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Old 02 February 2013   #46
wow, gud work. looks like a mixture or doctor evil and james bond. but once the hairs are apply it will look awesome.

the only thing i feel to point out are the ears. daneil craig ears are bit more pushed in, as in rotated.

awaiting the final.
Old 02 February 2013   #47
really impressive work !!
Old 02 February 2013   #48
Thank's all

Here's a first test with hair,(it's still grainy since the setting are low..) It's just an experimental test, I'm did with hairfarm hairmesh Brush, I may do an other version with hairmesh extrude.. or just use it to enhance some area I will see. I also wanted to test my custom made Hair shader. No gi so it's why the shadow are a bit harsh, better lighting later

Eyebrow coming soon lol

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Old 03 March 2013   #49
Hi all,

Here's an update.. lots of things to tweak.. eyebrows not finished, side of the hairs tamps need to be less, will add later facial hairs, little beard, will do proper cloth,etc.. but at least it's moving forward

HDRI lighting test with directional light, and some faked dof in toshop.

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Old 03 March 2013   #50
Next update will be a big one, new eyebrows, with modeling tweak in the eyes,texture tweak, etc.

So for now, I just tweaked a bit more the skin shader and here's another lighting,with a blue light on the side, a region render mostly to check the lacrymal liquid in action.

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Old 03 March 2013   #51
WoOoW !
Waiting for your big update, the skin looks so real.
Hope you give us some tips on rendering or some thing like tutorial maybe.
Good luck and keep it up
Old 05 May 2013   #52
Any chance we can have a look at your skin maps?
My own self-interested promotion of technical ramblings and portfolio updates.
Old 06 June 2013   #53
Hey guys this thread is not dead! Craig is back ! haha

I took a needed brake of it for a while.. after having so much annoying and time lost on hair and fur pure crap in 3dsmax...(yes it was hair and fur not hair far on the older renders) I had bugs like, when rendering the hairs as geometry,the shader was not changing on the hairs..even if I changed it, and it was rendering way too much dark, a lot of problems with the shading cause of this.. and sometimes hairs disapears for no reasons.. and you can't have a predictable result with that crap.. Cannot achieve something realisitic out of it.. the hairs generation is extremely crappy.. like 10 hairs really close.. then a big hole lol.. what a P.O.S. ... ok, my frustration is out now haha.

I also have a silly bug with Vray sss scatter group when I do something..special let's say haha but I need it for better..everything.. anyway, the latest is the less problematic of all, I will just merge in a new scene and it should be good I hope.

SO lol, I redid all the hairs,eyebrows...anything that is hairs lol with HAIRFARM!
And now, no more problems Was quite hard though to get that hair cut.. I had experimented new ways of working with the hairmesh brush, adding gravity modifier abusively, with push out,with cluster, kink,etc all controlled by maps..
but at least it's better then what I got with hair and fur.. and especially on the side, I'll post a side render once it's rendered, let's say tomorrow. hairs are still not finish though and already a bit more improved then now but it's close to completion. I'll add a bit more facial hairs,finish to do final tweak on the eyebrows etc. And after the cloths, of course and some minor tweak here and there.. and I rigged the head quickly so I can turn it a bit to make it less static,etc.

so here's an update guys, hope you like it. It's not the best lighting though, 2 points lights, that create strong highlights but hey, it's to see well the hairs here so it's ok haha.

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Old 06 June 2013   #54
The specular is giving him a slightly too waxxy look for my liking. Otherwise; obviously still amazing work.
My own self-interested promotion of technical ramblings and portfolio updates.
Old 06 June 2013   #55
Daniel Craig has a strange look to him, I've been following this thread with interest and there was a point when I though his head looks really wide on your model, but then looking through publicity stills it hit me 'no, he has a really wide head'. Great modelling and detailing but I do personally agree about the specularity though.
Old 06 June 2013   #56
that's amazing work there. Do you start out by using Zbrush to sculpt? and then retopologize later?
Old 06 June 2013   #57
Thank's all I appreciate it

Yes, too much spec (reflection in my case) with an other lighting it won't be a problem, it's just that now I have 2 points lights. Nest render will be better

MissOptimist : I started in 3dsmax, used Zbrush only for detailing, like skin pore,folds,etc.
I prefer to do the volumes in 3dsmax and having a clean base mesh, but it's just my way to work. Some peoples get the volumes down in Zbrush and then retopo it after wich is good too, depends on the project I will say, and what method your prefer.
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Old 09 September 2013   #58
Hi guys long time no post

Here's an update on my craig, the last week I returned on it, tweaked a few things like the hairs,etc. and a new lighting. I did not work on it for months I was tired of seeing it haha, meanwhile I did a black head guy that I can't post for now but I will as soon as I can, and I just started a women nobody face... it's a breeze to do compared to do a celebrity

So here's are 3 slightly different light set up, let me know wich one you prefer, and also any idea for a nice bg ?

FORGET ABOUT THE CLOTH they are still dummy for now as you can see.. I want to finish the lighting and all and will do the cloths after.

the one with the bg is the latest one as you can see..

EDIT : By the way ,the compression is removing a LOT of details, the final one I will upload it differently..
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Old 09 September 2013   #59
I must say viewing this thread has been a real pleasure!
You have managed to pull him off so real, he looks already almost lifelike in the latest picture.

The only thing that really throws me off each time is the white wall with the black structures behind him that you are using sometimes - probably to see what his skin looks like in front of a bright background.

Please bear with me if this has already been asked, but I am really curious to know if you have already made a decision for the final background in front which you will be placing him? :3
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Old 09 September 2013   #60
Hi thank you man

here's an update, for the bg I'm still not fixed yet.

Also Avaliable for freelance.

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