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Old 02 February 2015   #31
Finished unwrapping with 3D Coat. Again, I gotta say that program has some pretty awesome unwrap tools! Ended up rearranging my UV's and starting over on my textures. I could probably use one more round of tweaking, especially on the boot.

I ended up wrapping the hexagon texture over another UV channel then baking it so I could use it in Photoshop as a layer. I also used this method to help get rid of UV seams. Current wire frames:

Currently rendering with mental ray using a SSS material for the skin, Arch and Design for the clothing and eyes, and standard material for the hair. I pushed the orange on the skin and gave the sclera a greenish hue to match the Starfire character more.

Tried getting the character into the Unity 5.0 beta to check out the materials and lighting. Heres how she looks in the engine:

Right now I'm using the standard shader and trying to make due with that. However the spec maps come off way too powerful, I assume spec goes in the Metallic slot. I think It looked better in the emission slot. I put the bump map into the Height map slot, but that just seems to stretch the texture weirdly when turned up. I popped the regular diffuse into the occlusion slot to darken up the texture a bit.

Might move on to rigging and get a decent illustration from this character. Any pointers on rigging that much hair, and make it work in engine?

Crits \ Comments \ Grievances welcome!
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Old 04 April 2015   #32
Well its been quite a while!

The 3D visual team at work has been pushing towards getting into more interactive projects. I have been leading the charge since I have always found interactive media interesting. Back in collage I took a few courses learning Macromedia's Director and learning the Lingo scripting language that went along. Of course it turns out that I should have taken Flash and ActionScript as that became more popular during that time. I did do a couple of project presentations, for work, where I picked up Flash and ActionScript a few years ago. And now Flash is fading away as well.

On to Unity3D and picking up c#. If my current trend holds these will also be gone within four years or so. (Fingers crossed, I hope not!) I have jumped into a few projects using Unity to try and get others at work interested in the tech and see the possibilities. One thing I was not sure I could pull off but greatly wanted, if these interactive projects get off there ground here at work, would be at least a rudimentary traffic system.

I started with a simple diamond interchange, as most of our projects deal with interchanges.

The car models are part of works library of models that I had to tweak so the tires would rotate while the cars were moving.

I started off getting a car to follow a waypoint system with much help from Christopher Cherubini's waypoint script on the unity forums. Even with the script explained in an amazing amount of detail I could get the car to go through a series of 8 waypoints, where at the end, it would then pick a random waypoint to travel to and continue randomly picking from there.

At a lan party a couple weeks ago I sat down with a programming buddy of mine, Jim Dunne, for about 12 hours straight hashing things out. First thing we did was just get the car traveling down a waypoint chain, and when it got to the end it teleported back to the beginning of the chain. From there we moved on to populating a set number of cars per chain and controlling speed limits based on passing through waypoints. The cars soon got the option to jump from one waypoint path to another. and then collision detection came into play. By about 430 am Sunday morning we came up with this.

Sorry for the awful camera controls! I cannot recall what every bit of code that Jim did to get to this point,but this was pretty awesome.

I spent the next couple days rigging up the rest of the cars, about 33, to go in as well as figure out how to randomly generate from the stash. Each car now has head lights and tail lights attached. (have not gotten around to getting lights to work)

Yay! Cars have a bit more randomness to color and type now! and the camera is now click to drag to look instead of stuck to mouse look.

From here I had started thinking about traffic control and getting lights to work. I took some of the waypoints and created a timer that worked like traffic lights do. Only in this instance green lights run for about 6 seconds and yellow lights for about 2.

Well I had a hard time figuring out where to go from from having the waypoints changing colors to actually getting the traffic to stop. So I ended up doing a bunch of visual upgrades to the scene. I started adding street lights and figuring out the best way to add the road grease and so on. At some point during this I had a thought that the cars detected each other, at least if there is a car in front of itself. So I had the intersection controller tell the waypoints that when they were red, they were cars. Had to do a bit more monkeying around with Jim's drive code, but I eventually got it to a point I'm pretty happy with.

I will probably do a bit more with this. Add to the landscape like some trees, a gas station, shopping strip. Would like to add in a night button to see how this performs with all the car lights and street lights and what not.

Any way here is the latest clean build and a few more screen shots.

Crits \ Comments \ High Fives welcome!
Level 34 Human 3D Artist
Old 04 April 2015   #33
Started roughing out a gas station for my traffic sim.

Still have to place lot lighting yet.

Currently I have spent the most time on the gas pump shelter. Also need light fixtures on the shelter itself.

The car wash and convenient store are still pretty rough. I'll start roughing in some interior bits and see how far I want to take them. Still trying to get the hand of materials in Unity. Have to play with texturing all around. No new build yet. I will put out a new one when I get the gas station to a more finished state.

Crits \ Comments \ Inquiry's welcome!
Level 34 Human 3D Artist
Old 04 April 2015   #34
like the work you did on this !
Old 06 June 2015   #35
Thanks, Leoooou!

It's been a while and I went back to an older project, the character from Wakfu.

Fixed the hands that were bugging me. Although they had about the right shape they were a bit too low poly. Also fix some loops in the face as well as put in full eyes as opposed to a textured in eye. And finally got around to making her side pouch.

A shot of her on the platform in the Unity engine. Ill have to see if i can get my hands on any toon shaders for Unity.

Crits \ Comments \ Jellybeans welcome!
Level 34 Human 3D Artist
Old 07 July 2015   #36
Re-modeled hair, because no model is ever done! I spent a heck of a lot of time figuring out how I wanted to go about rigging her. I spent some time with Mixamo autorigger which did a pretty decent job and very quickly setup a character for animation. Somehow I could never find how to setup a full hand with more than a thumb and on finger though. Also after Adobe bought them out, I believe the free rigs per month went the way of the dodo.

I just settled on using CAT, but had issues setting up independent rotations on the head and chest. If i clicked the option off in setup mode it looked fin until we went to animate mode, then the rig would just fold in on itself. I finally went through enough of the settings , a check box about additive to pose or something, that stopped the rig from doing that.

Once that was too my liking I finally got around to skinning. I think this is probably one of the more frustrating parts of character animation. I started off my 3D career rigging in Lightwave 3D, but we never got int to weights or skins or such. 3DS Max's auto skin setup was pretty bad. I ended up 100% weighting all verts to the pelvis then going bone by bone from there. I also tried a simple face rig and a simple bone chain for the hair as well.

If anyone has any good tutorials for skinning, please share!

Anyway, on to animation! I went in game and grabbed a few screen shots of my character in an idle pose. Found that the characters randomly settle into one of three poses.

Once in the pose the character had no other movement. So I posed her up and gave her a looping "breathe" animation for each pose. It is always a challenge to be more subtle and not have too much bouncing around. I grabbed some Gifs from Max for fun.

I brought the character into unity and setup the camera to match the game and gave it some interactivity to swing it around the character. I also learned a bit about using the Animator component and created a c# script to randomly switch between poses at random amounts of time. Anyone know how to embed a unity webgl thing? Anyway here is a >> LINK << to it.

There are a bunch of other emotes in the game, and I remember getting a few when I first started. I want to get as many of those into the mix and maybe get the sounds as well.
Level 34 Human 3D Artist
Old 03 March 2016   #37
So its been almost a year since I last touched this. Yikes!

I decided I wanted to make my own cloud system And after attempting to follow a bunch of tutorials I came up with this:

I pulled 4 png's from googling "cloud png" and created a few materials with the shader setting "Particles / Additive"

Then just created 4 planes and slapped the materials on them.

I cobbled some c# script together to help me copy a specified amount of these planes in a kind of dome around my area. I am also able to specify how large that area is as well as have the scrip randomly place clouds starting at a certain height and generate random speeds.

I can also control the brightness of the clouds, so less bright and less dense:

or brighter and denser:

even works pretty well with unity lighting:

Maybe I will get back around to working this project up. Or just getting back into anything in general!
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Old 06 June 2016   #38
Taking assets I created for the Hero Spawn Point I am creating a side scrolling level based off world 1-1 of Super Mario Bros for the new. Here is my first pass laid out in Unity.

2nd Pass at the level. Adding in bits of broken path and figured out what to replace the pipes with. Good ol' barrels! Don't know why these are stacked here! Also added a cave at the end to move on to the next level! Started adding bits of character control. A double jump system, otherwise those are some tall jumps! Not sure why the character seems to get stuck when it hits the side of a ledge instead of just falling down. will finally fall down when I let off the forward key.

Probably get a third pass and add in some vegetation.
Level 34 Human 3D Artist
Old 06 June 2016   #39
Still working on the 3rd pass adding in grass and ferns. Also added in a fill light and softened up the shadows.

Modified my Wakfu character with a new "Do" and a medium armor set to be the adventurer!

Continuing the 3rd pass and coming up with new animations for the adventurer.
Level 34 Human 3D Artist
Old 06 June 2016   #40
Created some quick animations to get the adventurer running around in game. Idle, walk, run and fall loops to get started.

Here is what she is looking like in game:

Level 34 Human 3D Artist
Old 06 June 2016   #41
Cool, I like the incremental progression. A little more progress each time and before long you'll have it done.
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Old 06 June 2016   #42
@WyattHarris, right!? I should be done with any one of these any day, month. decade from now!

Like this last project I dredged up from 2011 and put into Unity because I would like to head towards real time rendering. I converted the whole of textures from 3ds Max's Arch & Design to Unity's standard shader and played with lighting and camera effects. Old renderings can be found here: http://nickw4rdport.blogspot.com/20...et-station.html

Level 34 Human 3D Artist
Old 08 August 2016   #43

I found this image while going through the first of the VERTEX Books and while having a bit of free time I decided to do some modeling for fun! My progress so far:

Feels like I may have to widen him out a bit more.
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Old 09 September 2016   #44
Well this ILM Challenge over on Artstation is finally over and I can finally post this! Though It seems I cant post it all in one go so I'm gonna spam a bit here. Sorry!

As an artist who is trying his damnedest to move into a more creative and entertaining field I was hoping for more from this challenge. Some sort of feedback would have been more worth it to me than finishing up a couple of pieces of art. Instead I'm left wondering, why didn't I move on? It's OK that I didn't move on, I didn't expect too, but why? Although with my track record for completing personal projects I should be happy I completed this!

Here is 10 days of me a few months ago ignoring family and friends so I might gain some incite as to how to improve.


Starting out the Star Wars "The Moment" challenge hosted by ArtStation, ILM and Wacom. Think I'm going to have my "Moment" set at a train (tram?) station as our protagonist is about to set off on his journey.

I've collected some references and put together a quick sketch of how I would like my scene laid out.
The idea of stairs that run under the track really resonates with me as I take the train into work and we have been having a unusually high amount of pedestrian incidents this year.

I have made a few bits of modular geometry to get this party started. Typical sections of the track and support structure for the track.

Here are stairs and tiles for the walkway underneath the track and the pedestrian loading bridges.

Time to start arranging things now!


I created a nice curved path for the track to follow as well as the rest of the environment and have things laid out where I want them.

I now have a pretty good trench going, but no open exhaust port at the end to lob torpedoes into!

Brought the scene into Unity3D for texture setup and lighting:

Next up station, platform, shelters and background.
Level 34 Human 3D Artist
Old 09 September 2016   #45

Stuck to the basic shape of the station in my sketch drawing from the trapezoid windows and sliding doors found throughout the Star Wars universe. Think it still needs a few antennas.

Found a font similar to the galactic standard typeface used in Star Wars to match closely with what I saw in the reference photos. It just says "tram station" around the shelter a few times.

And the layout so far:

On to finishing up that back ground!


Created a few modular pieces to help me get the background going. A few random wall panels, a window panel and loading dock / parking garage entrance.

Used the new tiles to create a larger building with its own parking garage. Of course they charge like a hundred and twenty a day! Also pieced together a smaller building for the opposite side of the tracks.

Brought it into Unity and toned down some of red saturation and played a bit with lighting:

On to the actual tram!
Level 34 Human 3D Artist
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