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  02 February 2011
The Groomlake:

  02 February 2011
Yeah. Pretty scary athmo. I can't wait to see some more cinematics haha.
  02 February 2011
I got a little bored with just doing backend stuff, so I moved onto another area of the game. I suppose thats the advantage of being a one-man-army...when something gets boring, there are 400 other things to switch to!

Rapid Transport System.

The Groomlakes RTS is a series of trams that link areas of the half-kilometer long space ship together.
Throughout the chapters, Maracheck will be able to explore the ship in any way he wants, using the RTS. Certain areas pieces of the track will not be available immediately, either requiring security clearance, or some other way of bypassing it.

This is a Work In Progress shot of a standard boarding platform. The map on the right will show all the terminals that this specific tram can travel to. A 'YOU ARE HERE' board.

  02 February 2011

Pyke it looks amazing! Cant wait to play it and Im loving the little details Keep it up!
  02 February 2011
Bakeneko, Thanks man! Good to see other zaffers on this board!
  02 February 2011
Rapid Transport System…
Powered by ARROW.

The RTS is a tram system which allows easy access to different parts of the Groomlake.
The transport system is designed so that the player can have ‘freeform’ access to many different areas of the ship right from the start of the game. Now while the entire ship wont be accessable at the begining of the game you will have access to ‘mid deck’, which consistis of:
VIP Arrivals (the areas completed so far).
Mid Deck Infirmary (which will be decked out with all sorts of ‘lower use’ medical equipment. Mainly a small hospital for non serious injuries that civilians or other visitors may have when visiting The Groomlake)
Mid Deck Mess Hall (consisting of kitchens, prep areas, food, and possibly some forms of entertainment).
Mid Deck Information Centre (a museum of sorts where dignitaries can learn about The Groomlake).
And PLAZA A, PLAZA B, and PLAZA C-which have elevators and security checks to proceed to different areas of the ship.
Its important to note that the areas listed are just stations…so each station will have branches off to quite a few rooms, and may have other transport options available once in those areas. The RTS is sort of the major hub that connects things, with many minor options available to the player to get around. The tansport system platforms are essentially gateways to different pieces of the ship.

Access to the multiple areas of the ship really opens up the puzzle design. Items in the infirmary can be used to solve puzzles in the mess hall. There is a main single objective for the ‘mid level’, in this case, getting SECURITY LEVEL FOUR access to get to the control deck-but this isnt a ‘find the yellow key card’ type of game! All areas will have puzzles to solve, and areas to explore, that will not only open up the story, but also provide some awesome gamaplay opportunities.
When designing the map system, I took inspiration from subway maps of the major undergound subway ststems in the world. The system needs to look realistic. Like a subway system that could actually work.


I have fully completed all the puzzle and game integration that leads us from the INNER AIRLOCK to the RTS PLATFORM. However, on a playthrough I’ve realised that the critical path is a little to direct. There arent enough obstacles in the captains way, so Im having a relook at a few elements in the levels. One additional area I am adding in between the Arrivals Hall and the Decon/Security Room is a ‘last stand.’ An area where a few crew members tried to make a final stand against…something. Welded doors, stacked boxes, mobile sentry guns…very ALIENS. Im taking a good look at properly integrating this into the current game, as its important that this doesnt feel ‘tacked on’. Im hoping this can be done with just some dialog links in the previous scenes, but may have to add some objects here and there, to really sell the idea.

On a side note, I really want to thank you guys for checking up on this project! It really is a labor of love on my part, and knowing that there are people out there following the progress really helps me push forward!
  02 February 2011

A few people have asked me if there will be deaths in STASIS. The answer is a very definiate yes!
LUCASARTS games avoideded death in their games, as they felt that it hindered the gamer from exploring the world. Sierra had a different approach….death was fun! I fondly remember saving before certain deaths just so that I could watch them again. Seeing Roger Wilco’s head explode, or face melt off in acid…why, thats just awesome!


In a game like STASIS, where danger lurks at every corner, I think that to not have deaths in the game would be a mistake. And when you have deaths, they should be spectacular! They should be fun, gory, and make you want to re-watch them a few times.
I have a long list of ways to die in the game-a list that includes being ripped apart by active sentry guns, getting freeze dried in liquid nitrogen, melted by heated metal plates, surgical dismemberment, getting crushed by faulty doors, and one of my favorites, having your spine fused together and starving to death because of a faulty injection.


Now with deaths in adventure games, I think that they should be avoidable. I don’t believe in the ‘open the door into a pit of spikes’ approach to death. Just like in reality, if you are aware of your environment you should be able to avoid death. If you cant play through a game without dying, I feel that there is a problem with the design.
But with deaths like this, how can you resist walking infront of that gun…you know…just to see what happens?


  02 February 2011
The blood looks pretty cool But lets see what pegi rating you'll get hehe
  02 February 2011
I think Im going to be independently publishing, so ratings be damned!

Im working on a model that has skin, meat, and bones, so I can cut out pieces of the body during the deaths and you can see the layers underneath. Can make things quite...interesting...
  03 March 2011
Your game visuals look simply gorgeous! The atmosphere... just fantastic... Never give it up!


"Dark is the suede that mows like a harvest."
  03 March 2011
I'm really digging what I've seen so far. You looking for any help?
  03 March 2011
Thanks guys.
spurcell, Im not looking for any help at the moment, but the game is going to have some full cinematic sequences-Im sure Ill be begging for help then!
  03 March 2011
I was feeling a little ’bogged down’ with the space ship stuff, so decided that every now and then, I am going to throw together one of these.
Inspired by the obvious (Blade Runner), I thought what it would look like if I was going to design a Sci-Fi Noir style adventure game. I love the old buildings, and neon lights that made Blade Runner so atmospheric.
I have always loved the idea of layered cities. Cities with levels that are only accessed from catwalks, elevators, any flying cars.
Just to reiterate, this isnt a screen from STASIS! This is just a ‘what if’ thing I put together quickly, as a break from space ships.

EDIT: My brother suggested that I work this into STASIS’s intro sequences. Originally I was going to do the cinematic sequences as a more classic ‘movie’ type of thing-but perhaps having the cutscenes also play out in ISOMETRIC could be pretty cool….

  03 March 2011
I don’t want to give away to much about the environments in STASIS…but here is a little slice of what I’ve been busy with.

  03 March 2011
I really like this cutscene idea. The old point and klick games often do it that way, too. But I really like this Monkey Island 1/2 style with this detailed images.
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