Yet another rejection! Help!

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  03 March 2013
Angry Yet another rejection! Help!

Hey guys, I'm having trouble trying to understand why some of my work keeps getting rejected from the 3d Stills section of the forum. I've uploaded a couple pieces that in my opinion should have made it through and its really starting to become old news.

Can you guys please give me some expert advice or opinions on to why these two pieces of work haven't made it through. I've worked so hard, and I don't want to give up now.
I appreciate any help and thanks in advance.

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  03 March 2013
Hey man,

Have a look at this.
This guy did a pretty good job. The shot has depth, color, life, and volume.

If your struggling with designing your own composition, you could always use a nice photograph as reference. A lot of photographers use macro lenses to shoot bugs, and you get a lot of blur.

  03 March 2013
Hey AJ, I really appreciate the quick response.

I think what your saying made his work stand out, was the blurred out photo of nature behind the spider and web which gave it depth? I can understand that, and thought to go that route myself but I think it was more important for me to show whats on hand, and that's the modeling, lighting, textures, and creativity of the yellow jacket scene. Do you think I got punished because of that?

Thanks again
  03 March 2013
Hey man,

The blur helps bring focus to the insect. Its a special lens called a macro that produces that effect. It has a depth of field that can go down to a fraction of an inch.

It might also help to light your wasp from behind, as some rim lighting would better define the shape of the body.

Your wasp could also use some hair.

  03 March 2013
I'll give it a shot. And try and add more hair.
Thanks AJ.
  03 March 2013
Totally agree with AJ1.

And you should work the background, its incredible how a good background helps visually a lot. when you are learning color concepts this is one of the basics.

As you see in the bee example, the floor is the point closer to camera, i think the texture in that point should have more detail, you can easily appreciate how you didn't worked the UVs well. the bump is way to exaggerated, and the color is too plain, it should be more randomized.
I hope you can get your image posted someday, but you have some things to do yet.
  03 March 2013
All about the scene as a whole... ex: the wasp would be a great piece if it had an environment other than just the subject.
  03 March 2013
No ofence, but I would also not excepted this into gallery, and here is my reasons:

- Black background - never put black background in your renders, it looks so CG, that it hurts.
- Composition - not interesting.
- Lighting too flat. Very strong (sharp) shadows, that I think they would not be in this macro shot
- Hive
a) modeling too blocky, you need imperfections there. Hive bootom needs to go way deeper (bee should be able to put 2/3 of the body in the hole).
b) texture looks more like a sand, then like a hive texture. You need to make that sand much more tiled, and less solid looking, which brings me to the next part:
c) Shading. Or better: no shading at all. You need a strong translucent effect here, and you have none. Light should pass through the hive. Try to make shader something more like honey, less like a sand.
Compare your hive to this one:

Bee, similar as a hive, and you should also try to make much better shaders.
For example, wings of the bee are not just transparent, they are also translucent. Also bee body needs to have some translucency there.

Overall, I think this work have a potential, and you should not be discouraged because of rejection, but to try harder.

Keep us updated.
Now it's the time to be extreme!

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  03 March 2013
The wasp needs some more work. You are almost there, just a bit more effort. The far wing looks odd, or facing wrong way out. Some hairs on the legs and body should make it pop.
The Snow White feet look wrong, and the hair looks a bit weird. Overall she has a Poser or DAZ look, which you probably didn't intend.

I think I would concentrate on either the wasp or Snow White and get it right, rather than working on the two of them together.
I like to learn.
  03 March 2013
Not to break your spirit but, this guy submitted this work and it got rejected: Bald man

...Just sayin'...
  03 March 2013
Yeeeeeah when they bounce work of that caliber you know its cuz someone in the moderator's super secret office can probably be heard furiously chanting all day from behind a dark cubicle, "COMP-O-SI-TION COMP-O-SI-TION!"
  03 March 2013
You guys have been a tremendous amount of help and I am thankful for all the words.
I'm working on the yellow jacket before snow white.

This is as far as I have gotten since I started the thread.

-I've worked with the honey comb a little more, shape, size, color and bump.
I want to get a little more aggressive with the nest, and fill a few so its more realistic.

-Adjusted materials on yellow jacket removing gloss,adding more SSS, and added a better bump map.
-Extended hairs a little longer and thickened them.
-Worked on the wing texture a little bit. Not in love with it.
-I'm not totally in love with the background I've chosen either. I need something a little better defined and appropriate for the scene.
-I'm also going to work on lighting a little more. Right now its at 3-point lighting.
-And the depth of field is a little bit off.

  03 March 2013
Hey man,

Its looking better, but your composition still needs a major overhaul. This might look kind of cool and different upside down, as most wasp nest seem to be built on the underside of things.
Try google image searching for "wasp nest macro" or "hornet nest macro" for some reference image. There's nothing wrong with copying the composition to a photograph that you like.
  03 March 2013

This is my favorite, and I'd like to get there, but I'd have to start all over on the nest lol.
  03 March 2013
Originally Posted by leblanc980:

This is my favorite, and I'd like to get there, but I'd have to start all over on the nest lol.

It probably wouldn't be to bad if you worked smartly, and had a really high quality texture map. Just credit and thank the photographer.
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