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  12 December 2013
Originally Posted by jimzepellin: I don't think ~Paul is being touchy at all. What you say above comes across as

"enough already" Stop doing it and in stopping doing it stop using Pauls plugin. Aspersions in my book. You've condemned the plug in as useless because you don't want anyone to do anymore cloned cube stuff. I could go on but I think I've made my point.

You really need to read through what you have typed so far and analyze it a bit better.

If that's all the plugin does, then I suppose it could be taken as offensive. Thought it did a lot more than that. Couldn't it at least do spheres? As for the sarcasm part, I already explained where that was directed.
  12 December 2013
of course it does spheres and anything else. Now your just trolling Robert.
  12 December 2013
Originally Posted by Cometsoft: Speaking as a non-Motion Graphics artist and not casting any aspersions on your plugins, am I alone in feeling "enough already" with these dynamic mograph cloned cubes? They are getting ubiquitous.

Totally agree. The look is sooooo plaaaayed.
  12 December 2013
Voxygen and all other PlugIns that I bought from Paul pays for itself in no-time, they are fast and stable and the support is excellent. How you use it is a personal creative decision. They are like pencils/brushes, much like an artist working with different brushes for an oil painting. If you see a bad painting you seldom blame the brush.

  12 December 2013
Originally Posted by Delinos: If you see a bad painting you seldom blame the brush.

When did someone blame the plugin? We're talking about the style.
  12 December 2013
Originally Posted by tapaul: of course it does spheres and anything else. Now your just trolling Robert.

Just responding to an accusation Paul. If it was rude for me to say something about how much I love to look at dancing cubes , you just matched it calling me a troll.
  12 December 2013
Originally Posted by muckymouse: When did someone blame the plugin? We're talking about the style.

And this thread is about plugIn updates.
  12 December 2013
Yep! It's getting ridiculous. One pointless comment and here we are.
If in doubt scream and shout.

C4D XL, ZBrush, Motion Builder
  12 December 2013
I agree the look has been around for a while, and yes its been plaaaayed, no disputing that. You might also look at it as a classic style, for which a lot of people are still asking. And they have never had an easier way to do it.
There are countless looks and styles that get over plaaaaaayed over and over becuase they are popular with clients.And we know that Familiarity breeds contempt, in music, as well as visual media. Just as in music, there are people that like the same thing, over and over again, forever. And some that are sick to death of any track you throw at them after a several plays. That's just the way people are. Even the best songs get on your tits after a while, but for some people, some tracks, have longevity and are considered classics. I dare to presume that the voxel effect, is also a classic style that has longevity.
You could also argue such a style is a success story, as anything that is still popular with clients after several years of plaaaaaaaay, has to be considered as having longevity. And anything that has longevity , is worth writing software for, to go bigger, faster, better and easier. Wether the artist in you likes it or not, this style is clearly here to stay.
One could also argue that the entire industry has been plaaayed a lot, and still be right. For example the music in several (would like to say most) hollywood bluckusters of recent times is so "plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayed" as well. I loved Gladiator, but now I hear its echo in every other film I watch. That really does all start to sound the same. But its clearly popular, and as long as it is, I am pretty sure they will not be throwing the that tape in the bin yet, and I am doomed to listenting to regurgitated gladiator music, for many years to come. Just as you are doomed to watching cubes fly, forever

merry christmas.
  12 December 2013
I don't use voxygen... but i try Remotion SuperVoxels - another wonderful voxel/mesher/surface reconstruction tool
Merry Xmas.
  12 December 2013
Originally Posted by tapaul: I dare to presume that the voxel effect, is also a classic style that has longevity.

I like this thought. The voxel/mograph cube effect is like the Helvetica of motion graphics! Overused but when used with creativity it still has the ability to wow.

Surely it's not about the tools/effects but what we do with them - first semester, year one art collage stuff. Why people get so agitated by these things is beyond me...

If I discounted every portfolio I've encountered over the last 18 months because all they contained was a bunch of low poly work I'd be light a number of very talented artists. And much as that low poly meme has being doing the rounds for a good few years now I'm still wowed by the level of creativity I see on display when viewing those portfolios.

Sure there's abundance of lazy tilt-shift', mograph, you name it 'cool effect of the day' type stuff out there, because theres a bunch lazy creatives peddling this stuff but that's not down to the tools.

  12 December 2013
its also interesting to see how styles climax, as devs make them easier to use, increasing their usage even more, as now everyone can do it, easily. This is not limited to plugins/software & co.
For example tilt shift is now a built in effect on canon dslr cameras(and several more standard effect styles) ! I think anything like this can get so popular and so much attention from devs, that it ends up being, super easy , then over used and then imploding. People can get sick of the site of it, but clients still want it. Thats life. What are you going to do? refuse to use a popular style on grounds of artistic merit? How many people are in a position to refuse to do what their client is asking for? not many. And if your gonna do it, you might as well use a tool that does it well, rather than chew on gravel.

  12 December 2013
Good call Paul. I actually popped in for five minutes to make that point but it's been done already.
The client wants it you do it or you don't do it. Take your pick, pick a number open the mystery box and choose the first option. It doesn't matter if it's done a billion times before.
Anyone got tired of using their legs for walking to get places? If you have, video it and put it on youtube. I need a laugh.
I think Christmas is making me go mental again. Whooohooo!
If in doubt scream and shout.

C4D XL, ZBrush, Motion Builder
  12 December 2013
ok, full disclosure, I am in the lovely position of working with paul on some bits and bobs so that out of the way.

I just got the opportunity to use voxygen (I have downloaded and installed and used for 10 minutes) after watching the lovely cubey reindeerrs, and the first thing that popped into my head wasn't 'OH MY GOD THE NEVER ENDING CUBES WHEN WILL IT END....THE CUBES.....THE CUBES MOGRAPH IS DEAD, etc.'

It was 'F#ck me, this is mini mograph' and works quicker for a lot of cloning tasks with effectors than the main mograph toolset - really awesome little plugin, and like all of paul's plugins its not until you use it that you really get to understand how useful it can be on a huge range of projects, and unlike a huge range of plugins - it just works.
mike griggs : creativebloke : 3D, vfx & digital
  12 December 2013
Additional Effectors - updated to version 1.6

Addtional Effectors has been updated to version 1.6

This new version adds support for Team Render in the single user license version, as well as some minor bugfixes, and now has a minimum C4D version requirement of R13 (was previously R12)

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