Nutrio part 2

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  12 December 2013
Nutrio part 2

Whoop whoop, decided to make part 2 of my previous demo reel. Here's a link to give you some context on where I'm headed. I had 6 months to finish that in school so I'm going to give myself 6 months to make this new one.

So in my previous story the child was being hunted and our hero fought off some evil knights while trying to escape to save it. In doing so, he received some critical wounds, and so leaves us with part 2. In the beginning I want a low camera shot of the old hero's hand on the floor and the new hero in the background picking up the child from him so we can presume he has died from his wounds by the time the new hero arrives. The new hero makes his way to the outskirts of the city and into the forest... I don't plan on having any shots for that transition, just him in the forest. I want a torn piece of cloth on a bush that the camera focuses on and then refocuses past it to the hero walking. Then he would reach the entrance to the ruins of an abandoned temple/church. I was then planning on having a pack of wolves intervene before he was able to enter the temple and that would be the end of part 2.

The forest would have fall colors because I feel it's an appropriate season after the first hero dies. Also I want to have the contrast of the cold/cool temple with a warmer forest.

There is no animation, besides camera animation. I'm trying to get as photoreal as I can within my time limit. The main "money" shot I'm concerned with right now is when he reaches the temple.


The top image is a wip of the temple, I was thinking of having the temple have holes in the roof and front where the windows would be able to get some nice god rays coming through. The bottom image is a wip of the new hero.(I still have a lot of sculpting and texturing to do) I would love to hear what you guys think about my concept thus far and if you would change anything. I'll be adding updates as often as I can.
  12 December 2013
Update #1

envwip_02 by 3dnetzel, on Flickr[/IMG]

Added my first trees and did a little ground work, yahooo
  01 January 2014
Update #2

Happy New Year Everyone!

I tweaked the lighting a bit to get the cools and warms I wanted. I added a couple more plants and trees. I'll be adding even more plants and a couple of younger trees for the next update and some wild grass.

  01 January 2014
Update #3

I added a couple of more plants and a smaller tree. I want a little bit of crimson red in there, so I'll probably make a tree with red leaves and a small plant with red leaves to help add more variety in color. Right now all of my fallen leaves are orange/yellow, so I plan on making some browns and breaking up the pattern a bit. Also I have to rotate some plants because a lot are facing the same direction. I'm thinking of also adding some green grass like what's in my reference.


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  02 February 2014
Update #4

So it's been awhile since I last updated. I added more plants and some new trees. I liked the idea of having a gradient of color from green to orange then red. I thought it would be neat to have the temple be cold/blue and it's as if the tree's are starting to die around it first from the chill it's giving off. I started tweaking around with compositing to try and find the look I want to achieve.

For my next update I hope to finish modeling the temple and then start to destroy it a bit. I'm going to add some more filler plants and hopefully I have time to add a fallen log. Also I have to clean up areas where no branches are touching leaves.

Whelp that's all for this update.

  02 February 2014
Wow! The plants are looking great!

Do you plan on adding any more to the Cathedral? I think it could use a little depth. Maybe a tower or two, and some flying buttresses would do the trick. Right now, it looks like a flat facade, so maybe adding some stuff behind it would help it look like a proper Cathedral.

  02 February 2014
Thanks for the feedback! I haven't really thought about adding more depth to the cathedral, but now that you mention it, I can see the awesome potential. I'll definitely add some flying buttresses and towers further back.
  02 February 2014
Can I ask what you use for your wireframes?
  02 February 2014
I'm using Maya and Mentalray

Part 1

1. Assign a lambert and have the color be white and the ambient color also be white. Find the Shading Group and click lambert2SG or whatever you called it.

2. Under the mentalray tab of that window click Enable Contour Rending. Then turn your color from white to black.

3. In your render settings in the Features tab find Contours and then Enable Contour Rendering.

4. In that same tab under Draw by Property Difference, I enable Around all poly faces and around silhouette.

5. This might only apply to me, but make sure in your Render Settings under Quality it's set to legacy sampling mode.

Part 2

Make an Ambient Occlusion Pass

I then Mix(not multiply) the ambient occlusion over my beauty image. On top of that I Multiply my Contour pass, so the wireframes are easier to see, but I still get a little color in there.

For my knight it was already pretty dark so I inverted my contours and used the equivalent of Screen in photoshop. I also used a mask to only show it in the middle of the screen.

Hope this helps.

contour_02 by 3dnetzel, on Flickr

contour_01 by 3dnetzel, on Flickr

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  02 February 2014
Oh wow, thanks. I did something similar in my reel but, it didn't come out as well as yours did, I think I will follow your steps instead and see what happens.

I like how your scene is coming out btw, it looks really awesome.
  03 March 2014
Update #5

I'm pretty darn close to finishing the cathedral model, I just have a few finishing touches here and there. I'm in the process of UV unwrapping and deciding how best to texture this beast. Thankfully I instanced a lot of geometry, which is helping me a ton with the unwrap and texture process. Next update I hope to have the cathedral fully textured and shaded.

forest_wip_041 by 3dnetzel, on Flickr
  03 March 2014
Wow! The Cathedral has so much more depth to it with all of the added work.

Did you make any other test renders with the tower at different positions? It does look a little distracting from your door and character, since its right in the middle of your composition. I'm just throwing out ideas here, but maybe you can shift the door and the character closer to the middle of the frame, and have the tower behind the Cathedral and off to the left of the door? If you shifted the Cathedral to the right some more, you may also be able to see the side of the roof on the main hall. That could reflect a little sunlight, and further help add some depth to your building.
  03 March 2014
This scene is looking better and better. That's a whole lot of elements coming together well.
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  03 March 2014
Thanks AJ, Bianca and Wyatt for your encouragement!

Thanks again AJ for the feedback! This wouldn't look as pretty without your critique. I really appreciate it.

I moved the tower over like you said to give it better flow, and the character and door are closer to the rule of thirds. Looking at it again, I might move the tower over to the left just a nudge.

forest_wip_042 by 3dnetzel, on Flickr
  03 March 2014
Wow! The cathedral has so much more presence now. I think rotating it more towards your character really helps bring the focus in.

Have you also thought about showing your full character? It just seems odd how you've got the full cathedral, but the characters legs are cut off. It he mean to be walking to the cathedral, or just looking at it?
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