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  02 February 2011
I made a few invisible updates, mainly changing proportions... which is a pain in the ass. But even if it isn't noticeable I can promise that it looks better now! There's is still much to be fixed, so no individual piece can be called finished quite yet. Click on the image to view it in full size!

  02 February 2011
really nice job, can you show us some wires?

great attention to details. Are you going for optics ? Ta31 or you'll leave it to the iron sights?
  02 February 2011
Thank you! I probably should have gone with the ACOG... But since I have already modeled the iron sights I'll go with those. I'm thinking of going with a "co-witness" approach, with both the iron sights and an EOTech. It would have been way easier to just model one of them Ta31's... But I've put too much time into the ironsights to throw them away. One other solution could be to put the iron sights at the frontrail to one side. I've seen this done ONCE, so I don't know if it's "normal" enough to do so. But that guy probably used them as backup if his optic sights would fail. I would gladly hear about any thoughts on this!

Some wires
  02 February 2011
I've found an image of a Marine with the ironsights attached in quite special manner. Image here. Maybe it's too weird, and would be even more unusual than to simply use the iron sights.

Also, here's an update on the pose. I moved his right leg forward. In my eyes it gave him alot more motion. I hope you like it!

  03 March 2011
Here's an update with the M203. The box on top of the front rail is what's going to be the EOTech. It's there to give a sense of size.

  03 March 2011
man your attention to detail is amazing.. i cant w8 to see more progress on this.. keep up the good work!
  03 March 2011
This is looking really nice, I love the details. Definitely bringing back some memories lol. Keep up the good work!

Last edited by bipolarmadman : 03 March 2011 at 12:32 AM.
  03 March 2011
Let me help a bit...

Wow, I can't believe I found this thread.

OK active duty infantry Marine out in the 29 palms here, just got back from one deployment getting ready for another. Don't know a thing about computer modeling but I know a lot about gear. Hell I wear it every day.

Ok so an RCO would have been a better choice than the bolt on iron sights but thats already passed. There's not technically an order out about it so no big deal it could be shooter's preference and he's got a platoon sergeant thats not a nazi about it. I'd say leave it. The broomstick off the bottom of the 203 slide handle is inaccurate, maybe there's a picture of someone using it somewhere but I've never seen it. Ditch it and keep the 203 it looks bad ass.

The Marine that you're rocking here is circa 2004. The rhino mount is still latched on to his kevlar by a ribbon (you can take the damn ribbon off and just screw it strait into the frame of the helmet which is what we do nowadays). Also the surefire on the left rail you've got there has been largely replaced by PEQ-16s, which incorporate a surefire into their construction. Badass piece of gear.

The ribbons that run horizontally on the MTV are called MOLLE and allow for mag pouches and other shit to be threaded right through and stay on nice and snug. they lie almost flush against the vest. Since this Marine looks so old he's probably a SSgt or higher, although with the 203 he can't be too senior. Senior Marines usually don't carry a grenade launcher. Also that long ago he probably won't have a radio.

The weapon is flawless, I swear to god you actually had one, broke it down, and modeled it off of the real thing. That is shockingly good.

The whole thing is totally badass, this is really an incredible piece of art. I'm sending the thread around to some of my buddies just for the cool factor. Keep up the questions, anything that this guy would carry, crew serves included, are easy.

Oh also disregard the picture of the Marine with the ironsights on a front rail. That picture is from a training evolution, I've never seen anyone actually do that in real life.
  03 March 2011
Nice work! The depth of field makes it look better and more real to be honest, good use of it.

Cobra 6
Modelling & Texture artist
  03 March 2011
natholas: Thank you very much! I'll do my best to keep working on this!

bipolarmadman: Thanks, man! Any critiques are always most welcome!

qibera: Wow! So many great critiques! Thank you! I'm so glad you found this thread! By the way, how did you find it?

Yeah, the RCO would have been a way better choice... I just wish that I'd realized there before I made those darn Iron sights. Everytime I see an image of a marine with ironsights i get overjoyed to see that they sometimes are actually used! I'd love for everything to be perfect, but I think that I will have to be fine with all that is not inaccurate. If the gear is used at all I hope it can't be called so.

About the front grip on the M203... I'm not exactly sure what's inaccurate. I havn't made the screw that's on the front of it, but other than that it should be fairly correct. Here are some of the pictures that I've worked from, I have more detailed images - but those are not while in field.

I'd really like to hear your thoughts on it! I like it

Great to hear that you put him in and around 2004! That's what I was aiming at at first. Are you saying he wouldn't have a headset with radio or anything like that? If anything should be too modern, please do let me know!

The face is not at all finished - far from. I'll keep the age in mind for sure! I'll definetly make him a bit younger! Thanks for pointing that out!

Good to hear that the M16 looks accurate! When I've modelled more on it be sure to fact check it again! That would be great!

Thanks again for taking the time to help me with this project!

cobra6: Thank you! I like it too I just hope that it doesn't make the images too hard to read well for critiques.

I'll continue on the M203 today!
  03 March 2011
Here's an update of the pose. Hopefully I'm getting closer...

  03 March 2011
That looks excellent, nice work so far man! Subscribed.
  03 March 2011
Thanks, dude! I'll be working some more on the butstock pouch now. I need to focus on getting the rifle done...
  03 March 2011
Originally Posted by qibera:
The Marine that you're rocking here is circa 2004.
That's probably more my fault than his lol.
Originally Posted by qibera: The weapon is flawless, I swear to god you actually had one, broke it down, and modeled it off of the real thing. That is shockingly good.
My thoughts almost exactly. I'm still a bit iffy on the magazine catch (I can't remember what to call it) but if someone that's held one recently thinks its on point that means my memory sucks lol. I do agree that it's 100% awesome.

Last edited by bipolarmadman : 03 March 2011 at 09:06 PM.
  03 March 2011
About the 2004 thing... Is there anything else than the helmet strap thingy that puts him in that year? I've seen a few images of modern day marines with the strap still on. I guess that means that he still wouldn't be dead set so far back even if I let the thing stay on, am I right? I'm really keen to learn every little detail for this project!
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