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  07 July 2005
Each building has its own texture sheet, and some of the models share the same sheet. The church has 2 texture sheets. When i began this project i wanted to have it running in the Unreal engine so my texture sizes range from 512x512 through to a few at 2048x2048. At the moment im being tempted by the HL2 engine, I ran tests in both but it looks alot nicer in Source.

Heres the main sheet for the church, ill post more soon.

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  07 July 2005

Fantastic work , i dont´s word.
  07 July 2005
nice work,

  07 July 2005
I like it, I wonder how it looks up close though. What type of game you making this for? if it is fps that method of texturing will make it really hard to keep good detail up close. That is the only thing I see. Besides that it looks really cool.
  07 July 2005
Very very nice. This would look good as a cityscape for a 3rd person zombie game.
  07 July 2005
These are lovely models..very nice indeed.

My only concern would be your texture format. You are treating these models as if they where a character, they are not they are buildings . Doing "sheets" as you have for building is a bad idea for later on in development of other Environmental assests. You can't get pixel density consistancy across a level and the actual detail of the textures is so lo-res that if you get to close all you see are pixels and no detail at all.

These may look good as a render but I'm sure you will find that once running around a city textured in this way they will start looking not much more detailed the Quake I ...

The best thing to do is to create texture Sets for your building... Individual 256x256 etc that tile. You can do sets that form larger details like the murals of your church, but break it up into sets of individual textures. It's far more efficent for the engine and allows for greater re-usability of all the textures.

Just because you can....does not always mean you should...
  07 July 2005
Kaylon - I think a mix of the two is considered the way to go these days. Many new game engines actually do use sheets like these, PGR3 for Xbox360 uses 1024x1024 sheets for each building and it looks photoreal, its pretty amazing. I am sure for things like sidewalks and roads and the less-detailed sides of the buildings they do use tiles as well. Tiling is getting harder as people expect more and more finished detail around edges and things, I think it will be interesting to see if procedural textures like edge wear and edge dirt start to grow in popularity in response to this...
Adam Atomic :: Last Chance Media :: Buzz Kill
  07 July 2005
That’s exactly right Adam. Using sheets provides allot more control when texturing, I’m going to use tiling textures for the pavements and distant meshes. As for up close detail, the environment is intended for a 3rd person game but because the textures are 1024x1024, and some even 2048, they look fine even in 1st person, ill post some in engine screens at some point.
  07 July 2005
For a 3rd person that is fine

The other question is about repeatable objects. Are you using repeatable objects with different skins? Main reason is that if your going to use this like this in UT2K4 it is going to make the engine work a good bit. How many 2048x2048 textures do you have? I guess considering your using it on big objects you can use a bit but also that will make it hard to keep texture memory down… Poly wise I do not think it will be too much of a problem but texture mem is what is worrying me and the idea of it not being repeatable objects. Also For such simple shapes the main buildings could be done in BSP with a texture placed.

This is kind of how I would go at it in UnrealEd.

-Build the the bsp structure

]Construct in a 3D program[

-trims corner and straight



-roof décor

-arch décor


-anything else you might need

Many of the top models could all be in a single 2048x2048 these objects are duplicated many times so it would be using the same textures instead of the engine going and doing a check on model and texture every time you see it.

It would look the same at the end just with lower resources.

Source engine works about the same also. The biggest problem is that with source you can not scale models… so if you want to have some details to look a bit different you can scale them differently in the Unreal Engine.

Looks great but I can see this being a problem when it comes to resources. I make a basic rule not to have a lot of 2048x2048 textures in my levels. Since Those usally cause more problems.
  07 July 2005
I agree mate. I only have a couple 2048x2048 textures, and I am repeating objects with different skins. Because the environment is quite large, I’m even repeating objects with the same textures in different places.

As for the engine, the one annoying thing iv found with Source is the physics meshes, especially for things like arches, a real pain.
  07 July 2005
I am currently an Environmental artist working on an Xbox 360 title and we could not even dream of using 2048's .. don't wanna burst anyones bubble or anything but you still have to work within a pretty tight texture budget...sure you can through poly's at the Xbox 360 and it will love it...(for the most part) but textures are still a prob and always will be. Hell we are even using 32x32 still along with our 256's to try and fit our stuff into memory.

We are using a shader technology to battle our way through some of the prob's we have encountered. We have some very talented GFX coders ( one of which wrote Deep UV and Deep Paint) who have custom written a new multi layer DX9 shader that is truly stunning to see. It's basicaly the only way to compete now..gotta keep pushing the edge.

Just because you can....does not always mean you should...
  07 July 2005
I suppose im kinda taking advantage of the fact that im only making one environment, not a whole game, in which case its not really an issue, and 2048s are perfectly acceptable in the Unreal engine as specified on the UDN. If i was working on anything bigger i wouldn’t dream of it.
  07 July 2005
I have updated the first set of pics to some hi res versions, ill have some new pics soon..

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  07 July 2005
Ok, here’s a render of a medieval crane on the industrial side of the environment, the texture still needs some work, but iv got other things to worry about at the mo...

This is a broken bridge from the environment, still need to texture it....im kinda putting it off!

  07 July 2005
Is this a crane in the Gdansk (city of poland) near the Motlawa river?? Its so similar. Really nice work in that, and nice destruction on the bridge. The other side of bridge should be also destructed a bit, couse its heavy so the weigh of it should destroy it a bit.
Architect of Fear
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