The Hapless Hero - character - Kirt

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  03 March 2003
HAHAHHAHHAHHA.... that tan line....

Gene Crucean
Arnold Renderer
  03 March 2003
Hahaha Kirt, genious, just genious
cant wait to see what your next hero will be like, cause these kick ass.
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Old Scientist
Comic Chicken
  03 March 2003
An experiment with anthropomorphic oxymorons ... sorry, I had to do one.

Name: specimen 1382B-21 (aka Samurai Sloth)

Age: unknown

Description: Removed from the Brazilian rain forest by Japanese researchers, specimen 1382B-21 was subjected to DNA and hormone testing in an effort to amplify human speed, agility & stamina. Unfortunately the experiments failed and specimen 1382B-21 was released from the program. The sloth was transfered to a nearby village petting zoo/donut shop, where his cage was kept in close proximity to the employee's breakroom.

Superpowers: A Television set in the breakroom, that was left on 24 hours a day, taught specimen 1382B-21 all he needed to know about the art of fighting and the code of the samurai. Using his skills, he vows revenge on the corporation that used him for their experiments & others who would exploit animals for testing purposes.

Weaknesses: As already stated, the experiments failed. Instead of gaining enhanced abilities, the experiments had the opposite effect on him. The Samurai Sloth is unaware that to others he appears dead and motionless most of the time. (see above for video sequence of Samurai Sloth in action)

Base of Operations: Sugar Hai Donuts & Petting Zoo, Japan
  03 March 2003
thats i want to model these in 3d....

Maybe the 2d and 3d forums should unite sometimes eh?

You have a lot of skill...

If you dont mind me asking, do you do it on paper, then ps, or do you just wacom it all in ps?

I'm officially a fan!

Ian Joyner | Character Designer at Legacy FX | Moderator CGtalk

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  03 March 2003
Thanks KingMob! I still draw on paper, the wacom isn't precise enough for me or I'm used to feeling the drag of the paper surface. I pencilled all of these Superguys and then colored them in PS (which is how I work on most of my illustrations).

If you or anyone else wants to model these, I'd be honored. I love seeing my characters in 3D! All I ask is that you give me credit for the concepts and send me some URLs so I can show off your work on my website.

Also (since I mod the 2D Forum ), we have been trying to get more concepts and cooperative works started between the 2D and 3D guys.

See our latest attempt at bridging the gap.
  03 March 2003
ROFLMAO!!! :xtreme: hahaha!!!
Quote: The Samurai Sloth is unaware that to others he appears dead and motionless most of the time. (see above for video sequence of Samurai Sloth in action)

Hahaha! I just can't stop laughing!!!

Btw I really admire your talent!!! ...can i have some of it?!

Well anyway... really najs work!! Both pics and ideas!!

Rock on, bubba!
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  03 March 2003
My wife says, "Why can't you just speak english?!?"

So, here's a few definitions in case you don't know:

anthropomorphic - ascribing human characteristics to nonhuman things. Disney characters are anthropomorphic (Mickey Mouse walks, talks, & dresses like a human).

oxymoron - a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (as cruel kindness).

I also used an online English to Japanese dictionary for the symbols on his pants. They're supposed to say "Sloth Samurai" but since I don't have any Japanese proof readers ... I'm not 100% sure that I'm not writing something offensive there.

  03 March 2003
U never stop drawing Kirt ....when are u sleeping?

Samurai is great ..... beautifull colors ...I wish i could draw with 1/4 of your talent

And now something from the movie MY GREEK WEDDING...

Do u know that the words "anthropomorphic" & "oxymoron" are pure Greek words ?
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REEL (in
  03 March 2003
Quote: Originally posted by Kirt
I also used an online English to Japanese dictionary for the symbols on his pants.

Gene Crucean
Arnold Renderer
  03 March 2003
DimitrisLiatsos - Sleep? What's that?

visualboo - English to Japanese Dictionary I'm sure there are others available, but I found this one had larger images of the characters available if you selected the 'graphic' interface.
  03 March 2003
no, kirt, you didn't write anything offensive...though I haven't read kanji in like 2 years....

one of the more offensive things that can be said in japanese, I think, is "bokemons" which is like "you jerk" in japanese...don't know the kanji or katakana for it, but I wrote it like it sounds...

I took 2 years of japanese, the writing part wasn't fun, but it was fun overall, our jap teacher thought we were too lazy...oh, well....
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.
  03 March 2003
Figured I'd put in a girl as my last one ... now I have to assemble these into a final image or come up with something better.

Name: Tiffy Blair Winston (aka Tantrum)

Age: 23

Description: Tiffy has had a rather fortunate life. Her wealthy parents spoil her with anything and everything that she desires.

Superpowers: Over the years (especially through puberty) she has developed a unique vocal ability that is rather painful to those within a one mile radius. She can wail and screech loudly and also cause seismic activity by forcefully pounding her feet on the ground.

Weaknesses: Tiffy can easily be distracted by shiny jewels, exotic automobiles, furs or men who work in the medical profession.

Base of Operations: Classified by the Pentagon pending the outcome of Operation White Noise
  03 March 2003
look@that mouth, LOOK @ THAT BIG SCREAMING MOUTH! Oyyy, my ears!
Kirt, I've notice you paint the BG purple, don't know you have this or not but here in iran we call a very loud & terrrfic screech 'THE PURPLE SCREAM', so it makes sense for me!
Ila Soleimani

"Billions of bilious blue blistering barbecued barnacles!...Cannibal!"

  03 March 2003
She's sexy!
By the way you seem like a design factory! I think you will create a new scene for your character when you made your decision...
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  03 March 2003
loool Kirt, that's just amazing!
Miklós Hajma
Clever's Games Ltd.
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