My First 3D attempt WIP

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  01 January 2014
Just had to play with the forehead and so now I'm happier with the forehead

  01 January 2014
oh yes, that's looking much better

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  01 January 2014
Thanks I need to do some checking now I found this reference for high cheek Square Jawed Proportions for the "Perfect Face"

  01 January 2014
Ok before I go onward can someone double check what I think I am needing to finish the face shaping before I move on to detailing. I looked and looks like I have the Heart shape there like it is supposed to be so here is what I think I need to do

1: the cheeks need to be puffier ie fuller and softer not so hard looking

2: the eyes nee work they need to be puffier and more filled out not so flat and hard looking

3: not sure around the mouth area I think it needs something done there but dont know what. the lips look fine to me maybe add a little more definition for those 2 (here's some really scientific speak coming lol) lines that go from the nose to the upper lip in the center

other than those 2 spots not sure. I know there is the crease on the side but she is young and in my opinion would not really show that crease hardly unless she has a big smile going on

  01 January 2014
Hey Red,

a couple quick things that may or may not help, hehe

You're trying to get the basic form of your female's head at too high a poly count.
Some people work with zbrush in a more "build up clay" type of modeling, but I find that its much easier for me too get these basic proportions at a much much lower poly count.

ok, on to face stuff
I've done a little paint over for you to show you distinguishing lines of the face to notice in your model vs real life female (aka megan fox)

the blue lines on megan's face are good, and the yellow lines on your face are... not so good
Note that the lines around your face are straighter and more angular than the blue curves, and not quite aligned the same way

Hope this helps, Cheers!
- Bergquist
  01 January 2014
thanks I see what you are saying with the lines.

as for the poly count that is only for a clearer picture I have been working at the lowest level polycount which is 9600 is for the entire body I bump it up 1 subdivision level is the max I use to work on it which is like 36 or 38k poly fro entire body.

Here are the 2 poly counts first is lowest level second is only 1 sub D on it I havent touched it at the next level sub d as ppl say it can give you a lumpy look working at high levels before you get the shape so I swap back and forth between level 1 and 2

  01 January 2014
ll I kept screwing up last night some so I decided to work on another project so I had a fresh look at it. I downloaded Sinjay Singh's free base female midget and I spent today working her face and I got the cheeks and jaw just the way I wanted it. I worked slower on this and with a lighter touch and it worked here is a few pics. next I will start detailing around the eyes adding creases and a few slight wrinkles. I will be making her into a dwarf female from the hobbit movie

  01 January 2014
thanks for that berg you know how hard it is to find female midget or female dwarf ref material? you cant. there is one photo place that I remember having one but I cant seem to find it now. so I can look up hobbit and find lots lol. problem is they arent midgets so dont really have the same body type but ill make it work
  01 January 2014
well been trying to do some detailing couldnt get the eye wrinkles etc the way they looked natural so took break and went for detailing the lips. I am pretty happy with the outcome

  01 January 2014
got the area at top of nose and between eyes to where I am happy

  01 January 2014
not bad, wrinkles around the eyes can be some tricky stuff

I like between the eyebrows, but i think the 2 lines between the eyes look... i don't now, skewed some how, like they're just wavy, not really contouring to the nose if that makes sense.

- Bergquist
  01 January 2014
yea I need to build those up yet but held off because not sure if they need to be there yet or not I will know more as I get it fleshed out and right now it is easier to get rid of them if I need to
  01 January 2014
I havent read all the thread but I saw something about scale. You should play with your zbrush export settings till you can GoZ out of zbrush and into max at the correct height. The advantage to this is being able to work in 2 applications if needed. A small model will make it hard to work in 3dmax.

When you start out on a project like this it is difficult to keep sight of the end goal and easy to get lost in details. I dont know what art background you have but you will make it easier on yourself if you break up the project by doing a lot of quick face studies in zbrush between working on the project. This will give you a better feel for volumes and what is attractive. I would do lots of zbrush sketches of beautiful female faces then move onto sketching the entire figure, nude.

As you can see the short fall of using reference is there are so many points in between which can make or break a piece. Refs are good for anchors but they are not the entire solution.

Free yourself up and have fun sketching pieces you dont spend too long on. In the begining concentrate on attractive figures then move onto the more unusual ones because the beauty in attractive studies is quicker to evaluate initially.

Have fun.
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  01 January 2014
thanks Kanga

art whats art lol I am a cad man dont have a stitch of artist training in me. I am doing this for fun and mainly because I want to draw up and sculpt a 12 inch WWI and 12" WWII fighter pilot one of these centuries so I can 3D print him out and put into my flying model planes.

so I figure I would try to learn this stuff, plus I always wanted to try it . in the case of the dwarf gal wife and me went to see the hobbit last weekend and I wanted to do a Dwarf woman.

Pretty is in the eye of the beholder, and maybe I am wrong here, but I look at a beautiful woman or handsome mans face and they are smooth no wrinkles nice shape.

To me I want something to challenge me and push me and some unattractive worn weathered wrinkled assymetrical face is attractive to me. it gives character to the person. My big problem right now that I been watching videos and looking at other peoples stuff is forehead and corner of the eye creases when I do them they just dont look natural so i spam the control Z button and start over.

Im an old guy so I have plenty of patience and the fact that if I can master these creases and wrinkles it will make it a lot easier when I can get to do my pilots to do the folds in the cloth on the WWII one and the folds in the leather jacket on the WWI one.

as far as full figure I just using it mainly for sculpting the face I am not worried about the rest of the body Just figure once I finish the face I will take a break from banging my head on the wall trying to get the face in and do something different like clothes so I have something new to bang my head against the wall with ))

So I understand where you are coming from, however with these first few I am mainly more concerned about learning how to use the software than anything. Once I know how to use the software and to train my eye as to what I should be looking for in my reference and what I should be looking at when I am looking at my sculpture, then I can get serious about worrying abt making a beautiful sculpture whether it is a beautiful male or female or a worn faced grizzled one, because then I will have the knowledge abt using the tools and can then learn abt how to be an artist.

Again thanks to everyone these are the comments I am looking for because they give me some kind of direction to go to go from Cad guru to Artist guru. I am abt a 9 working in my 3D cad program and abt a 2 in my art stuff so I have a long ways to go yet on my art knowledge
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