STEALING FEATURES: (What features should LW STEAL from the competition?)

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Old 06 June 2005   #31
steal subdivision and edge weight from others!!

LW should improve immediately!!!
should add subdivision and edge weights in LW! i'm so disappointed! when i'm open file from modo, my model's edge weights was gone! i need to add more polys on modo again, waste time!! i need help!
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Old 06 June 2005   #32
skin shading pls!

Henrik Jensen and craig donner announced a paper about SSS

Newtek, pls read this paper

Old 06 June 2005   #33
Usually implementing something from a SIGGRAPH paper isn't "stealing features".

Why did you feel the need post this in here since you already started a thread for this same thing?

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Old 06 June 2005   #34
LW seriously needs Parametric Tools and controls if it wants to get with the future. The whole, use a Tool, drop and lose it forever is a serious workflow killer in my opinion. Having the ability of changing spline lofts, vertex points on extrusions and animating these is a serious boon to production. Anyone who has spent any time in XSI, C4D, Max or Maya will know what I mean.

I guess this would involve integrating Layout and Modeler to make it a reality.

LW Modeler is a great modeler...but the omission of Parametric Controls is a serious flaw when it comes to doing certain types of work (Motion Graphics in particular).

Old 06 June 2005   #35
Originally Posted by funfun: skin shading pls!

Henrik Jensen and craig donner announced a paper about SSS

Newtek, pls read this paper

Well I am glad you posted this.. This is seriously one of the best approaches I have seen. The skin here is really promising, it doesn't have the waxy look even.
EDIT: I have quickly read portions of the PDF, and see they have implemented what truly is needed for skin.. The skin rendering at the end of the paper in higher res than shown here is worth a look.. The comparison with the old 'dipole' method makes it so obvious this is the best approach to date.

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Old 06 June 2005   #36
That is amazing... I've seen so many renders here on CgTalk that I think are the best human-skin representations I've seen then I see this render and it is like "That is it!" It is amazing how little subtle differences when added-up make so much of a difference. It is not like I saw the aformentioned renders and said "That is great but it needs more SSS to make it real." I cannot summerize what skin needs or does not need to make it more realistic but that is the most realistic I've seen to date... I'm reading now
Old 06 June 2005   #37
I have only dabbled in Maya and the main things that I have seen that I love is paintable hair/grass etc, which would be really cool to have.
Also I like the way that bones are added in Maya.
And as one person said before, plugins are a bit of a pain.
I know I have to keep a tidy folder setup and that should be that, but there are so many things to keep track of.
Old 07 July 2005   #38
Shouldn't this read STEAL from the competition instead of for the competition ... I think the competition has the edge as it is, NT really doesn't need to help them out any further....

Edit: I see it's now been corrected ... . It kinda reminded me of your "LW Free models" Roberto instead of "Free LW models" ...

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Old 07 July 2005   #39
i agree with all has been mentioned, especially UV tools have to be enhanced.
i dunno about ZB features, like Projection master, because i think its more a ZB technology so far , and that great app, works differently than others!

to all what was said i'd add things like instances and an history stack

sub pixel disp: i'd like to have it, but however, working with normal map for finer details and disp map used even in bump channel, the mesh has not to be subdivided SO much, and in any case you'll setup this for the rendering subdivision level only, so no slow down on your machine.

i heard that real subpixel is not so fast even in render engines like Mray. is that true? someone made some test??
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Old 07 July 2005   #40
What does sup pixel displacment do/
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Old 07 July 2005   #41
its a rendering feature wich displaces your mesh, but only at the rendering, taking information from the disp map, and working with pixels.
in Lw instead you have to subdivide the mesh and apply to it a real displacement and this requires different calculations.
sub pixel disp. allows also less problems in the quality of results. for example, without lynx plugins , Lw built in displacement is not so accurate and gives not great results.
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Old 08 August 2005   #42
put modeler in layout so it's one single app.any other app.

n get rid of the half to use layers in modeler.any other app.

TS 6, LW 7, C4D 9, zBrush 2.
Old 08 August 2005   #43
Not sure if I understand you correctly, but are you actually saying remove the layers from modeler?
Old 08 August 2005   #44
no not remove the layers but make them optional,after thay put modeler in layout
unless I have a lot of meshes I don't use layers n there aggravating to me to half to use them.
for only 2 meshes.

n I know LW's UI is customizable.would be helpful if we could change colors of the any color.
red for rigs
blue for ...
but a any app UI would be kool.
u can make C4D's UI look like LW's or any other app.
that way when u use multiple apps the tools don't move

TS 6, LW 7, C4D 9, zBrush 2.
Old 08 August 2005   #45
ah, got you

If they could add a nodal way of handling layers so that copy pasting polygons/verts inbetween models would still work, I am all for removing layers (as they become complicated to handle when layer counts go 20+ ).
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