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  06 June 2013
Got the normal map working, did some work on the eye shader, and made a few geometry tweaks. The eyes aren't quite right yet. Still doing a few changes on those. Making some progress though

  06 June 2013
She has a quite an usual look (yet cool!) about her but I think you need to look at her face and figure what makes her so interesting, her distinctive nose, the curl at the corner of her mouth and her lips, finally her large eyes. Try to analyse the conturs of her face

Additionally, her face should be smaller than you have it at the moment


or this image I had scaled down your latest image and superimposed onto front profile, while the nose and mouth are a good fit, the eyes need to be larger and face outer profile (jawline) wider too

Uploaded with

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  06 June 2013
Thanks for all of your help! Your advice has been very useful. I worked on her profile, but it's still a little bit off. I will have to take a step away and just study her face for a while like you said. I think it might be helpful to collect more reference too.

Here is a small update before I take a break. Hopefully I can clear my head while I get some other things done and then get back to this later tonight.

  06 June 2013
Sometimes it's good to take a step back for a while, good luck. The funny thing is after I had finished last paintover suggestions I decided to watch Scott Pilgrim vs the World, I swear had no idea she was in it.
  07 July 2013
Well, step by step your work is improving.
Take your time - be patient - modeling a human face is difficult enough. Getting her to look like a real person even more so. Right now I have the impression, that her forehead is quite "perpendicular". I think it should curve a little bit earlier to the back.

Adding to Artdigitals comments I think that the valley with the eysocket in it continues visibly from the outer corner of her eye back and up, almost as if her cheekbone is angled back and upwards. But be careful there - that's what I get out of one photo. But the valley in that area is more visible then seen in an average face (if there is such).

Looking through your pictures of the model I often get the feeling, that it would be helpful to see her with a simple uniform material from time to time is rather helpful to better judge the form which (no pun intended) still needs tweaking. The textured version makes it more difficult (at least for me) to "read" the geometry.

Personally I'd not go to sculpting yet - but I'm often tweaking a bit too much on every vertex and thus should't be taken too seriously in these things.

Have fun improving your model even more every time you work on it

  07 July 2013
@ArtDigital I've seen that movie a few times and I didn't know that either xD

@Sagadur Thanks for the response! You were right about the forehead. I adjusted that as well as a bunch of other things. And I prefer moving vertices to sculpting anyways lol That's why I like working low poly so much.

All of your comments have been very helpful. I'm getting closer to the reference now. Still needs work, but it's nice to be making progress.



I think I need to tone down the normal map :P But that's not a priority. Also making the edits has messed with my UVs a bit so the texture might look weird. Need to fix that after I'm done tweaking vertices.

Also, one thing that gives her a unique look is the fact that her left eye is a little bit higher than the right one. I'll probably duplicate my mesh after this post and work on asymmetrical features and keep the other one for rigging.
  07 July 2013
Excellent progress made here!
I think you've definitely caught her likeness more here though I think the tip of her nose should be more softened than you have it, also judging from the side perspective view the corners of the eyes could be pulled back a little more but lookin' great!
  07 July 2013
Gah, yeah I noticed the eyes right after I posted. Here is one last update before I go out of town for a few days. When I get back I'll start on the body.

Thanks for all of the help! It really helps having extra eyes on it.

  07 July 2013
Great stuff!, could you post some more recent wireframes with your new topology please... also what are you using to create the hair?
  07 July 2013
As seen from the side view.. The area above her upper lip where it joins her nose, the "Hitler tash" area needs to move forward a bit so that it aligns approx halfway along her nostril. Use her side profile pic for reference and draw a line up the Hitler tash area and see where it bisects the bottom of the nose.

Also, her eyes seem to be too inset. there is topology beyond the eyelids which show that her eyes should actually almost be bulging.. In her photograph you can see the shape of her eyeballs raised in her occipital lobes.

The profile of her nose seems sightly too far forward to me, but if you address the other two items in this post, I suspect it may end up correcting that.

It's great work though, I'd be very pleased if I could bring it that far!
  07 July 2013
@ArtDigital The hair is just the default nHair in Maya. I haven't spent too much time on that yet lol

@Deadguy71 those are some really great suggestions. It does look like the eyes need to bulge more. Also the part with nostril: it's good to hear that because I was not really sure how to handle how the bottom of the nose blends into the upper lip. I'm not leaving until tomorrow morning now so maybe I will have some time to correct those issues.

Here are the most recent wires:

I gave myself just about the bare minimum amount of geometry to get a blink and make proper blend shapes haha
  08 August 2013
[removed post]

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  08 August 2013
Another render. I want to start cloth modeling now.

  10 October 2013
I have been heavily inspired by some of the recent work on the 3D stills forum so I decided to revisit this project

I have nothing special going on with my shader (phong) or lighting (area light) yet, but I got my normal map and texture map ready.

I think I'm sticking with MentalRay for this project because I am familiar with it.

I'll probably start working on an SSS shader even though it can be a pain to deal with sometimes. I need to clean up my texture as well.
  10 October 2013
Well I have some of problems I need to address with the shader and normal map.

The skin is looking too "lumpy" I guess. There are some transmission issues with the shader around the eyes. For now I just placed some images of hair over the render so I can get an idea of what it is going to look like. Also the iris is looking way too flat. I think that's just a problem with my geometry.

I just need to put in a lot more time into this project. I'm happy with the progress I'm making though.
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