Trying to improve my lighting in C4D

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  05 May 2014
Hi David, I'll chime in here too.

First off, something that helps a lot in lighting is iteration, or being able to experiment a lot, and at 5 hours a frame, that's a real issue. I'd turn off the grass for now (or figure out whatever it is that's making this take so long to render) so you can see faster results.

Also, my humble opinion is that you've chosen an unfortunate angle for the sun here. Although there are no "rules" per se, and rules can always be broken anyway, the 2 most unflattering key directions are either a) directly overhead pointing straight down, or b) behind the camera, pointing straight ahead. You're using method b. It has a tendency to flatten things out too much (similar to a flash mounted to the camera).

I'd experiment with the sun coming either from the side or even more toward the rear facing forward. (Although not directly at the rear, off to one side or the other would probably be better.)

Just my 2cents!
Eric Gooch
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  05 May 2014
If I wanted to practise lighting, I'd work with a much simpler (or faster) scene. Then once you have a better understanding of how the various lighting parameters work then you can apply it to your more complex scene.

You probably would be better off disabling hair until the lighting is starting to come together and then enable hair. Also I tend to work at small resolutions with no AA when I setup initial lighting and then slowly increase quality and resolution as the lighting needs more finesse.

Here are some lighting presets that I made years ago, they might be useful for you to pull apart and see how the various looks are created. They're nothing special but you could drop your little robot guy in these and see the results fairly quickly. Then experiment like crazy! (If you're using a recent version of C4D then it's probably wise to switch to the newer Irradiance Cache in the GI settings)

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  05 May 2014
Hey guys, I am making some adjustments but my current problem is how can I obtain soft shadows using an area shadow, I mean obtain a shadow thats a bit blurred, right now my shadows are really hard, I went with the option of placing the sun above pointing directly down with a very subtle bit of an angle however my shadows are really hard like you can see on this image, is it about placing a bit of decay on the light sources like the examples TimC is giving so that you can get a bit of a decay on your shadows as well?.

So how can you obtain a softer shadow while using an area shadow, I know that if you directly use soft shadows you can touch the sample radius and the shadow map resolution to obtain this result, but how do you do it with Area shadows.
  05 May 2014
Originally Posted by DaveAlej: So how can you obtain a softer shadow while using an area shadow, I know that if you directly use soft shadows you can touch the sample radius and the shadow map resolution to obtain this result, but how do you do it with Area shadows.

Inside Details tab you have Size X and Size Y parameters.
  05 May 2014
Originally Posted by AdsovonMelk: Inside Details tab you have Size X and Size Y parameters.

I cannot find these, I mean in Details tab there are no X and Y values, you would only see these if you turned to soft shadows in the shadow parameter, then you would find resolution X and resolution Y, but what I mean is how to do it in Area shadows? how can you manipulate the softness of a shadow with an area shadow?
  05 May 2014
Those setting are available with rectangle area shape.

  05 May 2014
The details tab, not the shadow tab. An area shadow softness is linked directly to how large the area light is. Make it larger to soften it.
Matthew O'Neill
  05 May 2014
Thanks I got it, the problem was that I was using an Infinite Light to mimic the sun and there were no X Y values in there, I just changed it to area and can now touch even the falloff better.

  05 May 2014
In case of infinite light, Infinite Angle setting inside Detail tab works like a size parameter with omni and spot types.
  05 May 2014
WRT test renders and experimenting with lighting ... might I suggest using a mock up scene
... like this one I built in a few minutes. Test renders should take about a minute with AO and
GI sky sampler.

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  05 May 2014
Ok I think Im almost done here, one question, if I were to place a color for my sun which I planed it to be something like 10:30 or 11:30 am would I go for a light blue or a light subtle yellow.

I am seeing some examples of a subtle yellow for plain daylight but if you look at normal daylight in real life I would dare say is totally white maybe add a very very small value of blue in there.

Just wanted to clear this last aspect for a final render.

I have to thank you all for your patience on this thread its been 3 pages of help on my personal project.

  05 May 2014
Perception of color is relative. We always perceive color in a context.
This should help a bit, at least for me it was eyeopening.

  05 May 2014
Generally you could have one strong light coming from the sun and have more variations of color hues where you can have more saturated foreground and more blue background.

The image itself is good only colors look flat perhaps because the lights are/is casted evenly on every pixel. There´s no enough variation of shadows.
I have only seen the image and cannot really help with lighting if there is no screenshot of your cinema 4d project where I could see light placements. There´s no need to have too many lights on scene because it washes out your image.
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  05 May 2014
Im trying to wrap up this project into photoshop retouching, but now a last minute problem with the shadows has occurred and I am unable to find the cause and how to fix it, below ill post two images.


Now look at the shadow caused by the robot on both images in one it looks great( the second one) but in the first image the shadow looks wrong not properly interacting with the grass, it only affects the base of the grass and seems to ignore every other part of it it looks really weird and I am unable to find the cause of this.

This shadow is created by a main infinite light with an infinite angle of 4ē to soften the shadow and the shadow density is a bit reduced, Ive tried touching every setting including the shadow settings of the grass that are in the render settings.

Have you ever seen anything like this, what could be the cause?

(open image in new window or tab to see it bigger)

Last edited by DaveAlej : 05 May 2014 at 02:38 PM.
  05 May 2014
Never mind folks its the density thats a bit high in the first image nothing more.

Thanks for your time!!
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