My First 3D attempt WIP

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  01 January 2014
The more practice the better. I'd suggest not to get attached to your sculpts and just concentrate on developing a workflow and practicing proportion and anatomy. I know some people will just do an ear or something over and over because that's a toughy for them.. or hands... dozens of hands.

Not saying you should only do one thing like that, but if you are new to ZBrush, and especially if you are new to cg sculpting, I'd suggest just practicing and not worrying too much if each piece is "finished".
  01 January 2014
Ok Thanks I see what you guys are saying and makes sense just do several different characters and work on one aspect until I get it down and then start over and practice a different aspect trying to master one thing at a time by repetition than staying on one object trying to get it all.

Thats basically why I haven't moved on yet though as I am trying to get creases and wrinkles as they seem to be my nemesis. I havent done a whole lot with the face other than pushing a few things here and there to get the overall shape I want.

where I have spent 3 days is creating and deleting eye creases over and over abt 2 million times. lol I havent even thought abt any other part. so I guess in essence I am doing as you suggest it just doesnt look that way because I havent moved on to another figure yet because I havent gotten the eye creases on this one yet to even be remotely acceptable for a start.

so basically creases and wrinkles are my focus of study right now so maybe if I work on a different project it may come to me. I have had cad projects where I am learning to draw something just not get it then move to another one and bam am able to do the part and so then can go back and create tyhe part in the original project
  01 January 2014
Creases and wrinkles are nice details, but how are you with forms and skeleton, laying muscle on skeleton, laying fat on muscle on bone, then laying skin on fat on muscle on bone...? If you know how fat acts, how gravity affects the way fat hangs, that will also help you know where folds and wrinkles occur. Wrinkles are also affected by the way muscle pulls, especially around the mouth and eyes.
  01 January 2014
I understand what you are saying but I think your missing my point in that yes I need to learn all that and brush up on my anatomy (used to be a navy medic had a lot of A & P classes) but in order to be able to do skeletons muscles etc I need to learn the software and software tools to be able to manipulate stuff thus I started with just a base mesh and figured if I can draw convincing wrinkles then that means I have learned how to use the tools in the software and can go farther then and try using those same tools and work on my forms muscles bulging veins etc.

just knowing anatomy and where everything goes does me no good if I cant use the software or the software tools to draw with. it might be cause I am an old dog trying to learn new tricks or something, but the way I view it you need to know how to operate your equipment before you can build. like there is no way a person can build say a dog house for their dog if they dont know how to use a hammer, saw, or tape measure. and that's what I am doing is before i build my dog house I am learning how to use the tools I need to build it plus train my eye what to look for.
  01 January 2014
Do what you want, after all, this is just advise, but you'll wind up using the Move and Clay Tube brush a LOT more anyways than the damStandard brush or inflate for that matter. And as you've probably guessed, Move and Clay Tube is for building form and blocking out proportions. *shrug*
  01 January 2014
yea im only using the move, smooth, standard, and custom crease brush right now
  01 January 2014
I use DamStandard and Inflate a lot to create wrinkles and folds. *shrug*
  01 January 2014
It's best if you start by hard surface modeling in a 3d software. Organic is more difficult specialy if you don't know your software.

Recreate furniture is a good start after you can built a car (both hardsurface and organic) then a head
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  01 January 2014
if you are having problems making smooth wrinkles, try turning on (and adjusting) Lazy Mouse.
  01 January 2014
thanks Scote but I do hard surface modelling all the time when I doing my 3D cad and I am doing this to get away from that stuff and to just relax. I'm basically just doing it to give me something fun to do in my free time thats why I chose organic cause it is so different than what I do for work.
  01 January 2014
Originally Posted by Drakaran: if you are having problems making smooth wrinkles, try turning on (and adjusting) Lazy Mouse.

I use the lazy mouse etc its not a problem in making them my problem is that I am making them too unnatural looking like too straight or too curvy I need to find a happy medium to get them to look natural and flowing. its not so much the fleshing them out it is the initial layout of them so they look more organic and natural and less mechanical.

thats wherein my problem lies i am so used to making straight lines etc in my cad work I need to retrain my muscles to relax and flow. lol my head says flow my hand on the mouse says draw straight line hehehe
  01 January 2014
Hey Red,
Speaking of learning your brushes,

I find it easiest to do wrinkles by laying down the indention of the creases first with the regular sculpt tool with a high fall off
(Important, this can include the Alpha Image, not just your 'Focal Shift' ).
Then using the inflate tool to fatten up the wrinkle itself

I haven't updated ZB in a while, but the older versions don't come with this Alpha.
They come with a similar one, but not as pointed.

I find that the fall off on my ZB brushes is very important to how they will act (that's in any software i guess)
so don't just rely on the focal shift and their default alpha images, make sure you're creating some gray scale image fall off's of your own and testing them with different brushes

A custom one I really like is a half sphere of the pointed fall off, with the other half very gradual. This allows for a one sided indention that can be very useful.

Have fun with your hammer swinging
- Bergquist
  01 January 2014
well today I got some help modeling up a gorilla bust. I had it pretty well messed up but with I was able to get some help and we got it finished. I then took it into zbrush and transposed it into the pose I wanted. Then used the zremesher and retopoed it and its now ready for sculpting. So I got to learn quite a bit about polymodelling in 3ds max as well as using transpose master and the different ways to do masking in zbrush. so all in all a very productive day. now I can start blocking things in.

I do actually listen to you guys but I just hate to stop in the middle of trying to get something right like the creases. but I found a way to sneak that in with this one lol. here is the look I am going for in this bust and then where things are now in order of progression.

  01 January 2014
Ugh. ZRemesher always does such a terrible job with any torus shapes (like the ears, nostrils, and eyes). Did you try using guides to help it?

If you're going to use zremesher anyways, you could just start with a dynasphere and go from there.
  01 January 2014
naw I didn't use guides lol had to go out yest and buy a new hd had a crash now finally almost finished installing everything again.

I will be messing with the guides and stuff soon. I had nice topology before I remeshed it but after I opened the mouth and stuff I wanted to clean it up maybe I should have just left it alone and worked with the original mesh?

I am also going to do a muscle analysis thing and take a low poly mesh made from zspheres and start placing muscle things all over it so I get used to sculpting them in the correct places etc
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