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Old 01 January 2013   #1

I recently had an image rejected for the showcase so I thought for my next one I'd introduce it from scratch in here to hopefully get a better end result. For a while I've wanted to model some high end trainers. The soles have always looked like they'd offer a bit of a challenge for polyflow and also trying to maintain a nice smooth finish across all of the separate pieces.

I might try adding in some models for the background etc too.

This is the pic after the first hour, I've got a solid base, separated off the bottom edge and I'm going to start building all of the extra leather pieces that sit on top of the shiny plastic base layer. Then I'll start on the sole and probably start banging my head against a wall.
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Old 01 January 2013   #2
Here's where I left the model after a couple of hours wok yesterday. The base was a tricky tricky little bugger because of the diagonal lines. I tried a couple of different methods but ended up using a rotated plane, trying to keep the x/z lines straight on that and modelling the shape of the heel from there. There are still a couple of messy poly sections on there too where I've tried to cut down the number of loops.
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Old 01 January 2013   #3
Hey man,

Could you post a few wire frames?

Its hard to offer feedback given your small reference image. Are you modelling the new Jordan's?

Old 01 January 2013   #4
Thanks for taking an interest man, I love that Chicago model btw
Sure thing, probably should have done that from the start *facepalm*

The issue I'm finding with the sole is that there's a fair amount of loops to keep the inset squares relatively tight but this needs to be cut down for the top edges of that mesh (where it meets the lower surround of the trainer) otherwise it'll just become bumpy and difficult to control. This is kind of compounded because the squares are diagonal so you have a lot of different loops meeting in strange places. . . .

Yeah they're the Air Jordan 2012 edition. A mate worked on a project modelling the Nike Kobe 8's which are much more complex than this but it made me want to give it a go!

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Old 01 January 2013   #5
Hey man,


You've got some issues with the overall topology on your shoe. I would recommend that you build it all as one mesh, and use creased edges and extrusions in place of separate objects. All of those small details like the sole stamping and those lines in the black areas can be done with displacement maps.

Try to have your edge loops follow the shape of the fabric cuts, and keep things as even as possible around the edges so they smooth evenly. Don't take this as an exact reference, but just try to see the overall idea of edge flow, and having loops that start and end at important features.

Old 01 January 2013   #6
Hey man,

Interesting. I'll give the one mesh thing a go this afternoon and see how it looks. There's a chance I'll keep the white soles a separate mesh just because there would be so many redundant loops once you get into the upper part of the shoe.
Yeah I was banking on displacement or normal map for the lines and even for the smaller holes, the large ones would just be pushing it too far. I'll post another wire tonight.

Old 01 January 2013   #7
I didn't get much of a chance to work on this yesterday but I've given the single mesh idea and go and so have been a bit more structured on the polyflow. The holes are still a little messy but if all the faces are just extruded there are quite a few six or even seven poly verts. The soles and tongue are still separate though. The front sole still needs detailing and the tongue needs folds and I need to start the laces.
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File Type: jpg AirJordan_07.jpg (71.8 KB, 24 views)
Old 01 January 2013   #8
Hey man,

It looks better, but I still don't think your moving in the right direction.

I looked at this, and it appears your shoes are off in almost every proportion. If your eye isn't yet strong enough to judge things for your self, you should bring in some image planes and line things up off that.

I know its harsh, but you need to weld together your holes, reduce the poly count by about half, and weld the sole into the body. Get everything in proper proportion before you start adding the details.

Old 01 January 2013   #9
Hi AJ, I hear what your saying man and thanks for continuing to take the time to crit this.

Actually though it was referenced to an image plane from that site. The issue I think is it's just an instance of itself at the moment so the width on one side is off. I realise that was a bit daft as it's not a symmetrical object and it'll take some work afterwards but there's a bend on one side. The underlying curve underneath the shoe is pretty similar.

I'll do a few more renders from some of the angles in the pics, see if I can see what's making it off and post some more renders tomorrow.

Just out of interest why would you attach the sole to the body? I There are a huge numbers of inset squares and extra details that I wanted to avoid letting add detail to the upper mesh and I don't see what benefit it would give?


Old 01 January 2013   #10
Thought I'd added this as an attachment. Whoops :S

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File Type: jpg AirJordanWires_03.jpg (80.8 KB, 36 views)
Old 01 January 2013   #11
Hey man,

No worries.

The sole is glued to the body, and follows the shape exactly. It would help to have things as one object so when your trying to push it into shape, the seam never gets warped. Do you know how to use the crease tool?

I would again stress that you try to drastically reduce your edge count and try to get things lined up before you start adding the holes and other details.

The pattern on the bottom of the sole is probably made by stamping. Things are sort of round and wobbly, so you should be able to get a way with using a displacement for all those little squares. If not, those are the kind of details you want to cut out last.

Old 01 January 2013   #12
Ah okay I see.

I may have to push the tesselations too high for a displacement of the base though so I'm trying to plan for the extra edges now.
I'll play around with the shape this evening and see how it turns out.

Yeah it kind of hardens edges doesn't it? I haven't really used it too much though, I've always used supporting edges. I may give it a go here though. You find it useful?

Old 01 January 2013   #13
Hey man,

You can try adaptive displacement on the sole, so you shouldn't need to add additional edge loops just for the detail.

It could help to use the crease tool for the loops that separate the different fabric cuts on your shoe. After you crease it, hit harden edge under normals, and make sure propagate hard edges is checked in your object attributes.

Old 01 January 2013   #14
Cheers man, I'll give it a go tonight and post some more stuff tomorrow
Old 04 April 2013   #15
Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been absolutely slammed with work the last few months. Finally I managed to raise my head above water and spent the last couple of days on this. I did a quick re-build, almost following the image planes less as I completely agree with the crits. I think it's a better shape now. I've added some textures on there too. I'm going to spend an hour or so building the floor and backgrounds, probably a basketball court or something. . .


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