check out my space ships!

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Old 12 December 2012   #1
check out my space ships!

I modeled this ship in maya and I added a mental ray shader then I added in bump and spec maps. I don't understand why there is some weirdness going on with the bump map see how there is a groove and weird lines on the ship. Also any suggestions how to make the ship look cooler as afar as color scheme or design is much appreciated! =)
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Old 12 December 2012   #2
There's no delicate way to say this, but I can't really figure out exactly what it is I'm seeing in your render. I'd say your model actually needs a lot more work before you think about texturing. Do you have any concept art for it or perhaps you based it on an existing design from a film or game or something? It helps to have a concept because having a defined starting point is essential for ensuring you're focused and have an idea of how the finished asset will look.
Old 12 December 2012   #3
make a render of the full shape so that we can actually see it. This render is too zoomed...
Liman3D Games
Old 12 December 2012   #4

my main concern with these ships is that when I started making them I had no idea about what it takes to actually make a vehicle. For instance in mine the parts don't look like the fit together or flow, and the color schemes have no real purpose or reason to be on. And I didn't have any real reference image I was shooting at. I've been on this project for over a year and modeled and textured many ships in a similar fashion to what I've posted. However for this game the ships will be very small and you can't see too much detail so it shouldnt be an issue. The problem is I'm spending so much time making these ships and I can't use them on a demo reel because they are too simplistic and messed up in design. To make somethingi demo reel worthy would take weeks so I don't know if I should continue the project or not. I've just been rushing it so the textures and bumps have come off really horribly. Plus i have to add bump, spec, normal, etc to all of the ships. here's a link to the type of game we are making and the level of detail you would see. However we are also planning to sell the ships on the unity asset store and some ships are larger like boss ships so they have a higher level of detail. In general we are going for a more realistic look to the ships and with a color style that's very funky in color or something like cowboy bebop.

here's another picture

keep in mind I'm a good modeler and I can make things that look way better these ships so it's been really frustrating making things that are more simplistic in design. But it's been such a good learning lesson being on this team learning about video games and it's really beneficial to have 2 published games on your reel if you wanna work in games.

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I think what I'm going to do is choose 3-4 ships total out of the 30 that I have and make those really good models, high quality, etc, for demo reel purposes, and the rest of the ships just average since that's probably enough for this video game. If anyone has any input on this idea would be great to hear. I really want to do a transformer though so I was thinking of making one of those ships transform into a robot!

does anybody have any links to tutorials on how to better design space ships and texture them?

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Old 12 December 2012   #6
wow, it looks complex. I think you have to play a bit with the materials and the smoothing groups to make this ship look better
Liman3D Games
Old 12 December 2012   #7
maybe I'm misinformed though..can you have very simple ships like these in a demo reel as long as it looks good and can you sell them in the unity asset store? We were planning on selling a ship package. each ship took less than 1 hour to make I think so it seems too simple to be demo reel worthy or unity asset store worthy.
Old 12 December 2012   #8
Hey man,

Do you have any sketches you can share? Its impossible to tell that they're spaceships without your descriptions. It might help to redo the concept, and make things a bit more simple. They look kind of messy.

On a technical level, it would help to pack your UVs tighter.

I wouldn't worry about the unity store or your demo reel right now. Try to focus on increasing the quality of the design and execution.

Old 12 December 2012   #9
Hi. I actually don't have any sketches. I concepted these in 3d. The uvs are tight, the area you see thats white just doesn't have any color on it but there are uvs there ( cant see in pic) . I agree though the ships need improvement before thinking about demo reel or unity. Any specific advice? I was going for kind of an insectlike shape/look. I need more panels and shiplike structures to make it actually appear like they are ships though.
Old 12 December 2012   #10
wow I just discovered the power of mudbox. It's making things so much easier. I can actually add and render the various maps in real time. LIke bump map will show up right away. I'm gonna crank out the ships I already have and still make my own more high res ships on the side. I think you guys would all agree I have too much color on the ships and I need to keep them more metal/panel looking. I will def make them more high res in mudbox so the sharp edges don't reflect light poorly.

Merry Christmas! =)
Old 12 December 2012   #11
Hey do you guys know why in mudbox when i make these ship panels they look pixilated/fragmented. I"m at subdivision level 5 it was enough polys. And any advice for making the ships have better panels. Maybe I should paint them in as a diffuse not as a bump. and I think I need to use stamping to add diff objects and shapes ( liek the blue dots by the gril) not painting it in.

Lastly, when I try to extract texture maps it either tells me "not enough memory" even though my computer is really powerful and should have enough memory, or "target and source mesh are the same" even though they aren't since one is the low res version set at 0 -1 and the other is the high res version set at level 5.
I gotta get these ships nice we are putting them in the unity demo competition!
Old 12 December 2012   #12
heres an update..having trouble with knife tool and bump map being too strong..any advice? also coloration might not be the best...but I like the red going through it!
Old 01 January 2013   #13
heres my progress on my most updated ship rendered out and everything

feedback appreciated =)
Old 01 January 2013   #14
might be harsh, but throw away what you have, forget it and start from scratch.

BUT before you start, study real life airplanes and spaceships. what you need is to get an idea of the basic shapes because they are completely missing in your actual models. its starts with the body, go over the wings and end at the tail. study, study, study all the shapes of real world examples. forget about texturing or shading at this point.
Old 01 January 2013   #15
ya I agree ive had troubel figuring out form and shape of these crafts to make them look realistic
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