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  02 February 2013
Thanks everyone! I'm patching up the rear bottom and retopologizing it, hopefully I'll update tomorrow. Really glad you like it so far!


So here they are:

The bottom is looking better than before, but it's still empty. My main issue is that I have horribly poor references for this part of the ship, because everyone on the internet decided to take a picture of any model they have from the top, and the only store that deals in 40k in my vicinity doesn't have bfg. So I'll just have to make something happen here I guess.

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  02 February 2013
A test, fooling around with environment and self illumination. Some of the large "windows" will have to be tackled with textures, because the large blocks of light are no good, but all in all, I think it's looking real nice for where I am in the creation process. The shape creation is almost complete now, so I'll be moving on to unwrapping and correcting some geometry soon. Any ideas on how to tackle unwrapping this? I'll take ANY advice!

And here is one where I played around with engine glow some more, the color is still to be decided upon, but I really like this result more than the previous one.

  02 February 2013
So, here is the final shape - the modeling part is finished, and now I'm off to unwrapping for real. It might take a while, but I do have a serious question - where would you recommend texturing this puppy, Photoshop texture creation or direct painting in Mudbox for instance? I'm really trying to get the best possible result from this model, so I would really appreciate any feedback..

  02 February 2013
So I got the macro cannon battery unwrapped and did some texturing, but I would immediately like to ask for some help. This is supposed to bee a huge vessel, and I want to add as much detail in as possible, however I really would not like to add in every seam separately - should I make a pattern and just paste that, or is there a better way, perhaps one with more variety? I also think that this still looks way to clean (the top, where some wear is added is also way to clean) so I'm looking for some advice on what kind of wear and detailing would go onto something of this scale? Keep in mind, this bit alone is supposed to be over a km in length.. :/
  03 March 2013
Critique please

Hey guys! There hasn't been an update in a while, been busy with studies and all, but I would really love some critique here, what do you think should be improved, and if anyone can basically give me anything to make this better. I'd appreciate it a lot!

  04 April 2013
Thumbs down Really need some critique now

Hey guys! Texturing is about 50% done (base textures almost completley done, now on to reflect maps, bumps, lights...)

So I started to play a bit more with the feel of the final image I want to achieve. I could really use some opinions here, so please, don't be shy.

This is what I've come up with. Note that this isn't how I imagine the composition to be, it's just doodles of the feel i want to get, so guns blazing etc..

  04 April 2013
Hey man,

I hate to be harsh, but that composition really doesn't look very good. You said this thing was supposed to be over 15km long, but in your render, it looks like a little toy. It might help to move the camera closer to your model, and crank up the field of view. That might help to make it look bigger.

The render you posed on 2-19 looks better, and I think the harsher star light with the sharp rim lighting and subtle bounced light is the way to go. Try darkening your space background and planet, and aim for nice white rim highlights that help your ship to stand out.

  04 April 2013

Dude this is insane! i love it!
  04 April 2013
Thumbs up

@protoss: thanks man, glad you like it, I hope I get to make a really awesome piece by the time I'm done with this.

@AJ: no problem man, I really don't mind a harsh critique as long as it holds water, and yours my friend, is very welcome. I will definitely take your advice on the lighting. The ship looks so small because it currently is small, I still have to resize her to actual scale (don't ask me why i didn't start building her in a couple of km length in the first place).

But you probably missed the point of my post, this isn't a composition I'd like to use, and the environment is all wrong etc, I know. This is just some photoshop drawing and throwing up some effects I would like to sim (so fire, lances, smoke, trailing plasma) to get a really dynamic still. I'm still thinking if I also want to make a warp exit still, however I'm not really sure I'm up to the challenge technically, so that is a secondairy goal. But I want to get that awe inspiring image, like a really ornate mountain of guns and laser batteries is having the shootout of the century in space, rushing, maneuvering and basically just having a badass fight. So if you have any additional advice on how to achieve a look like the ship just had a quick photo taken while in the middle of combat, you are my hero.

And thanks again on the additional feedback about the lighting and camera positioning, everything I get is of great help!
  05 May 2013
Talking Feedback people!

So this is almost the finished model!
I'm mighty proud of it, a couple more displacement maps, a couple fixes, some light materials and I need to fix that damned gold mat! Other than that, I don't really see some big bloopers, so please, if you see anything, or have any comments whatsoever, let me know! I want to make this perfect before I go on to the scene.

  08 August 2013
Okay, so I got to the scene, and this is how far I am atm. I have some problem with the flak rendering with some noise in it, no matter how far with subdivisions or geometry samples I go. The engine trail is the next to go in, and some background scenery is going in as well. I am compiling one scene but rendering out separate objects as passes, since this is too demanding on my system. Or any system I should think. Okay, so basically, FEEDBACK PLEASE!

Much appreciated.

  08 August 2013
I love the modelling - superb!

You might hate me for saying this though, the texturing and presentation is awful... How can you do this to yourself, it looks like something from the 90's!

I mean look at your lovely clay renders! The lighting is lovely and yet the last image you posted has flat lighting and the model is barely taking up 25% of the image. I don't want to see 75% of empty space and a crappy planet, I want to be absorbed in seeing the ship. Harsh words, I'm sorry.
  08 August 2013
Thumbs up

@Miked08: First of all, thank you!

And no biggie, thanks for the feedback. I know I'm having some issues. The textures I had problems with since day one, because this thing is so massive, that even eight 8k textures didn't solve my issues. I later just decided to rescale them to 4k for the sake of speed, and the quality loss was not noticeable. So blah. Any words of help, maybe how to tackle this problem?

I did the lighting with a single hard light, representing the conditions in outerspace, the rest of the illumination came from the environment (aka stars) and the flames and so on. I got the tip from Erasmus, the guy working on the Lord Inquisitor. So I guess I executed that one poorly. Any tips on the lighting as well?

As far as the scene goes, it's what I got in my head and I'm sticking with this one, but I'll sure make closeups and different angles as well, it'd be a crime to only make one still after all this work. But I need te get everything right before I can do that, so any critique is much appreciated!
  08 August 2013
there is some obvious starglow or whatever lense effect applied overuse
  08 August 2013
It's so good that you take critique well, you shall go far!

Textures: is the whole model UV unwrapped onto a single 4k texture? My concern wasn't anything to do with the resolution of the texture, only the fact that the actual texturing wasn't very good. I assume you spent hours modelling and 30 minutes texturing...

Lighting: just because one light source may be accurate does not mean that you should do it. No one cares if the lighting is slightly inaccurate, they only care if the image looks cool. I watched that Star Trek (2009) film last night and they have loads of bounced light on the Enterprise when it's in space. Technically, That's totally wrong but it looks good.

It's quite arrogant of me to do this (because I'm not very good) but here's a scene lighting setup of mine.

Really consider where to place lights in order to show all your lovely geometry. Try experimenting with different lighting conditions, spend as much time on lighting as you did on modelling perhaps. Best of luck!
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