vray like renders ?

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  07 July 2004
very cool ill give it a go.I agree with what your saying about the corners
and how a lot of people are using vray and getting great results.Well thanks for sharing
chillin in the wormy apple
  07 July 2004
Very cool twighlight! I'll be sure to post some of my results and settings if I make a go of it.
  07 July 2004
Wow thanks for sharing that. It realy is a beaughtiful render. I will work on this tonight. I read the other threads to. Its good we can all discuss this without flaming everyone and closing our minds to the possibility that another renderer might be better. A few questions that will seem pretty dumb but i will ask anyway. How do you go back and forth form 3dsmax to c4d (format)? And is theyre any way to render in vray w/o max? I think to the latter question their is no way but thought id ask w/ hope that i am wrong. Thanks again. Vray is very impressive and its good to discuss this. Maybe theyre are some things maxon could do to adjust the gi renderer but first we have to get to the core things that make c4d renders or vray renders beter in certain areas.

Oh and since were comparing could we see a render in vray of this scene as it is included in the file and a comparable c4d light setup. I got frustrated pretty fast trying to recreate that lighting. Thanks again.
see my machineflesh entry

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  07 July 2004

Quote: How do you go back and forth form 3dsmax to c4d (format)?
There is no easy way to transfer models from C4D to 3dsmax or the other way around. 3ds is the most obvious format but it triangulates all the geometry, which bothers me a lot!
3dsmax doesn't support the .obj format but there are some free plugins out there for 3dsmax 5 and 6 for that. The .obj format works great but it has some problems with the normals. You might have to align all the normals in C4D to get them right in 3dsmax. Even though, some objects will come into 3dsmax with flipped normals. I've got used to apply the 'normal' and 'smooth' modifier to every object as soon as they get into 3dsmax. There's no easy way here, just a lot of patient.
Another way to do it is to export from C4D in .dxf format, open it in autocad, save it as .dwg and import it into 3dsmax. Version 6 reads dwgs perfectly without triangulation.

Quote: And is theyre any way to render in vray w/o max?
Nope. Not yet. Chaos group (makers of vray) are talking about a standalone version of vray for ages, but i wouldn't count on it. Those guys have a reputation on delaying deadlines... Version 1.5 of vray is awaited for almost an year now.
If it comes out as expected, version 1.5 will be released shortly followed by a Maya version and a standalone version. I think it will be easy enough to write a plugin to connect C4D to the standalone version, i hope so, but it can take a long time before that version is released.

Quote: Oh and since were comparing could we see a render in vray of this scene as it is included in the file and a comparable c4d light setup.
I'm not sure i understand what you mean. The image is a vray render. The lighting setup is pretty easy, just a direct light for the sun and some vray lights (portals) by the windows to drag light inside the room.
Since C4D doesn't work with portals i'd use a direct light for the sun and some omni lights by the windows (?)...
I forgot to mention that i also have a self-iluminated material on the lamps, but that doesn't make a big difference.

Nice to see people having a go at this. Keep it up.

P.s.: I love the new CGTalk format!! After posting this message i've found this one on the related topics:
Some more info on the standalone and Maya version of vray.

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  07 July 2004
Quote: One vray light in each window acting as portals. Portals are supposed to "drag" the light inside the room, and that's pretty much what they do. The nearest thing to a portal in C4D is an area light, but it won't "drag" light inside the room...

This is your mistake!!

Try with different type of light!

Vray renders are all the same; flat with some dark on the corners...

This is one of my test with C4D.

Last edited by Gerry : 07 July 2004 at 02:32 PM.
  07 July 2004
sorry but twilight's vray render looks a lot better than yours, it's far from being flat
www.albertoblasi.com | architect & graphic designer
  07 July 2004
Quote: sorry but twilight's vray render looks a lot better than yours, it's far from being flat

No problem, is your opionion....

Not mine

In one room like twilight's render, the light must burn the wall, blinding light...

Where is??

Big windows, but small light

  07 July 2004
Very nice lighting Gerry...now if only you'll have a go at lighting that other scene file...id like to see what you can do with that...or if anyone can get close to the quality of VRAY?
  07 July 2004
Do you know the exact hour simulated by that render? Do you know the atmospheric conditions? Do you know the season? How can you say the light should burn the wall just because the window is big?? Look at the wall with the pictures, the light bounces in a very realistic way, your room looks kinda flat and foggy IMHO.
www.albertoblasi.com | architect & graphic designer
  07 July 2004
I think with a little post work tweaking Gerry's render would look pretty slick.

Here's where I ended up after about 5 minutes in Photoshop

Remember the first rule of digital art...post work is next to godliness.

Last edited by policarpo : 07 July 2004 at 03:44 PM.
  07 July 2004
@ Ripper

between some day..


Sorry but your image elaborated on photoshop does not appeal to me,
is too much luminous.

However good job!


If you want simulate the real light, use Lightscape not Vray!!!

Quote: your room looks kinda flat and foggy

I have understood!!

  07 July 2004
That's cool...just showing that the life of a render doesn't end when the render is complete.

  07 July 2004
i think gerrys render is pretty realistic...there wouldn't be that much light filtered through though slats it would be pretty dark..and the bits where the light is in the room look pretty convincing...it has a photo quality to it that would make you think its flat..and i agree about a comment about foggy..not sure whats causing that...BUT its a very convincing render..imho.
One never knows what each day is going to bring. The important thing is to be open and ready for it.

Henry Moore
  07 July 2004
Looking good!!

I wonder how that image would look without the wooden corners, because that's where the problems with GI really show up. I've tried a lot of different settings and lighting setups but never got rid of some artifacts on the corners.

As for vray images looking flat... here are some examples you might want to check (images from www.chaoticdimension.com):

Anyway, the point is not to prove which software is better or worst. I'm concerned about the final quality of my images and i'm willing to use any software that achieves the results i'm after.
I wouldn't mind posting here if i thought C4D couldn't make it.


Quote: This is your mistake!! Try with different type of light!

Would you mind explaining a bit better? Or perhaps posting your settings?
  07 July 2004
wow...those are gorgeous renders.
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