Ambitious Scene 2 Wizards Desk

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  01 January 2013
Ambitious Scene 2 Wizards Desk

Some may remember a couple months ago I did this Eagle Well now here is the rest of everything else to go with it. I got all the models done and though I may need to touch up a few things I can now finally move to the texturing process. All models were made in Autodesk Maya.

I do plan on putting more body feathers on the Eagle as I texture, as well as a chain to the scales. But the biggest thing is I am more using this to focus on my modeling skills. I am trying to get some ideas on texturing this. I am more about the modeling than the texturing and I want the models to show themselves.

I was thinking of something not ultra realistic but a more stylized in the texture department.

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  01 January 2013
What is your goal with this? Is it to have a nice looking rendered still? It might be worth picking your camera angle, composition etc. now and then you'll have a better idea of where you'll need to add more detail to the model. If the first image is the camera angle you're going for, I'd say that the chair is a bit distracting and it's getting in the way of the bird. Also, the window looks un-finished to me.
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  01 January 2013
Originally Posted by Kev3D: What is your goal with this? Is it to have a nice looking rendered still? It might be worth picking your camera angle, composition etc. now and then you'll have a better idea of where you'll need to add more detail to the model. If the first image is the camera angle you're going for, I'd say that the chair is a bit distracting and it's getting in the way of the bird. Also, the window looks un-finished to me.

It is a still scene yes. One that will hopefully show off my modeling skills as that is my focused interest in this artistic field.

The first one is indeed what I have set as the original composition. Right now I have not textured it (and debating how I want to in terms of stylization). The wall/window I debated about modeling the brick/stone work, but I thinking right now of just letting the textures do that job. This is because wall/windows is not really a focus to the scene so much and is it really necessary?

The chair is acting as a foreground for the perspective.However, I will see about moving the chair around so its not so close to the bird.

Back to the textures I am thinking of something either cartoon like or very minimalistic. To tell you the truth I kind of like the black and white look. What do you think?
  01 January 2013
If all you want to do is show off the modelling, I think a simple ambient occlusion render would be fine. I think this piece would be worth pushing through to a nice, textured, shaded, completed render. I would do it in colour if it were me.
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  01 January 2013
I totally want to see what color will do and experiment with it. But since texturing is not my focus I not really aiming for the ultra realistic texture scheme, and I think that might be what is confusing from my last posts.
1st reason I don't really feel that is a strength of mine.
and 2nd I think it would distract from the models themselves.

So I'm trying to get some ideas. Something stylized, fun and will work with the piece.
  01 January 2013
I don't know, it looks like it's modelled in a fairly realistic style, why not go for something fairly realistic with the texturing? If it were me, I'd like to become more familiar with more parts of the 3D pipeline than just the modelling and this would be the perfect project for that.
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  02 February 2013
I really like it.
I've work on a similar concept for a contest few month ago. As you can see, I never give it the time to work on detailed objects, and ended up to never post it.

If you're OK, I'll be glad to texture your objects and incorporate them in the environnement I have. The only object I really like in my scene is the candelabre and the walls/floor.
Just have to refer to each other for our respective work.
  01 January 2014

It has been a while, but I have returned to this and began texturing it. Work so far has been mostly on and off for the last two months but I want to get what I have done now out and get all the feedback I can get and work as I go.
  01 January 2014
I hope the wall texture is only a placeholder, as it looks really bad.

Also, personally, I feel, its best to just model the stone on the wall. Thats what I would do.

Composition of the scene can be much stronger in my opinion as well.

As for render, it looks rather flat. I think it should have an orange grow with lights coming from mostly candles, & a small bit from moon.
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  01 January 2014
The wall texture is on the line for reworking, but it is good to have the verification that it really is no good. It will come last along with all the objects that I plan on using SubSurface shaders on.(Have to separate render layers or something as rendering with Sub Surface on the Cthulhu statue causes Maya to Crash.)

I will play around with the composition some more. Though I would appreciate some further input on that subject. Also their is supposed to be an eagle on the perch yet he is not in the scene right now. I need to do some minor reposing of it as well has having a poly count issue that I really don't want to deal with until I am at that point.

I will play around with lights but let me first get everything else colored. I do want to play with the shadows and contrast more. I do have an ambient light in the scene that I am thinking of removing.

I also noticed that my big book pages look flat and plastic like so I am going to play with that and will try a bump map first.

Noticed that my mice are kinda low res. That is a production quality shot in mental ray (Resolution 300) Custom set at 1500 x 1080. I would like for them to pop out better.
  01 January 2014
I guess I will continue to update my image here since it started here. But I do have this now on the hardcore critique forum.

Anyway update on progress. Took they back wall texture off until I fix as I saw it as a distraction otherwise. Bird is just placeholder for now. I am getting feedback about composition and will begin with tinkering with that shortly.

  01 January 2014
Got the bird textured and posed in a way I like it.

Other than that I have played with moving the dark colored mouse about the scene and have not liked any of the results. I decided thought to swap the texture pallets of the two mice for now.

Any strong suggestions on the composition would be very helpful if it is not working because I am really not sure where to take it.

  02 February 2014
Worked on the background wall and some touch up on the cheese and statue. Still not done though for sure.

Have two different versions to compare.

  02 February 2014
your models all look good. The eye sockets on the skull look a bit off, check your references for proportion. Also, the mouse looks a bit static even though he is in mid-action. I'm not really sure what is causing this. It seems like it is something minor. maybe google running mice to find some reference. This is really just fine tuning though. your models are already very solid.

the back wall seems to stand out. It doesn't look as realistic as the rest of your scene. I would just use a high res texture of a stone wall and drive your displacement with the image. a good place for these is

Also some depth of field might help to draw attention to the midground of your scene. I think composition wise you are in good shape, you just need to find a way to bring focus to what you want people to look at. you can do this through contrast, saturation, or camera focus. There are other methods as well, but these are the three I use most. For your image I would diminish contrast around the perimeter and increase contrast around the action. It might help you to change the image to greyscale then observe it from a few feet back. This will help you determine where the areas of greatest contrasting value are within your image.

Just looking at your image right off I can see that your back wall is too bright and contrasty. Just darkening up the back wall will go a long ways in shifting focus to your book. (which is where your action is)

looking good hope it helps

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  02 February 2014
Thanks editablepauly. I am getting to a point where I am experimenting with it more. The mouse in leap is going to be moved or deleted entirely me thinks. As for the wall I may re-work it but before I do I have been receiving suggestions outside this forum to try more dramatic lighting first, maybe something chiaroscuro. Don't know will post results and see what happens as I play with it.
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