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  06 June 2003
Quote: Originally posted by Omita
I'm guessing that Luxology will be doing R&D stuff for Newtek.

They would be stupid to make another 3rd party program. LW already has too many 3rd party programs. After purchasing LW... Sas, G2, and optionals like Impact and or Messiah you have spent more then Maya.

I at least trust Todd Grimes... and he is involved with Luxology.

R&D for Newtek? Wait til siggraph and that should clear things up. How do you get that Todd is involved with Lux?Ive never once seen him say anything like that. Appearances can be deceiving. I would ask Todd how true that is before saying something like that. Get Motion Builder instead of Messiah. Its cheaper.
  06 June 2003
I think NT will show something cool at Siggraph. Everyone is expecting new tools for character animation integrated on LW 8.

Siggraph is a big event and NT would not take a risk of showing some crap and give the chance to A/W team to kill themselves laughing at them.Nor desappointing LW users present there.

That`s what I am praying for...
  06 June 2003
Hey Andre,
Chuck posted that LW8 will have enhanced character tools.
Im pretty confident that they will have what they promised.
  06 June 2003
Quote: Originally posted by SplineGod
Hey Andre,
Chuck posted that LW8 will have enhanced character tools.
Im pretty confident that they will have what they promised.

Hi Larry,

Sometimes I think you know something about LW8...
  06 June 2003
Well, if the future is bright for LW then that's great. But what about the near in LW8? I don't want to have to wait another 2 years to get the app that LW is supposed to be.

If LW8 ain't great (as in an architectual rewrite, giving a better API and integration between Modeler and Layout), then I really will be disappointed because I feel that the time from LW7 to now should have been enough time to do what should have been done.
I mean, I really don't understand why Newtek is hiring programmers now...for dynamics, rendering and modeling engines. That should have been done a long time ago. You mean a better solution for a soft/hard body dynamics engine has not been in development already during the last three years??? Will LW8 still have MD2000?

The great LW future should be now, in LW8. Not two years from now. And I'm not sure if I'll have the patience to wait for it or not, considering other products that will be coming out, delivering what we want.
  06 June 2003
Hey Andre,
I know what you know.
Newtek has stated what theyre doing in LW8 and that things would be shown at Siggraph. They also said that LW8 will ship in the 4th Quarter of this year. Somehow I dont think theyre kidding and I dont think they plan to disappoint people.
Zithen I agree. The furture is bright and it starts with 8.
What we see in LW 8 should give an idea of the roadmap they intend to follow. Im concerned about LW8 but also which direction they intend to take it from there. A lot of people want to know that 8 will be good and that its on the right track. Personally I think its all good.
  06 June 2003
If the future starts with LW8, then why would Newtek be hiring and looking for programmers for major, leading positions...UI, render, dynamics, model technologies, for the next generation LW only a few months before the LW8 announcement?

Didn't know they could write an app in such a short time.
  06 June 2003
Who said they were starting from scratch?
Besides you only have a few weeks til Siggraph.
  06 June 2003
Yikes, Larry. How do you manage to stay this optimistic?

It's catchy, please keep it up
Michael Luscombe
(Freelance: the only way to quit your job and still be overworked.)
  06 June 2003
Larry, you're holding back on us- You're the "Newtek Pro, Editor-at-Large" as it says in your sig. You have got to be preparing for a Siggraph issue soon, most likely with lots of LW8 info. But I don't expect you to say anything now, but a screenshot says a lot without words you know.
  06 June 2003
A screenshot would also break NDAs. Not that someone hasn't done that before.
  06 June 2003
man, my expectations for LW chaacter tools is way up there, now Larry! I would love to say I can use all my tools in one package. Here hoping not to be let down, of course my expectations is

Ortho integrated type solution or messiah setup mode.
Messiah IK/expression speed (or faster)
Kickass softbodynamics speed
Layout Bone setup

No excuses. new team, i want new results.
Maya | Lightwave | Messiah
  06 June 2003
its interesting. i go away for a couple of days and what happens? news from Lux?

i don't have to visit this forum SO often in the future.


i was waiting for this. infact its logical. they will have to say smth at SIGGRAPH, and i'm happy with that.

personally i don't think Lux will make some product Lw related. just my opinion.
Lw will keep on being a fantastic app, but i'm also happy that perhaps smth new have to come.

Nemoid | Illustrator | 3D artist
.::Creating for you::.
  06 June 2003
Quote: Originally posted by SplineGod
I agree that some talented ppl went over to Lux but they dont have a monopoly on talented programmers by any means.
Think about this. If anyone on the Lux team was any good at writing character tools we would have seem SOMETHING a long time ago. Hell, bone tools have been nonexistant until the Ortho tools from Irrational number. What was the Dev teams fix? Skelegons....
Skelegons sound good but the only easy thing about them is that you can draw them out. After that its like walking around loaded moustraps in the dark. They were and are a kludge because you couldnt manipulate bones in layout very easily. You STILL have to go back to modeler to tweak a joint a half millimeter.
You also say that you dont like buddy programs that are developed by different teams but look at how Motion Designer, Motion Mixer, Particles and Hypervoxels dont feel integrated into Lightwave. They feel like they were slapped on by different "buddy" teams. They werent though, they were done by the exact same group over at Luxology. If they couldnt get it together when they were part of Newtek what makes you think that they suddenly have it together now with less resources and a new nonexistent product on their back and Mount Olympus to climb? My point is that why look to Lux for character tools when theyve never been able to do it before?
Im glad theyre gone and with them the whole "garage" programming mentality. That doesnt cut it anymore and neither does the incredible amount of hype coming out of Lux.
I think Newtek has found that replacing the garage development mentality with an engineering and design based one will carry the day. I for one am very excited about what LW8, 8.5, 9 and so on will bring. This is going to be one interesting siggraph.

Ahhh come on Larry! it really neccesary to stick the boot in to Luxology every time they get mentioned? As you say there's some serious talent there and I'm for one interested in seeing what they can cook up starting with a clean sheet of paper. You say their product is none're just hanging around drinking beer are they? With all your negative posts about Luxology I'm beginning to get the impression that all the cool guys have gone to a really great party and a certain somebody wasn't invited!... Perhaps we should all just chill out, hang loose, crack open a tinnie and wait to be inundated with a whole host of funky new tools for us to use.
  06 June 2003
Poor newtek developers. They`re under huge pressure. We should open an official newtek developer charity thread I don`t wanna swap places with them. So in order to reassure them: ' Heads up, girls and boys, you´ll make it(I hope)'
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