most of the rigging will be hands and facial blend shapes (and there's no lyp-sinc involved, phew). The part I really fear is the skinning... On the previous job I resorted to a combination of smooth skin for the body and rigid skinned lattices for the limbs, it was fast to setup but haven't really looked good. A collegue was helping me out with painting the weights for the shoulders and pelvis, who's not here anymore.

So I'm a bit scared of this task and would jump around in the room like a happy monkey if I'd be able to get some help with this form you guys. I'm still doing the modeling for about 2-3 more weeks but I'll watch this place closely meanwhile ;)
Tamas Varga
Old 11 November 2002   #38
Hey everyone!

hopefully this weekend I'll get a few hours to start working with the model stephen sent over. I think what we'll probably end up doing is posting images of how the deformations work on the skin (the model isn't public, so can't be released), and discussing techniques for achieving them.

Instead of handing out a free rig to animate with, I may provide the steps used to build it.. including tips and tricks on how to build it correctly.. which will then provide you guys with the abilities to do it yourselves. I think that would probably be the most educational & help everone get something out of the experience.. don't you agree?

jason schleifer
Animator -
Co-Founder -
Old 11 November 2002   #39
Hey Jason,
Thanks a lot for your help.
I can't wait for that rig and tips.
Thanks again.
Old 11 November 2002   #40

Awesome.. that's a perfect idea..
And yeah.. it's always much better to have to do it yourself than just getting something and only reading how it's done.

You learn 10 times more by doing.

I look forward to checking it out

Old 11 November 2002   #41
(this might be a good time to snag that spare Maya seat at work)
Old 11 November 2002   #42
Totally, Jason. You know the saying, "Teach a man to fish..."

I can't wait.

If you didn't look so young, I'd ask you to adopt me.
Old 11 November 2002   #43
I swear...the threads on this forum just keep getting better and better. I wish i would've known about it before, then i wouldn't have had to spend $120,000 on college . ok, just kidding, college is great. Anyway, Jason, i was just wondering if you were going to keep your tips/tut for the collaboration as software-independent as may be possible? for those of us who don't know maya (yet ).

Old 11 November 2002   #44
blackboks... :shame:

Just get maya!!

Old 11 November 2002   #45
Hurm... I'll do what I can to keep them as open as possible.. but as I don't know any other software as well as I know Maya, it will definitely be a "maya focused" discussion.

Probably most of the discussion will be on animation rigging technique, as I'm working on some more high-end skinning issues with another person.. and we're thinking about putting together a DVD on that sort of thing. As I haven't figured out exactly what that DVD will entail, I will only be able to give a few bits of info about that.. but hopefully the discussion will be useful. and hopefully I'll have time to do it soon!

jason schleifer
Animator -
Co-Founder -
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