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  08 August 2013
Uh, do u know i just didn't think about it? Uhmm, it seems, a good idea, let me see if i find something suitable , maybe an R1 or Hayabusa engine. So i could model also a belt to connect the rear legs solving the same time another problem !!!
Thinking about it, it's not a good idea mate, it's a GREAT idea, and i'm gonna to do what u said.
Stay tuned to see how it fit.

EDIT: Find out that the H&D 103 V-Twin Cam is very scenographic and iconic. I'll add a turbocharger to improve the performances .
Thank u so much

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  08 August 2013
I'm starting to model the V-Cam engine for the Cheetah.
This is what i modeled so far.

  08 August 2013
Keep on modeling the engine. 50% done.
3 viewport shots, rendered, wireframed and shaded.
If anyone, thanks for watching.

  08 August 2013
Updates on the engine.
Please don't get me wrong but i honestly don't know if i'll keep on posting here. For sure i'll finish the project since i always finish my projects but the complete lack of interest forces me toward this choice. Anyway i've nothing against this beautiful site, i guess it's just my fault. Peace

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  08 August 2013
Quote: but the complete lack of interest forces me toward this choice.

Happens to me all the time with all my wips. Then I thinked, that maybe I look at this in wrong perspective. WIPs are primarily for you, like a journal of some kind. Comments and critics are just nice add-on. In short, don't stop posting. I noticed that almost all wips here have no answers untill they are mostly complete.
  08 August 2013

What u say seems wise, but i'm asking myself then what's the point to post something if no one looks at it. Basically to keep it in my own HD would be the same and it's exactly what i'm doing by now
Ok, this is a professional site where only top notch works or similar done by professionals seem worthy of some consideration, people who did some CG graphic school and works in some important studio or manage his own solo career in CG.
In some ''stickies'' here , written by someone called as ''Leigh'' i've read dummies have to keep on posting although they haven't comments or something, but it's absolutely unrealistic to be honest. Also, it's written that if people have no comments it means their works are terrible and not interesting. So i assume mine too is terrible and not interesting since 1+1=2 .
Mine isn't an accuse at all, the site's owners are free to do what they want with their site. It's free at the most after all. Mine has been just a bitter consideration, no less no more.
Anyway i'm keeping on my project, and i've to say things are really going in the right direction so that it's one of the rare time i'm really satisfied of the work so far. Practically i've finished the 74 motorcycle engine with the main chains and everything, i want all visible so no carter. I've to fit it into the cheetah now. I'm planning to model a turbocharger also to give the engine more performances. Then i'll add severals details to the cat.

Last but not the least... i'm not finding the opportunity to delete my account, what's wrong? Shouldn't it be in the user's profile & settings? Can anyone help me to directly delete my account without to ask the admins to do that?

OK, bye bye everybody and good modeling , folks. I'm already seeking for a CG site for dummies . Peace and love.

EDIT: I've found a dedicated thread for deleting accounts

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  08 August 2013
Originally Posted by Kangal: What u say seems wise, but i'm asking myself then what's the point to post something if no one looks at it.

But your thread already has over 500 views, what do you mean "no one looks at it"?!

Originally Posted by Kangal: Last but not the least... i'm not finding the opportunity to delete my account, what's wrong?

Okay, now you just being silly.
  08 August 2013
Bah, maybe i am, but i simply wrote what i feel. Now i know this should be a place to debate about our own works only, so i'll not steal time anymore.
Thank u for your reply and have a good staying here, unfortunely mine hasn't been at all, and i'm very sorry for that since i was enthusiast to take part to this community. But it didn't work for me.

Cheers and bye

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  08 August 2013
Well, while i'm waiting for my account's deletion , here's an update showed as clay only since i don't like to do renders if the modeling isn't finished. Cheetah's modeling is 50% done only. Then i'll pass to the Blade Runner look environment modeling.

Last edited by Kangal : 08 August 2013 at 01:01 PM.
  08 August 2013
I wouldn;t worry too much about the lack of feedback. I assume there's not much yet as a lot of the wip images you posted showed a very early stage of your cheetah. The first time I saw it I thought "Oh cool, let's see where that goes!". As you design this robot cheetah there's not much to criticize in the beginning because there are just a few parts of the whole thing. Once you have the whole cheetah assembled, then comments can be given for proportions, scale and the overall language of the design. Some people get comments on very early wip images because you can spot mesh errors for example. That step doesn't occur at you model as it is all NURBS.
I personally like the last two renders you posted. For the first time I can get an impression about what you have in your mind (in combination of the location of the engine). I think it is going into a cool direction and I haven't seen such a robot before. Keep on working and post the wip images.
In terms of design: I would also try to get more small detail onto the bigger parts like screws and hinges on the spine for example. Somehow all of this need to be held together. Especially the engine and the chain indicate some sort of futuristic low-tech-high-tech combination.

Here, this is not for the design language but more for believability and functionality:

  08 August 2013
Hi Andre
Thanks for your feedback and thoughts and suggestions.
Yes, i'm going to add details on the spine and everywhere. Particularry many things need still to be anchored somewhere (as u say), at the most i've already planned where and how. Then it needs some cinematic connections among the engine and the legs. About the rear ones, i already know how to do it, about the front ones instead i'll improvise something since the space is minimal. This thing frankly never could work in the real life, but i'd like to give it a minimum of credibility, that's why i'm also modeling an intercooler to be located beyond the chest.
It's a very long and complicated work so i think i'll go quite slow trying to give it some plausibilty and good looking.

Last edited by Kangal : 08 August 2013 at 09:50 PM.
  08 August 2013
cmon buddy. cheer up

dont delete your account, continue posting.
this is shaping to be a cool unique modeling WIP. since most wips are zbrush or poly models, very few nurbs solutions. sooner or later someone stops by to praise your work, or give you an advice that will guide you to a better result, and so on, so i say ... keep going!

good job man ,)
  08 August 2013
@ kybel
Thanks for your encouragement and words
Believe me, my purpose wasn't to be praised, i mean, we're all adult. Anyway, i admit it, mine has been a childish rush and i wrang to act that way. I'm a very moody and impulsive guy but then i tend to repent soon, like this time.
Yes i'll keep on posting, but not so often because this thing is quite complicated so i'm proceeding rather slowly, step by step trying to do a good work.
P.S (seen your portfolio, impressive !)

Last edited by Kangal : 08 August 2013 at 09:54 PM.
  08 August 2013
great to hear
  08 August 2013
I noticed now, that ribcage looks very organic in comparsion to the rest of model, like it is ribs of real cheetah get stuck into robot. If this is intentional, I'd adviced to place some more organic-ish details somewhere else, to help maintain uniform design. If it is not, then redesign them into something that have more "robot" feeling to it.
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