Miranda (to Ver.2) (Nudity)

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Old 10 October 2006   #31
> Lordrych, NovaKane

Yes, I'm using MAYA with cMuscle & cSmartBlend plug-ins.
Thank you.
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Old 10 October 2006   #32
amazing work ! nothing to critic .

your facial test made me laught...i was imagined the sound..

i am sure you will find a great job !

Old 10 October 2006   #33
Yeah this is looking great! That last hand pose seems a little off but I'm sure you know that.
If you're seeing this post, it means I've accidentally logged into my old account.
Old 10 October 2006   #34
Thanks guys for your comments.

> visionmaster2

I'm grad to hear that you had imagined the sound. Yeah, the sound is important. I want a good voice actoress for Miranda.

I'll find a new job to continue my life & compositions. Thanks!

> Howitzer

Yes, I know the last hand pose seems a little bit masculine. The sticky weights paintings are not well enough for some parts, and I have to use smooth weight feature for cMuscle plug-in. The balance to be smoothed or not is very important. Thank you.
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______ SATO, Koji aka TAISO, Renpoo _____

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Old 10 October 2006   #35
Hi. Long time no see.

I'm still on job hunting. It seems hard for me to get a job but I have to get. It becomes to be unable to imagine what kind of job I can get.

For my paper portofolio, I had made the other snapshots about facial expressions. Here it is.

C&C are welcome.

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______ SATO, Koji aka TAISO, Renpoo _____
Old 10 October 2006   #36
Nice riggng! Your doing well, but it's a shame the head doesnt suit the body, and doesnt look human, i would definitly tweak the lips, brows and ears,
Old 10 October 2006   #37
> Diependaal

Thanks for reply, but why it is a "shame"?

> definitly tweak the lips, brows and ears,

Tell me "more specific" about how do you recommend to tweak those parts. It is vague.
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______ SATO, Koji aka TAISO, Renpoo _____
Old 10 October 2006   #38

hard to crit on the rig because I don't know what you're planning to fix and I know you're not done yet. in general there are bulges at the bases of the joints; fingers, hips, elbows, etc that i know you know about.

it would be easier to judge the deformations in video format i think, I'd like to see the effect of cMuscle on the skin
Old 10 October 2006   #39
In my opinion:

1) The bottom lip needs to be much bigger, at least bigger than the top lip, and not so defined.

2) The eyebrows shouldn't be so straight for so long, a bit more of a curve.

3) The ears are far too big, generally they should spread from the top of the eye down to the nostrils.

The rest is immaculate!
Old 10 October 2006   #40
The lip is to sharp ,and has the look of of a doll, a little, it should be a smoother flow, also with the brow, she has a manly brow, the ears are to long and to big.

so smooth out the brow area, redo the mouth and make it more smooth and elegant, instead of sharp and doll like, Get some reference pictures, set them up , and model from there, caus it looks like you havent used a global sort of regerence for the head.

But also check the head shape..it is a bit to square , and give her less of a jaw, i see in your latest pic where the head is slighlt turned, her jaw bone is visible, it makes her more like a man than a female, and remove the line between the cheekbone and ear on the side of the cheek
Old 10 October 2006   #41
Thanks guys for your replies.
Let me answer quickly.

> bulges at the bases of the joints

There are 2 cases. The first case like finger joints, it is by setting of muscle volume when squash. For now, I set it default for the fake muscles inside fingers. The second case like elbows, knees, etc. needs additional morphing targets like what I had done for Ver.1. I want to try to use the relax weights feature with wrinkle option of cMuscle, but it might need some fixing.

> The bottom lip
At first, the whole lips size is wider than the ordinary one since I intended. So my master as specialist on lips drawing taught me this kind of refinement for the balance point of view (as I told you before). In the deformation like laugh, it shows too much hard-defined, but it must be fixed by the relax or smooth weights IMO, so I will.

> eyebrows
You are right but I want to express some kind of strong will. Therefore curve ratio will be a little.

> ears
I know it's big, but I want to exaggerate ears as characteristics of Miranda. So if I will tweak these ears, it will be a little tweak.

> square head shape
Sorry, it's intension.

> jaw
I want to express sharpness at there even though it rather indicates manly form.

Anyway, I will discuss about these points with my master. But for it, I have to find a new job to survive or ... who knows?
____ Hermit in The BEHIND-UNIVERSE ____
______ SATO, Koji aka TAISO, Renpoo _____
Old 10 October 2006   #42
Excuse me for the last post.
I'm somehow stressed about my job hunting. Fortunately, there are several companies which set meetings, but I can't see what will happen to me in future. Even though it is hard to find a new job, I have to get a job for my family's life or ... it would rather be better to stop my life. It might be too much exaggerated talk, but my life is for my family. I don't have any other reason to live.


You guys give me some good critiques for my composition "Miranda". Some for dessin level issues, I will discuss about those issues with my master as soon as I can. But the rest seems to be the issues about how to use cMuscle plug-in or my facial controler. I've been getting used to the cMuscle, but it needs to be used more & more than now. Furthermore, my facial controler needs some kind of talent to use. To tell more precise, I'm not used to the controler enough. I think some of troubles or defects have causes on here -- my facial muscle rig. There are some advanced people about facial rig, but I can't find who implements the facial muscles a lot. I know there are the other people doing facial rig only by joints, who made good results. For now, I can't decide whether this kind of facial muscle rig is good or bad, but I want to find the RESULT. It needs more time to refine the facial muscle rig, or I have to give up. To tell the truth, I want to research more about the advanced people's results. It might not need a muscle rig but a joint rig for face.

So, please give me time to examine what I intended to. When I can't achive the natural facial expressions, I'm willing to give up to pursuit by this method and switch to find the another method.

____ Hermit in The BEHIND-UNIVERSE ____
______ SATO, Koji aka TAISO, Renpoo _____

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Old 10 October 2006   #43
The nose and the shape of her skull make her look kinda of like an alien. Females don't have noses like that. They have more softer and fatter noses.
Old 10 October 2006   #44
> SmackAHobo

Thanks for your comment.

Hmmm ... I think I have to make a tweaked sample head when I've got a new job. Today, there was a meeting with a company. If I am lucky, I can get a job in the next week. Then I will come back this work in progress and have a discussion time with my master.
____ Hermit in The BEHIND-UNIVERSE ____
______ SATO, Koji aka TAISO, Renpoo _____
Old 11 November 2006   #45
Hello, long time no see.

I'm still struggling with job hunting. It is hard to go back to the software engineering field, but I have to get money for my family's life. For now, I'm concentrating on the Rich Internet Applications area for Web Applications, and have started to learn about those technologies like servlet/JSP, Flex2, MySQL, ... and so forth.

Today I had recognized "CG Jobs" feature in this community. If possible, I wish I can get a CG Job internationally. But the life costs for Japanese ordinary life is unnecessarily expensive than the other countries. So it will be still difficult for me to maintain my family's life. It is regrettable ... but I can't know what will happen to my life in future.


Well, I'm a little bit back to my "Miranda". The snapshots below are on going about sticky weights' settings. The shoulder volume might be too fat when strech. On the contraly, it is too narrow when bend. And the armpit expression is too little. I think these problems have to be fixed by Blendshapes (Morphings), so I will.

About the head issue, please let me suspend it to later.

C&C are welcome.

____ Hermit in The BEHIND-UNIVERSE ____
______ SATO, Koji aka TAISO, Renpoo _____

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