HOW DO YOU DO THIS IN LW?: (Core Thread)

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Old 01 January 2007   #16
Thumbs up Basketball tutorial!!!

Originally Posted by Spacemanbob: How do you make a basketball in Lightwave. With the Lines groved into it and some text.

Just curious before I try to make it and mess it up . LOL

Great Basketball tut!!!
Only the strong will survive!!
Old 05 May 2007   #17
Falling Dollar Bills

I need to create an animation of falling money.... so tons of dollar bills falling to the ground.

Really the only part i need help with is having the bills fall realisticly.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
Old 09 September 2007   #18
How do I create a trasperent object in lightwave 9

Hey gang,

I'm new tho the 3-d realm and have been working in lightwave to creat a Rubik's cube animation that pulls apart with sections of it becoming transparent. I have built my object and created the animation in layout (looks decent for my first project), but I'm not sure how to create the transparent sections of the objects. They need to start out solid and become transparent over time. Is this even possible? Have step into the spiraling black hole of doom here! I've tried searching several forums and have come up empty. Is this such a basic task that it should be intuitive? Do I need to do surface mapping to create the transparency? If so, a few tips here would be great!


Old 01 January 2008   #19
Originally Posted by squapadulie: ....Do I need to do surface mapping to create the transparency?

Take a look at this Tutorial over at Newtek, "Creating a glass surface using the Dielectric Material Node"
It should give you a leg up for transparency.

As far as the fade from solid to transparent a gradient seems to be called for. Refer to this tutorial as a starting point. " Setting up a Distance to Object Gradient in the Node Editor"

Both are on this page at Newtek which is new as of Dec '07 and has many great, easy to understand tutorials for Lightwave.

Good luck!
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Old 01 January 2008   #20
Thanks Joe! I'll be sure to check it out!

Be well!

Old 01 January 2008   #21

Originally Posted by squapadulie: Thanks Joe!

Your welcome. I suggest you visit the Newtek Lightwave forums for reference. Also join the community you will find it supportive on technique issues. Good luck in your studies.
Why do I do this thing I do?
Old 01 January 2008   #22
stuck in the crazy world of 3d

Wow lightwave is hard. i am having loads of problems and i have only just started using the software. i could really do with some pointers. i work on mac using final cut pretty much all the time and i am having loads of trouble exporting anything in a format that i can use. i have bought a couple of books but they dont seem to help me at all. when i try to render the scene it comes up telling me there are no saving option selected but i have no idea how to select anything. also i am getting pretty bogged down with using the key frame controls. all i want to do is import a logo from something like Illustrator add some text and animate then turn that in to a .mov to put in to my edit. this all seems pretty straight forward but i am banging my head against a wall here.

Can any one help me if you can.
Old 01 January 2008   #23
Keep with it Bro. It's worth it.

Lightwave can have a steep learning curve for sure. This is because "everything" is created by you and there is an immense variety of options available to control your creation. But once you begin to understand the few basic priciples it's user interface is based on you will find yourself more comfortable. All Lightwave's creation buttons are text based. Therefore what you see is what you get. Keep it simple. Experiment a lot. Have patence. It will be worth it. Once understood Lightwave is a simple program with infinite variables. It is the variables which are frustrating you now.

Please refer to this page at Newtek for new simple to understand tutorials. There are some basic animation tuts. there which I'm sure will give you a leg up.

Also "The Worms of Art" has some great tutorials about very basic Lightwave stuff like "gradients" which are the basis of texture "Preset" creation within Lightwave.

I hope this helps. Good luck.
Why do I do this thing I do?
Old 01 January 2008   #24
Do an overview of they Interface so you'll be familiar with it. just click the check box in the
(output files tab in render options) and it'll ask for a name. then you can set compression options.

Does a *.mov file have an alpha image? if not i would render out frames.

2 sets, one of the animation and the other of the alpha channel for a mask.
or you can combine them both using targa files. haven't used final cut tho.
Old 01 January 2008   #25
Thanks for the help guys it really helped me get started
Old 02 February 2008   #26
Red face jpg as surface and artifacts along bottom of render

ALoha and Cheers,

I have a rudementary model of a ben 10 Diamond head character. I would like to add the omnitrix symbol on his chest. To me the fastest way to do this would be do make the symbol in photoshop and "paste" it on a circle on his chest as a material. I don't know how to do that.

Also I have been getting some artifacts along the bottom of my renders in a line across the bottom. I have no idea where to begin to troubleshoot that. I am compete newbie trying to make a movie where my son turns into diamond head. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Old 06 June 2008   #27
I'd pay for a tutorial that showed how to do this, especially for an animation
Old 08 August 2008   #28
Smile Long Curly Hair

How would you do long curly hair without sasquatch or saslite. Curly hair like as in Bach Haydn, midieval wig style?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Old 08 August 2008   #29
Emmm How to model seamless bevels like EVA in wall-e movie and how to set up piston with crancshaft.
Old 10 October 2008   #30
Question Bones to all Layers

Hi, I can't say I'm new to LW, but I'm not exactly a Vet either. I'm a student and I'm working on a final project that could get me an award if it turns out right. There's just one problem and I feel a little stupid for not knowing the answer to this, but my teacher hasn't given me a straight answer either, so I guess he doesn't know (which kind of sadens me). Anyway, my question is this...
I have my main figure, upper teeth, lower teeth, eyes, tongue and three fur surfaces in separate layers. The main figure contains the bones and weight maps. How do I make the rest of the layers obey the movements of the main figure.

If anyone has any suggestions they would be more than appreciated or if you know of a good online tutorial I would love to check it out.

Thanks for your time,
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