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  09 September 2013
...and here comes the third character...


I put some sweat on the blue character, but I think I should rather go with more droplets on the forehead, than letting it slide down at the side, or maybe I am going to combine these two things. I changed the teeth in his mouth as well, made them more carved and different.

As well as I started to put textures on another character as well. These are only the basic colours to see how it is looking and getting a rough idea. I definitely want to give her lots of freckles on the face and the hair will be changed as well. But as the hair is going to interact with another character so I will put it into its final position when I finished the other character as well. I also want the shorts and the top looked more fabric.

So have a lovely Sunday and thanks a lot for all your feedback


  09 September 2013
The girl character is looking awesome! I just love those sneakers.
Colors match up nicely as well.

I think you should definitely go for droplets of sweat on the blue character, as you suggested. Maybe also make the saliva from the dudes mouth continuous? (I hope I am saying that right) Like drooling a bit

Keep it up!
  10 October 2013
thanks a lot for your reply uriman2004

I changed the droplets and the saliva on the blue character and put some freckles on the girl as well. Currently I am testing the new VRAY version, especially the new hair shader. I know that normally you shouldn't switch versions during a running project, but as it is an own one and it will take some time to finish, I thought I give it a try and so far, it is all working very nice. So I am still working on the girl and a little bit one the blue one, but also started to unwrap the next character, who is going to pull on the girl's hair.

Feedback is as always very welcome XD

Have a lovely weekend


  10 October 2013

Looking forward to see the next character.

  10 October 2013
thanks a lot

And here comes the one, who is going to pull on the girl's hair. As always at the beginning only basic colours for getting a rought expression and then I will go deeper into shading. Making the wings more translucent. I am even thinking about using some hair, like bats have it. but not sure about it yet. What is really driving me crazy in this case, is the eye color. Which one I should use. Because non of them is really fitting to a redish/magenta monster :( So any ideas?

Thanks a lot as always


  10 October 2013

Have you tried blue, green, or yellow for the colors? Though even now the colors are not that bad.

The only crit I could think of is that maybe the legs are a bit too long and thin to support the weight of the character. Maybe try to shorten the legs a bit?

Keep it up!
  10 October 2013
hm... yellow. I will give it definitely a try. I see what you mean with the legs, but if I am shortening them, she is looking ver unelegant and blunt. Maybe I just make them a little bit thicker. But thanks a lot for your reply. Next update is on it's way

Have a lovely evening

  10 October 2013
another update...


I just did some more work on the flying character

Put some SSS on the wings and some veins and bones on it. Did some more sculpting, although these are mainly little things, like some structure on the lips, on the wings and on the dots. I might make it a little bit stronger, so that it is better seen.

Have a nice Sunday and critics is as always very welcome :-)

The next character will be the hairy one


  10 October 2013
and my first layout of the very very hairy guy. Only overall colors and checking out, how everything is working together. I am not happy with the hair yet. Still testing all the settings in the new Vray Hair Material.

Feedback is as always very welcome. Have a lovely evening


  10 October 2013

Reminds me of Big Bird....
But I like it nonetheless. What do you think about adding a head band for the hairy guy? Just to add a bit of contrast.

Keep it up!
  10 October 2013
thanks a lot The head band is a great idea, I am just setting it up right at the moment XD
  10 October 2013
and a small update on the hairy guy. I think I should do something with the nails, they are too dark

  10 October 2013
Hey everyone,

I just throw all character images together, so that I can see, how they are looking next to each other. There is a new one on the bottom right side. I also did some little changes on the hair of the girl, put more different colours in and did some work on the textures of the hairy guy.

Currently I have six characters and I will just start to put them into the final scene and then I might do one or two more, if there is some space left. As well as I will also do some more tweakings on the texture in the final scene, when I have the final lightning.

Comments and feedback is as always very welcome

Have a nice Sunday


  10 October 2013
Hi Anna , there are some good progress .

here my 'critics' if you allows me :
the girl character : eyes look too flat, big and 'out of the head' - the thumbs are too 'high' they should not be at the same finger level .

the hairy blue character : a real head mesh to 'link ' the eyes and that way you could split the hair object in 2 ones starting "under" the head band , so you'll be sure that hair won't grow over it . Feet and legs look strange .. it'd need some more design work/research ( here it looks a "tube + a cube "HNed" :P )

the smily character : same thing that for the girl -> work more on the hands ( the thumbs ! more lower and some better finger design )

the bat character : same thing for the girl' eyes which look too flat/front the head ..they should be more deeper inside which would create some eyelip/brows wolumes .

the plant : excellent . just to say it ! ( could need more SSS effects )

the yellow guy : try to modify those "tube" effect ( like the eye junctions .. the body too ? ) . the lips looks too thin and modify the mouth corner ( a bit inner the head ) . arms looks a bit rectangular smoothed ? ( like a rectangle shape with inbetween point ... which doesn't give a good round shape , once smoothed in HN )

just my point of view Anna . hope you'll go on and finish your project

  10 October 2013
Hey Clement,

thanks so much, that's really really helpful I thought that the plant looks really nice, but had the feeling that the other characters are not having the same quality as the plant, but I couldn't really get the why. At first I thought it might be the T-pose, but that explanation didn't really convince me

So you helped me a lot and thanks for your detailed explanations. I will just start work on them and then post another update.

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