Looking for Samir from Naviť Effex

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  08 August 2017
Yeah hopefully he's OK. Better that he just was losing money and hung it up but you'd think in that case he'd say farewell and thanks for the memories.†
  08 August 2017
Originally Posted by Blinny: Yeah hopefully he's OK. Better that he just was losing money and hung it up but you'd think in that case he'd say farewell and thanks for the memories.†
If the guy was spending a lot of time supporting existing customers...without getting new ones...I could see why he might choose to just disappear from the community.

His product was competing against xParticles, and integration of Houdini and RealFlow. It's hard for me to imagine that his sales were going strong.
  08 August 2017
[Redacted, as we now know what happened.]

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  08 August 2017
Another possibility is that maybe he got bought out completely. I just found some info on Effex 2.7 and it looks like he completely de-coupled his code base from C4D. Which means it could now be integrated into any application. So its possible that another company may have approached him and just did a complete buy out of his technology.

This is from a cached google page of this site: "Effex has been divided into a completely decoupled CORE library and the plugin Effex for C4D. This safeguards Effex against any future changes to the Cinema 4D API and is a strong investment into future development possibilities."
  08 August 2017
Originally Posted by kbar: So its possible that another company may have approached him and just did a complete buy out of his technology.
Sure, this was one of the more positive "theories" that have been discussed among the beta testers (like myself) on his forum. But... the plugin store page was still up all this time and that would not have made sense in this case. Also, no answers whatsoever by email or phone.†
  08 August 2017
Even in a buyout scenario, just going completely silent like this doesn't make sense. †If he were under a NDA or something, we could still answer support questions, respond to emails, and give beta testers and others who he has been in regular communication with some kind of information. †When your users are actively speculating about your possible death on public forums, it's time to clear the air even if you can't talk about the future of your software. †This is why I think it's likely, as much as I hate to say it, †that something has happened to Samir.

It was always going to be an uphill battle making Effex a success given XParticles, Houdini and Realflow, but I still thought there was a chance, especially after v2.8 was released. †At one point Samir seemed to be hiring some programming help, but I don't think that ever developed. The almost complete lack of a real manual and training materials were a serious impediment to people buying Effex; just getting some help completing these materials would have made a big difference. As it stands there still is no other single option for gaseous and liquid simulations, all inside of C4D (sorry, XParticles is still miles behind in this area.) As much as I hope that someone (Maxon!) bought Samir out, and my considerable hours learning this software won't be for nothing, I don't think is at all likely any more.
  08 August 2017
2.8 of effex had ability to work with OpenVDB like Houdini
i don't want to compare effex with RFforC4D or X-P.
  08 August 2017
Originally Posted by LukeLetellier: Yeah, that sounds about right; it's hard to keep up with an entire team of experts.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) started being practiced in the 1940s on ENIAC computers. Its not a new field, was initially pioneered to be able to predict the weather, study the airflow around plane wings, drop military ordnance from the air with greater accuracy and such, and a lot of CFD simulation is still based on the basic techniques that were developed in the decades when CFD became really important - it made all sorts of advances in military and civilian aviation and also space missions possible in the second half of the 20th Century:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compu...d_and_histor y

I had a friend in university over 20 years ago whose school assignments revolved around CFD techniques. He was an undergraduate in Aerospace engineering and was the first to explain CFD to me.

So unless Houdini, Realflow and TurbulenceFD are genuinely breaking totally new ground in CFD - that's typically done by organizations like NASA, ESA, various Universities and Aerospace companies, not CGI tool companies - Samir was not up against impossible odds in his work, unless he ran into unexpired CFD method patents that he couldn't find a way around or couldn't afford to license.

Its a bit of myth that a team of experts will always win the development race against a solo developer. Sometimes the solo developer is actually smarter and more agile and more motivated to succeed than a team of experts.

I sincerely hope that Samir is OK. It is indeed concerning that nobody has heard from him for an extended period of time.
  08 August 2017
Quote: Its a bit of myth that a team of experts will always win the development race against a solo developer. Sometimes the solo developer is actually smarter and more agile and more motivated to succeed than a team of experts.

To be a successful tool, time must be spent on a lot of things:†
- All the algorithms: smoke & fire, liquids, viscosity, surface tension, meshing, and rendering - the list goes on
- The C4D plugin API that's constantly in flux & can be challenging to work with depending on what you need to do with it.
- Integrating with other aspects of C4D that users expect to have
- A full and easy to understand documentation
- Lots of training materials to get new users up and working
- Support in the forums (a never ending and very time intensive process if you have a large user base - just ask Stefan from the Vray team)
- Investigating potential bugs to find out if they're actually bugs or just user error
- Website development and other promotional material
  08 August 2017
I wonder if something similar has happened with Nitro4D. I know the most excellent NitroMan hasn't gone MIA, but his website seems to have stalled in the development and update department, whilst by pure coincidence, his MoFracture plug in seems to have been replicated in the upcoming R19.

I am looking to buy MoFracture but curious to see if R19 has all the features first - the previews seem to suggest not.

Is NitroMan now part of Maxon?

Posted by Proxy
  08 August 2017
(delete by user)

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  08 August 2017
Originally Posted by ryanduff: I hope this is not an ongoing issue for Maxon...
†The list of churned community devs, is as long as your arm. †
  08 August 2017
Originally Posted by ryanduff: I have heard from colleagues, NitroMan DID work DIRECTLY for Maxon (as work-for-Hire) going back to R17 & R18. Once the BASIC functionality of features were deemed STABLE, Maxon did a code lockdown and there was further development that was never included or released (at the time).† †From what i hear there was a bit of a fallout over extending features and who-owned-what.† (i'm sure you can compare FEATURES and figure out what code was in question).

There are similar stories about insydium bumping heads with Maxon as well.† I hope this is not an ongoing issue for Maxon, because these developers are filling in huge holes in† C4dD's† Core package.

reading your post made me think that either you're talking to "people" and "colleagues" that have problems to distinguish between facts and fiction, or you might have had hearing issues (feel free to deny the later - I don't want to create additional rumors; there has been enough speculation in this thread already).

So let me set things straight for you:
1. Nitroman did create some - python based - dynamic content that you find in the Content Browser (e.g. the package presets or the bookshelf generator). You can find his copyright for this stuff when clicking on the annotations of these presets
2. This happened already in R16
3. There has been no involvement of Nitroman in Maxon's Fracturing (neither via code or as coder).
4. Consequently the story about "code lockdown" or "fallout" is complete BS.
5. The "stories" about insydium - that 's BS as well

Best regards,

  08 August 2017
Originally Posted by wbj: 5. The "stories" about insydium - that 's BS as well
I just want to clarify and agree with Wilfried, INSYDIUM and MAXON have a very solid relationship as you will see by us attending NAB and IBC next month.

Back to the topic, I am also concerned for Samir having known him for a very long time. I too have been trying to reach him with no success. I hope he is ok, but this is looking bad.
Managing Director/Director of Development

A question that sometimes drives me hazy, am I or are the others crazy?
  08 August 2017
The interesting thing about the burned dev stories, is that Maxon never publicly comments on them, so the only side you'll hear is the other guys side. I can certainly give you a few stories which might change your mind. Like the guy who had a falling out with maxon because he wanted to charge them and the customers full price for a new plugin serial number every year. Or the guy who was supposed to work on part of c4d but was too stoned/paranoid to do the job. Or the guy who broke his NDA and started blabbing about beta/alpha content. Or my favourite, the plugin maker who didn't manage to sell many copies of his plugin, so he decided to demand Maxon buy the plugin from him for a hefty price, and when they said no, he tried to sue them instead.

I won't deny that Maxon has never been in the wrong (I've had my own falling out before) but it is rarely a case of evil Maxon taking advantage of the little guy. The 'churned' devs are almost always people who are salty that their plugin's functionality has been largely replicated in a C4D update, or who just generally had such a shitty attitude that everyone at Maxon decided they'd had enough of having to deal with them.

I have plenty of stories I shouldn't tell. Maybe one day I'll tell them.

Anyway, if anyone does hear from Samir, let us know.
Matthew O'Neill
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