Classic Snow White

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  10 October 2013
Classic Snow White

So I decided to revisit my Snow White project from earlier this year. I found an old classic Disney picture to go off of, and to tried and recreate it. I think it turned out pretty good, but before I go any further and waste my time, I wanted to get some feedback..

I'd love to get more realism out of my Vray SSS skin shader, but I think I will revisit that next week with some help from you guys.

Anyways, Here is my latest work. I would much appreciate some thoughts.
Thanks in advance.

(The Reference Photo)

(My Latest Render)
  10 October 2013
hi, if youre trying to recreate that particular reference, i think you should keep the same camera angle, and stack your render and reference images one on top of another. this way youll see what is off and whats good.

cause from the first glance, its obvious that your pose isnt right, overall forms and proportions arent right, ans especially the face needs lot more attention. cause now shes not looking at the apple, shes not smiling and shes missing her calm appearance. she seems like shes looking at something scary in front of her.

bringing her face a bit down and the apple a lot closer to her face would help. also the elbow joint needs to be remodeled
  10 October 2013
She was actually my first attempt at creating a character. At first I started to try and model after all the Disney photos of snow white, but the Disney character is very cartoon like and not proportionate. So I guess I tried to keep the best of both worlds and model off of real female figures, and try to resemble the face after snow white... If that makes sense.

I can't bend the elbow anymore without getting some pretty hard creases in the elbow lol. Beginners mistake in modeling I guess.
I'm sure If I where to start the female model over from scratch, it would turn out a hundreds time better.

Does this suck? Should I start over? Should I try and make it more realistic, or keep it "Disney"??

Thanks for the input.
  10 October 2013
I agree...

Hi leblanc980, I have to agree with kybel's comments, I think you have lost the context of your scene as kybel suggested, and even if you are going for the Disney proportions your model till doesn't match up (comparing the upper body for instance) the arms need to be fatter as well. Is it possible to post wires of your model to see you topology?
  10 October 2013
I was trying to keep proportions to a real female, not Disney.
I know it looks kind of "off".

I pulled the wireframe with Turbosmooth turned off.
It's funny, I started this so long ago, you can tell from the horrible topology

I think it would save me a lot of time if I just started it over.
I see to many tri's in this mesh lol.
  10 October 2013
Hey there,

Not sure why she is wearing gloves as she is not wearing any in your reference photo? Her eyes are also very flat. I also agree that the camera should be better placed. I also think that if Snow White was a real life character she would be built more like Marilyn Monroe than Lindsay Lohan, if you get what I mean.

Just keep going at it and don't stop, every time you work on it, it will get better that is how we all learn.


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  10 October 2013
The head area seems to be incredibly dense (which would lead to problems I think) it maybe best to start over as this may save time fixing areas. I myself am experimenting with a head topology, indicating the coloured as primary topology contours.

Here's my progress so far (has been slightly updated since then)

Started to build the eye from an initial primitive shape and added more, I used a similar method for the mouth also.

Uploaded with
  10 October 2013
Thanks everyone for the kind direction.
That eye tutorial is going to help me a lot as that was one of the things I couldn't get right.
I'm going to start over, and get it right this time.

I was actually thinking last week if I where to start over, I might model Snow White closer to Katy Perry. She is as Snow White as it gets. Plus there would be unlimited reference images.

I added the gloves for two reason, #1, it adds to the scene, #2 the original hands looked messed up.

Don't get me wrong, the reference image of snow white is just a reference. I'm trying to add my own style to it though if I can make it more appealing, not being a true 1:1 copy.

Thanks again everyone.
  10 October 2013
I like that idea...

The Katy Perry idea sounds like a good one, something I can really imagine...
  10 October 2013

I had a quick search to look at her facial expressions, I would suggest collecting a range a marking out her facial contours. I have done this for some examples below...

I hope my marking up isn't too confusing.

Uploaded with
  10 October 2013
Thanks Artdigital. That was very generous of you. I like that idea. I'll post up some progress when I get started.
  10 October 2013
So I followed the idea you showed me @artdigital about drawing out the contours of her face, which I must say really helped me from going off track.

I also used your method of creating the eyes, and mouth from the cylinder shape which was invaluable. It saved so much time and was so much cleaner than anything else I've tried.

Here is my WIP. Still sort of rough, but its taking shape.

--Turbo Smooth--
  10 October 2013
You should lower your topology.. You start to high. It's easier to start low and add a subdivision then the other way. Your way is too hard to model well the main shape.

Casting Refs: - CG Movies list:
  10 October 2013
Hello leblanc980, firstly, it's great that you have chosen to follow this technique but kinda have to agree with Scote, and I may have misled you slightly.

This method is to first define contours of the face on an image first (to help with topology) then start simple first (the eye) then shaping that area (around the eyeball) then decide whether you may need extra edges, this method is to create the area first and gradually build upon it.

In the first image I sent I showed a topology I am currently working with I defined coloured areas as the main contours to define. I personally think you do get it but jumped a bit making your face to dense to quick.
  10 October 2013
i would highly recommend using also some 3/4 view
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