Trying to solve sculpt baking issues

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  12 December 2012
Trying to solve sculpt baking issues

I've been in touch with Maxon about this, but thought I'd see if anyone else is having this issue (or similar)

See the attached image to see the issue visually. It should look like a normal, perfect sphere.

If you have the time please try the following simple steps to see if you have the same results.
It appears that normal maps bake out properly, but displacement maps are full of artifacts rendering them nearly useless.

We won't actually sculpt anything, we'll just be going through the steps to show the issue.

1. Create a sphere primitive.
2. Make it editable - "c"
3. Enter sculpting layout
4. Hit "Subdivide" in the Sculpting palette… 6 times (which gives us a level 5 sculpt)
5. Click on "Bake Sculpt Objects"
6. Create name and save path for files.
7. Change output size to 1024/1024
8. Go to Options tab, Choose Displacement and Normal Map
9. Set Displacement to RGB(XYZ Tangent)
10. Set Normal to "Tangent"
11. Click Bake
12. Hide Sculpt object in Object Manager
13. Do an editor render and you will see faint lines on the newly created model.
14. Change the displacement value in the material to 30.

It gets even worse when you apply a deformer. (try putting a twist deformer on the baked out object)
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  12 December 2012
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Wes Ware Creative
  12 December 2012
yes, it seems to be a rgb(xyz tangent) displacement generation issue...i have a similar post last week and had similar results..but all other maps seemed to render out fine.

I am guessing it is just not functioning and is a bug for sure, but no one seems to have any answers as to why
  12 December 2012
I'm pretty sure most of the displacement maps are messed up.
Intensity centered does the same thing.
Making googlie eyes for over twenty years.
Wes Ware Creative
  12 December 2012
I've no idea if this is a good tut (I find the quality with DT varies a lot TBH) but it seems to cover baking so maybe worth checking out if you have a subscription with them. I guess since they are teaching it they managed to get the baking working for them.

  12 December 2012
here is a workaround (not my video)
Dataflow Donation Cinema 4D Beta Tester
  12 December 2012
Thanks for posting that link dataflow. Certainly not ideal, but it's all we've got for now.

How can Maxon release this software in its current state? That's a pretty major bug.

We really expected to be able to just get to work with sculpting and animating straight out of the box. Thanks to this work around we can at least make it work.

Thanks again for the link.
  12 December 2012
I would also recommend Xnormal, it is pretty widely used.
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  12 December 2012
Originally Posted by interactiveBoy: How can Maxon release this software in its current state? That's a pretty major bug.

I appreciate and understand your frustration but the reality is that pretty much all software gets released with bugs. Not just Maxon do this but Autodesk, Pixologic, etc etc.
As an end user the best solution IMO is to diversify and invest in several programs. That way you have alternatives when one won't do what you want. Yes it's expensive but if your livelihood is at stake then it's worth the investment.

  12 December 2012
I know it will get resolved, and I have this workaround now, so we can move forward.

At the end of the's all good. Just have to work around the limitations

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  12 December 2012
Originally Posted by dataflow: here is a workaround (not my video)

That workaround is awesome. Thanks for sharing it. I'm going to download it and save it to dropbox just in case!
  12 December 2012
The work around still didn't work for me sadly...It almost works....but now I get a bunch of little specs as if 1 pixel here and there miscalculated and it causes some crazy spiking to happen during render almost looks like hair haha...
  12 December 2012
Berzerker, I'd say try again with a simple object and simple sculpt. Make sure you do every step just as shown.

We tried it about 4 times today and it worked every time.

In the process, we found a work around using the "bake sculpt objects" button.

You basically bake out with Source set to highest level, and the Target set to highest level then apply the new material tag to a base level mesh and set the subpoly displacement to the level of your highest sculpt.

1) make a copy of your base mesh (just duplicate your sculpt and delete the sculpt tag if you don't already have a copy of the base mesh) If it is a heavy sculpt, you can always paste it into a new document, remove the sculpt tag, then copy and paste the object back in to the original document so you end up with a copy of the base mesh.
2) Use the "bake sculpt objects" command. Set the Source level to the highest it will go (make note of what that number is). Set the Target level to the highest it will go (it will be one less than the Source).
4) Move the texture tag from the new object that gets created onto the copy of your base mesh.
5) edit subpoly displacement level to match level of your highest sculpt level
6) hide everything except the base mesh with this new tag on it
7) apply deformers and render


Worked every time for us. (Wes is the brain behind figuring that out)
  12 December 2012
Thanks, but my problem is slightly different in that I created my mesh in zbrush and am trying to bake out the tangent space displacement in I need to use bake texture instead of the sculpt baking process, which I did also try and that does's something in baking from one object to another object where tangent displacement baking still seems to be not working
  12 December 2012
You can't bake from the low poly object in Cinema... it's adding info to the texture map based on the edges of the polys... plus some other random noise, from what I see.

You'll have to bring in 2 objs from ZBrush, your high res sculpt (will probably make Cinema have a stroke) and the low res mesh.... hypernurb subdivide the low res mesh to the same poly count as your ZBrush high density mesh then place your bake tag on the subdivided unsculpted mesh... Once you have those objects in your scene you can follow the above mentioned workaround... the swf link.
Making googlie eyes for over twenty years.
Wes Ware Creative
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