Advanced topology maps.

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  07 July 2012
Do those great looking topology maps work with SPD too? There seem to be so many situations where they could be useful... the videos look promising!!

  07 July 2012
Originally Posted by maxx981: .. here too, I must disagree!

I had some questions too and Paul helped me greatly to resolve them in no time. He is usually quite responsive to any matters I had with his plugins... also with a lot cheaper ones, where I really do not expect to get help for


I'm pleased things worked out for you and I guess I have been unlucky.
I've said my piece and am happy to move on.
  07 July 2012
on topic

such a shame to scuttle this thread just when it was starting to get interesting.

so back on topic..... some images

angle map

area map



Soft Shadow

Paul Everett

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  07 July 2012
(oops Paul edited his post whislt I was typing this one)
"Here is the message that has just been posted:
I do my best to resolve all problems, always have and always will. But I can only do so much. There is a limit to my resources, ability and patience.I am one person, not a machine.
I can not rewrite my software for you(although i have done this often for others).
I can not gather data for you(although I have done this many times for others).

I offer free support for all my plugins , but that support is me , talking with you. And meant to be for things like serial issues and everyday issues that may arise.In 95% of all cases , nobody needs any support. With Gigashaders this was different. I found myself spending hours with custommers basicaly teaching them how to get data and use the tools.Even creating finished scenes. all of which I did at no additional cost.To say that I don't support after sale is simply not true. I support ,but there is a practical limit to what can be called reasonable.I spent a lot of time on your case(quite a while back) , I did look at that software and I decided against updating based on your one case.nobody else has ever asked for the tile shader to support output from that software.If you won't use a windows based solution to download data ,there is not much more I can do for you."


I appreciate that we all have our limits especially in resources & patience.

I still can't quite understand why you think that I have asked you to supply tile data or rewrite the plugin, it's just not the case. I think these assumptions have made our dialogue somewhat strained.

You must have been aware of the difficulty of obtaining tile data on a mac before you made the mac version available for sale. A simple disclaimer would have allowed me to have made an informed purchased and this whole episode would never have taken place. It would have been my problem not yours.

I spent a lot of un-billable time trying to find a way to get the tile data, in the end turning down the project I purchased the plugin for. I also did what I could to help the client find someone who could do the work. It goes without saying this happy client will come back when something more suited to my capabilities turns up.

I'm sure that your gigashader was never short of potential customers. It seems that much of your frustration with it was the unsustainable support required. If the documentation and your point of sale carried sufficient information there would not have been all these problems. Just a successful and perhaps brilliant product.

My experience would most likely have been very different if I had purchased one of your other products instead.

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  07 July 2012
Hi Paul,

is the algorythm that calculates the AO any different to the c4d own AO calculations (that can be backed to a vertex map too).
I just ask as I was never happy with the results of the c4d internal algorythm that bakes AO to vertex map.

thanks a lot
  07 July 2012
>is the algorythm that calculates the AO any different to the c4d own AO calculations

I have no idea how c4d does AO,so the results would be different for sure.But the main difference will be that mine goes directly into a vertex map, meaning its much faster to calculate meaning you can actually visualize the result ,interactivly , in the viewport.Also, its super fast to render noise free using the vertex map shader , whichis basically interpolating the shading, rather than calculating it for every subpixel.

> (that can be backed to a vertex map too).
I think you mean it can be baked to an image?
That requires a decent UV map and if anything changes the image is no longer valid.Also , baking on complex objects produces lots of artifacts.
A per vertex bake requires nothing but raw geometry, is fast and is dynamic.

a daft (but obvious) example , try baking AO for a metaball/particle thing, where you have no uv's and everythings on the move.

besides that, there are lots of other maps that, when combined in a shader, give you some pretty awsome and flexible new ways to shade stuff, quickly.

Last edited by tapaul : 07 July 2012 at 03:25 AM.
  07 July 2012
Hey Paul, really can't wait to give you money for this. I use your plugins a lot. This one will be really great. cheers, Holger
Cinema 4D Studio MSA, Zbrush, CS6, 3DCoat, Moi
Twitter: @holgerbiebrach

  07 July 2012
thanks holger, send me a pm if you want to beta test it (you will get a free release version)

Paul Everett
  07 July 2012
here is a quick test with a density-based-vertexmap. another really cool thing is: you can animate and drive the values of the vertexmap within the plugin. via the splineprofile.
  07 July 2012
Looks like really usefull plugin. Will add this one plugin with pleasure to my Paul's plugins collection: Texture Remapping Kit, Grunge shader, additional effector! and now this one! Great work Paul for all the c4d community. Thank you
Just one question: can there be an option to bake it as a texture?
p.s.: sorry for english.
  07 July 2012
Since it creates a Vertex map, it is quite easy to bake, placing a Vertex Map shader in a Luminosity channel, I guess.

Rui Batista
  07 July 2012
comparison c4d bake to vertex map vs Tools4D AO map

ok, I figured out how to use the vertex bake function in c4d's bake tag (well hidden)
I made the following comparison. I have no idea what settings c4d uses for that AO bake , but mine is using distance 1m , 4 rays and smooth 1 and it can be modified interactivly.

and lets not forget AO is not the only thing this does

Paul Everett

p.s. don't forget to follow me on twitter 'tools4d' so I have a reason to do some tweety stuff
  07 July 2012
Excellent, I'll be snagging this for sure. Baking angle maps (curvature map? Same thing?) was something I'd been lusting after in Substance Designer - having this in Cinema will be really handy.
Behance | Twitter
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  07 July 2012
>Substance Designer

ooh nice stuff ! lots of cool ideas there!

thanks for the heads up.

Paul Everett
  07 July 2012
Originally Posted by useruser: here is a quick test with a density-based-vertexmap. another really cool thing is: you can animate and drive the values of the vertexmap within the plugin. via the splineprofile.

thats a clever idea for using density shader.
One never knows what each day is going to bring. The important thing is to be open and ready for it.

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