Miranda (to Ver.2) (Nudity)

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Old 01 January 2007   #61
Hi all!
It's cold day today, near Tokyo.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with my master and got some new instructions. We have decided to use the old version face geometry. Some of you will suggest to use more soft face for Miranda, but we have the definite purpose, which is to express the artisitic dessin nature itself. Maybe more GI-like lighiting will decrease worries from some of you who like soft face.

For this weekend, I think I can spend much time to this composition. I wish I can show you a newer progress. Thanks.

C&C are welcome.
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Old 01 January 2007   #62
It's sunny day in Japan, which makes me hard to imagine it's winter.
My SE job has begun to be hard a little bit, but it makes step-by-step results everyday. I have to try more & more to survive in new field for my family, and my lover.

I have had a space to struggling with my Miranda. For this time update, I tried to express my modeling result in G.I. I used FinalGather with 2 area lights and 2 "MINUS" directional lights. Maybe my master will give me some instructions, which will be more correctly determined with soft lighting.

The whole body is newer (mirrored). And decided to use the old version for head. I have given a pretty much attension to express shoulder-blades. And fixed some miner preblems with skin continuality.

Please give me some advices especially for lighting.
C&C are welcome.

Images replaced for minor updates with 50% gray BG.

____ Hermit in The BEHIND-UNIVERSE ____
______ SATO, Koji aka TAISO, Renpoo _____

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Old 02 February 2007   #63
wow... i must say that looking through this thread, what you've done is pretty advanced compared to what i can do lol... i do however have some things, some problems, that i've noticed... for instance you facial rig, when you pull at the lips like in a smile it seems to pull along just two dimensions, instead of the full three- pulling the lips back like when you truly smile your lips are pulled back and out and up (or down-ish depending on who you are lol) by your facial muscles. also with the modeling in general, she has a cone-head lol... and her buttocks, while nicely formed in the side view, they do not fold like they would in a standing position, buttocks being a fatty part of the body- gravity would make the heavy, loose, fatty portions sag and cause a crease where it meets the thighs.

but i would love to see more of this, like i said your rigging just blows my mind lol.
KatSArtistry my website
Old 02 February 2007   #64
> tyrful
Thank you for your comments.

> Facial Rig
I'm using IK with Driven key between rig and controler. For mouth corner, the squashing distance might be short for smile. I will reconsider about it.

> cone-head
My intension for this Ver. is ancient-Egyptian-like head. It needs some examinations with my master, but our conclusion is "it is almost OK".

> buttocks' crease
We think this hip is interesting but the new lighting set would brushed out the details. I will reconsider about there, but more critical dessin mistakes are at other places. Anyway, I have to do more refinements about dessin level issues with my master.

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______ SATO, Koji aka TAISO, Renpoo _____
Old 02 February 2007   #65
Hi all.

I'm hard-working in software developments and ... my grandfather is gone.

I can't have a time for Miranda till a few week, but I'm planning to hurry up facial make-up process with misss_fast_skin. Please wait for a while......
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______ SATO, Koji aka TAISO, Renpoo _____
Old 02 February 2007   #66
Excuse me. I have to change my previous comment.

In this morning, I had a short phone meeting with my master. My master recomended to me to produce the another female head (mongolid? aflo?) for comparison with the current Miranda. It is to refine the head dessin itself by the comparing the two head. So I have to change my target for a short while to do it.

But my rice-work (not life-work) job is so busy for a few weeks. Therefore the updates will be later.
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______ SATO, Koji aka TAISO, Renpoo _____
Old 03 March 2007   #67
Good Morning.

I'm still busy in Softwere Developments.
I have 2 projects almost to release, but those need some refactorings deeply for future cliants' customizations.
So I can't have a time for my Miranda for next few weeks more.
But I promiss you I'll be back.

____ Hermit in The BEHIND-UNIVERSE ____
______ SATO, Koji aka TAISO, Renpoo _____
Old 03 March 2007   #68
Great job

Hi, great great job!

I'm a new cmuscle user, but i don't know tutorial about it.
Could you help me?
Old 03 March 2007   #69
Great job Renpoo!!

I'm starting to use cmuscle, but don't know tutorial..
Could you help me?
Old 03 March 2007   #70
Hi, lucakabe.

I'm sorry that I don't have time to write a tutorial for cMuscle since I'm very busy about my job as I have wrote. I know we need some good tutorials about cMuscle but now I can't even though I have a plan to do it. So please read carefully with cMuscle manual and start with a prototype scene to learn & test cMuscle by least settings. It will let you get used to the cMuscle plug-in.

____ Hermit in The BEHIND-UNIVERSE ____
______ SATO, Koji aka TAISO, Renpoo _____
Old 03 March 2007   #71

Regretablly I'm in trouble on my release about software development (not CG). It needs a few more weeks ......
____ Hermit in The BEHIND-UNIVERSE ____
______ SATO, Koji aka TAISO, Renpoo _____
Old 03 March 2007   #72
Excelent work! The body is excelent, however, your forehead slants in way too much, and the back of the head comes out too much, making her look like an alien of somesort.
Old 04 April 2007   #73
> asyntheticmind

Thank you for your comment.
Sorry for late reply. I'm still busy on my job as Software Engineer.

> Anciant-Egyptian-like head

We (I & my master) have an intesion about this issue. We want to express this kind of head as a part of this figure "Miranda" for our dessin theme.


> lucakabe (once more)
> and other cMuscle users

I'm using cMuscle at first to convert NURBS object to cMuscle object. I don't know well about default use of cMuscle object generator. What I had done is

  1. create NURBS geometries for each real/fake muscles (a few hundreds)
  2. convert those to cMuscle objects by MEL batch script
  3. attach(parent) those cMuscle objects to a skelton by batch
  4. bind each separated body parts as skin to cMuscle objects (to reduce computations) by batch
  5. set skin weights by numerial input mode, manually
  6. move it, move it, and repeat try-&-errors
Script generations are supported by Emacs (to tell the truth, "Meadow" (Multi-lingual emacs compatible editer fow M$ Windows)) and M$ Excel.

I can't recommend any of you who are beginers to use my way of muscle rigging since it is too hard task to complete. In this way, you have to find many of methods to associate with cMuscle & MAYA. But I believe that real muscle geometry will produce more natural muscle deformations to a figure. So I did, and I will continue this way.
____ Hermit in The BEHIND-UNIVERSE ____
______ SATO, Koji aka TAISO, Renpoo _____

Last edited by renpoo : 05 May 2008 at 07:37 PM.
Old 05 May 2007   #74
Hi all.

I released ver.2 for my job as software engineer.
It still needs some working time, but I will have a time to come back to this Miranda as my personal pursuit in art.

I promiss you that I will not give up to complete my art!
____ Hermit in The BEHIND-UNIVERSE ____
______ SATO, Koji aka TAISO, Renpoo _____
Old 08 August 2007   #75
Hi, all. Long time no see.

I'm in a-little-bit death march... a little bit, little bit, I wish...
Anyway, I have to try harder as one of software engineers.
The reason for the death march is mainly depending on me, however the business environment for our company is getting more and more difficult.

So, the time to get back this personal pursuit in the art will be much later.
But this pursuit for a few years brushes my eyes out, to observe anything deeply. I'm enjoying my life even though it is in the death march. Anything in my life experience is important for me for "now". Anything is on the "now".

I'll be back.


If I have a time to prepare, I will post another finished image from my series of "Birth of Miranda".
____ Hermit in The BEHIND-UNIVERSE ____
______ SATO, Koji aka TAISO, Renpoo _____

Last edited by renpoo : 08 August 2007 at 04:11 PM.
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