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  02 February 2005

No douby Hafling as far as other people having some things seriously right... I had a "pissy" LW week pretty recently... It really makes me wonder if you know...
  02 February 2005
their aggressive marketing strategies.

lw_chanlum [free shader and node]
  02 February 2005

Quote: No douby Hafling as far as other people having some things seriously right... I had a "pissy" LW week pretty recently... It really makes me wonder if you know...

Say what???

I don't understand what you mean at all, perhaps some clarification ....

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  02 February 2005
I used XSI for a couple of months on a contract gig at a post house and I really liked some of it's features.

1) the dope sheet can be opened up into individual channels for anything that is keyramed. It is also in the same window as the animation curves so you can easily go back and forth.

2) the texture editor (called render tree) in XSI was great and gave incredible flexibility.

3) Sub-polygon displacement. I NEVER use lightwave displacement because the mesh has to be insane to get detail in it. There are a few projects I've worked on where I had to model something I could have easily used a displacement map on.

4) render passes. in XSI you can set up a pass to include or omit any channel of any object. then you can make several other passes that include or omit channels and just choose which of the passes you want to render at that time. Makes rendering and compositing much easier.

5) Sub division surfaces. I always get it backwards but I think LW uses subpatches and I found subdivision surfaces easier to control. The option of either or would be nice.

6) flipbook. It's simply a player for image sequences. it works great to see your animation inn realtime without opening aftereffects.

7) Finally, Make the folders for me when I set a new content directory. Use a project manager if I have to but I hate having to make my own folders everytime I want to start a new project.
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  02 February 2005
What about the NURBS of Maya? I've modeled a lot with Maya in the last time... the NURBS -tools are very nice for characters for example. And curve-modeling for cars, is so easy! lw-splines:
  02 February 2005
I love using lw, but lately have been learning xsi at school.

Somethings I really like about xsi:

1. select loop <--lw8 has this now
2. select range
3. The uv tools in xsi are sweet. I love how you can tear your pieces apart and it color codes the edges of them so you know what they attach too. The heal tool will weld them back together and also scale it to fix the pieces together nicely. Also, island select is really nice. If you end up with pieces of your uvs stacked on top of each other you can turn island select on and by picking one point on the uv it will select the whole piece.
4. I also enjoy being able to use the Left Middle and Right mouse buttons to move along the x,y, and z axis'. I think that you can do this in Maya and XSI.

That is all I can think of at the moment and these things I really like in xsi.
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  03 March 2005
Maya Dynamic Curves with wich you can make dynamic hair, attach bones to them to make dynamic character animation, make ropes etc, etc (beats XSI hair at all). Also the maya lock curve length so you can drag an curve vertex and the hole curve moves toward it ( damn cool).

XSI look + Maya functionality = New LW UI
  03 March 2005
I get what everyone's saying but surely if you add everything that's been mentioned it would no longer be Lightwave.....I like lightwave. I really struggle to use anything else, I especially think that the modeller is actually feels like an artists tool rather than an engineering app with a renderer.

I think the first thing that needs addressing is the "bittyness" of it. It's had so many bits added to it over the years that finding the right tool is like searching a cluttered garage for a screwdriver. We don't need all the "plugin X, plugin X+, plugin X++" crap....if there's a new version of a tool available then replace the old one, don't just add it....I actually found surface editor + yesterday, what the hell is that???
I think the best app to follow is Modo. It's got a bit of that LW feel but the tools are just a bit better. I had a quick play & didn't like it much but I can see why people do. The pipe tool is a glaring omission from Lightwave...Rail Extruding can be a nightmare (checkout the rope maker plugin in Flay to see how it should be done).
SSS is another ommission as is Sub-pixel Displacement....I also feel a little let down by the renderer. It's still good but I used to feel really proud of being a Lightwave user because of the stunning renders but it's getting left behind a bit now.

I'm gonna stick with Lightwave, it's still a great artistic tool but I've got to get Messiah:Studio to bring it up to date. If it can include everything that Messiah has then it will be as good as it was a few years ago.
  03 March 2005
Learning Maya at school I've fallen in love with the hotbox, I'd love to see LW get something similar to speed of the workflow. Doesn't have to be the same, just some good idea to get things moving faster.
Chris White
  04 April 2005
Ummm... how about an actually working Undo..?
  04 April 2005
Talking modos tools

I think they should get the extrude tool that modo uses,(ie...selecting a face and easily pulling it out for antenae stuff like that) unless they can already do that?...Im not sure, been workin with LW for almost 3 years and kinda stick with certain tools.

At the very least they should get the morph targeting system built into modo. (which interestingly enough was designed by the creator of LW himself.
  05 May 2005
I have just downloaded the demo version of Modo and... obviously, I felt a bit lost when I first fired the program. But the decent video tutorials helped me to identify what is different between it and LW.

One question, is it so sensitive not to create a thread "stealing features from modo"? I think a lot of us should be very eloquent.

RobertoOrtiz, could you create this thread?
Splinecage the place to go
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  05 May 2005
I'd like to see the following:

1) Maya style NURBS tools, for roughing out the form of an object, and that canbe converted to polys for detailing.

2) A decent, built in, hair system, along with other similar things such as cloth and fluids.

3) NGon support.

4) The Messiah:Animate method of rigging, using the smart bones that don't need weightmaps 99.9% of the time, also using a Setup room, so that the rig can be changed, but the animation stays as it is.

5) Easy to set up render passes, such as those found in C4D.

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  05 May 2005
If no one has said it, I like modo's macros. Coming from a big PS background I can respect the use of recordable actions.
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  06 June 2005
What about the Maya thing that u can choose between Animation/Render etc, in the same way Lightwave should have Modeller/Layout! Lightwave should b one Program fellas (dont know if this is feasible of course)... And of course shelves... Intuitive drag&drop interface that u can really use to change the workflow...
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